Monday, June 17, 2013

Protests around the World

Turkey - Protests because they don't want a mall instead of a park and against the police brutality

How Turkish Protestors deal with Tear Gas

Turkey Police Brutality

Tayyip Erdogan, Monster of a Turkish Prime Minister, hopefully not for long anymore

Brasil protests against higher public transportation prices and that so much money is going to World Cup infrastructure when so many people are suffering

Syrian Civil War - still ongoing due to a lax international community and Russia's ridiculous stance, Syria is now completely cut off from the Internet.

In Syria things are getting way out of hand, Belgian immigrant youths are going to the country to fight, they have been overheard in a video speaking dutch saying it doesn't matter wether they use kalashnikovs or knives and targetting specific ethnic and religious groups of the population.
Both sides of the conflict have committed unspeakable atrocities.

Meanwhile in Belfast, empty shop windows are being camouflaged with huge Stickers showing merchandise so it seems they are open while the G8 meeting is in town.

Didn't you corrupt and inept motherfuckers get a bailout from the people's money?

NSA Scandal in the US
unbelievably no protests on the streets in the US, although lots of people are voicing their disapproval on the internet...

And meanwhile in Iraq...

What a world, how many centuries to go before governments are not run by insane powermongers?

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