Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We can all go home now

In the beginning there was nothing (Ain); and as the nothing became aware of itself it also realized the limitlessness (Ain Soph) of its being. This realization expanded and with more awareness came the birthing of limitless light (Ain Soph Aur). 

This limitless light felt the urge to create- and from it emanated Divine Intelligence – Kether.  

All things needing balance - in its wisdom Kether split and from this source of being the remaining 9 spheres became emanations of light, knowledge, mercy, severity, beauty, love, glory, imagination and finally rest in the Kingdom of Earth - Malkuth. 

I'm no longer an angelist! Hell no! I'm a Chicken Qabalist, and I don't worry about it anymore.

In all seriousness I picked up the very visual The Kabbalah Decoder by Janet Berenson-Perkins from the library, and while it was irking the angels out of me at the start, I realized I had best read Lon Milo DuQuette's Chicken Qabalah along with it and thanks to that I'm finally finally starting to learn from this system and appreciate it! Pro-tip, learn about the Four Worlds first before you try to grasp the tree of life:

  • Atziluth - The archetypal World - Chiah
Undiluted Life force itself, our true identity
All other parts are veils of the Chiah.

  • Briah - The Creative World - Neshamah
Intuition, the seat of our transcendent awareness.
Spirits and every other denizen of objective reality are all in your head, only you have no idea how infinitely huge your head is!
Intuition rises above the thinking process
infinite, in touch with energies and levels of consciousness our ruach would not understand even if it could conceive of them.
  • Yetzirah - The Formative World - Ruach
The intellect, vehicle of self-awareness (thinking and consciousness is not the same)
Ruach part of your soul that monopolizes your attention that you identify yourself completely with the thinking process.
"I think, therefore I am"

  • Assiah - The Material World - Nephesh
Animal vitality or soul
Not the physical body but instincts, primitive appetites, emotions, sex drive, survival.

Let's keep it crusty:

Assiah, the crust of Nephesh. 
Nephesh forms the crust of the Ruach.
Ruach forms the crust of Neshamah.
Neshamah forms the crust of the Chiah.

Still confused? Have a seat.

Material World: Actual chair
Formative World: Blueprint for a specific type of chair
Creative World: The idea of a chair
Archetypal World: Inspiration for the idea of a chair

From the Chicken Qabalah:

I hear the Qabalah is based on the Bible. Do I have to believe in the Bible?
Hell no! You're a Chicken Qabalist! Don't worry about it. You don't have to believe in anything. If the Bible leaves a bad taste in your mouth,welcome to the club. But before you throw old King James
out the window, I'd like to point out that the Bible is holy - but so are the phonebook,Webster's Dictionary, Robert's Rules of Order and the menu at McDonalds. As you will learn from the Ten
Cornmand-Rants. Everything is holy and anything is capable of being the vehicle of divine revelation.

It still amazes me that seemingly normal people-folks with pagers and computers-folks who call fill out their own tax forms and program their VCRs, can walkaround and smile with this malignant spiritual tumor nestled deep within their otherwise intelligent brains. It's not only absurd, it's downright toxic! The story of Adam and Eve was originally written as a Qabalistic fable. It, and many of the other "Holy Scriptures," were crafted to illustrate profound cosmological and spiritual principles. They were created by and for very smart and highly educated specialists in the field of spiritual literature. They are technical texts that were never intended to be consumed like horror comics, and then misinterpreted to further the ambitions of mean-spirited religious bullies (coughing) and others who just can't seem to (coughing) resist the temptation to enslave the minds and the sex-lives of their fellow creatures (coughing).


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