Thursday, June 13, 2013

The time to hesitate is through

I'm slowly and stubbornly starting to realize that things aren't going to get more interesting, I'm going to have to get more interesting. So I just keep on reading and am nearly finished with my two kabbalah books (btw, The Kabbalah Decoder by Janet Berenson-Perkins is quite bad. It's like Kabbalah and everything the author can relate to it for dummies, but being very visual, it's serving a purpose) I started. It was in the evening so I put on the first Matrix movie as background noise while reading, it had been too long since I've seen it anyway, and while I fully realize how much of a cliché it is I experienced some interesting synchronicities.

While Neo is being led around the Nebuchadnezzar ship by Morpheus and we see this, I am reading this passage in the Chicken Qabalah:
This stems from the Qabalistic doctrine concerning the exiled condition of the human soul.
Now, when I say "exiled" I'm not referring to the oldsuperstition about Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden, and now we're all under some kind of bad ju-ju from an abusive creator. And I'm certainly not talkingabout that obscene and perverted doc-trine known as original sin. Whoever theignorant, woman-hating, insecure, irrational, terrified, guilt-ridden, diabolical, self-despising horse's ass was who came up with that diseased and malevolent concept should have beenthrown into the Nebuchadnezzar Institute for the Criminally Insane. The ridiculous belief that humanitycould be cursed and condemned to eternal torment because mythological characters fiddled with the wrong fruit has caused more suffering and mental illness than any other "religious" or political concept in history (coughing).

Later, while Neo is with the Oracle, I'm reading this bit: 

I'VE TITLED TODAY'S TALK "Gematria, Notariqon and Temura-Games Qabalists Play." I can tell by the looks on your guileless faces that you have been looking forward to this discourse. After all, isn't this what most of you think Qabalah is all about-playing games with numbers, and letters, and words, until you decipher a personal message fromGod explaining the secrets of creation and affirming the factthat you are the Holy Chosen One? Well, my hapless hatchlings, by playing these games you can, indeed, discover the secrets of creation. You may even become afflicted with the
knowledge that you are, in fact, the Holy ChosenOne. (For God's sake-please don't tell anybody') But I think that it's only fair to warn you that Qabalistic games are very powerful, and different from
any other games you have ever played.

I find myself pondering when I'm going to get off my ass and kick this Qabalistic game into full gear when...

Oracle: OK, now I'm supposed to say, "Hmm, that's interesting, but... " then you say...
Neo: ..."but what?"
Oracle: But... you already know what I'm going to tell you.
Neo: I'm not The One.
Oracle: Sorry, kid. You got the gift, but it looks like you're waiting for something.
Neo: What?
Oracle: Your next life, maybe. Who knows? That's the way these things go. 

from the movie Empire Records
I was wondering if there was any Hebrew in the Matrix Digital Rain (Empire Records?!) effect but apparently there isn't, it is however mirrored Japanese, the other language I'm (slowly) learning. Omoshiroi desu ne?
Furthermore note the next Chicken Qabalah passages dealing with Tarot correspondences to the four worlds, corresponding with the scene when Trinity kisses Neo and he is inspired to wake up and kick Agent's Smith ass. (sorry if I missed any typos, i don't understand why copying PDF text to blogger has to be such a damn pain either)

Now think about the Court Card Kings as representing Atzilurh (the Archetypal World), and, at the same time rep-resenting the highest part of each of our souls, the Chiah (the Life-Force);
AT: Okay.
LBC: Queens represent the second highest world, Briah (the Creative World), and our Neshamah (the SoulIntuition). Princes represent Yetzirah (the Formative World), and the Ruach, our Intellect; and finally, Princesses represent the lowest world, Assiah (the Material World) and the lowest part of our soul, the Nephesh (the Animal Soul). Follow me?
AT: Why yes. Amazingly enough, I believe I do.
LBC: Okay... listen up. Assiah, the material world we see around us, is just the lowest vibratory expression of the universe. It is where the pure consciousness of Deityis so slowed down-so doped up-that it actually crystallizes. It is where light and energy become matter and the invisible becomes visible. The Nephesh, the Animal Soul, is our own personal version of Assiah. It is the only world our Nephesh recognizes. From this extremely limited point of view, both Deity and you and me are
trapped, exiled in a frozen prison of matter. We are a Princess who has forgotten her royal birthright. We have fooled ourselves into believing that Assiah is the only reality. We identify ourselves com-pletely with this lowest level of divine consciousness and the lowest part of our soul. But there is a way out-away to escape the prison of matter and live in the bliss of the highest Qabalistic world. 

A classic fairytale shows us the way.
A Princess, a daughter of a King and Queen, is the victim of a magic spell and falls into a deep coma. Acharming Prince (also the son of a King and Queen) sees the motionless perfection of this sleeping beauty and falls hopelessly in love with her image. Even though she is asleep (and unlikely to respond in kind) the Prince stoops down into her sarcophagus and kisses her. The pure love coursing through his lips is the magic that awakens the Princess. She is lifted from her tomb and marries the Prince, the act of which simultaneously makes her the Queen and him the King.

That's where the fairytale stops, but in the Qabalah, the new King then makes his new Queen pregnant. After doing this, he rolls over and goes to sleep. The Queen gives birth to twins, a Prince and a Princess, who leave the castle for adventures of their own. They get separated (later in the series - edited, blast my memory!). She gets cursed-falls asleep-yada yada yada-we know the story from there.

That's how Kings are made. If there were no Princesses - there could be no Kings. She may be asleep, she may be slumbering in the deepest forest, guarded by height-challenged mining engineers, but without her redemption the old sleeping King will never reawaken, and the entire electricity of the universe will short-circuit. This two-way incestuous circuitry is the dynamo that creates and sustains the universe.

While I just started the chapter on Gematria and am quite unfamiliar with it, I worked out my first name Ringo according to Lon's system (which apparently does not match with this calculator) equates to either 269 or 333. 69 is the house nr of my 2nd appartement I lived by myself in and 333 is self explanatory. I'll have to check out what the nrs line up with later.
If I use the online calculator my name matches up perfectly with the following four words according to all three the Hebrew/English/Simple calculations it uses: Cannabis (my nemesis and arguable biggest block to "enlightenment"), Nordic (my mother is 50/50 norwegian-german and I'll probably start exploring norse mythology soon), Animate (Anime, my favorite kind of distraction, also Animatrix), and Healbot (referencing an addon of the game WoW of which my sub is running out and I haven't played in weeks finally quitting that time-drain, and perhaps also my possible healing career which is on hold for a while now, as an NLP and hypnotherapist and reiki practitioner - and ofcourse bot-droid-dedroidify.) I think it's safe to say I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this. 

This was a scheduled post made last night, I had my 2 days off now so had some time to post I hope I'll be able to post while working in the shop, and hope even more I'm able to get out of that job soon. I might even grow some sense and do something about it instead of just hoping.

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