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The Practical Kaballistic Chakra Tree of Life

For me the most incomprehensible system is the Kaballistic Tree of Life, having read around a dozen books on the subject, countless websites, it seems it's just a system where words are thrown upon words just to throw words upon words. What helps to make sense of it is Lon Milo DuQuette's explanation of the Kaballah as a system to make so many links and correspondences, which should cause a great number of synchronicities, that eventually the mind will shortcut so to speak. In that sense, I can finally see value in the Tree of Life rather than just a hopelessly confused system and can understand all the seemingly vague concepts thrown into each Sephirah.

Below is my most recent view of the tree as a practical system, combined with the chakras they seem to compliment each other here and there, helping our rational mind to overcome our programming. Mostly for chakras 3 through 5. Mostly I'm posting this so I don't freaking forget about it :p

Of course the Tree of Life is used in many other instances rather than psychological/practical. I'm eager to experiment with it in magick ritual, where one can explore the qualities of a Sephirah and be inspired by them, although while I seem to see the basic structure of such a ritual, it seems very hard to actually craft and perform one to get benefit from it, without a good example or template. Soon!

The Practical Kaballistic Chakra Tree of Life
7. Sahasrara - Kether Crown
The ineffible spiritual.

6. Ajna Third Eye - Binah Understanding & Chokmah Wisdom
Binah is intuitive insight (understanding) and Chokmah is transcendental wisdom, easy to see then how it relates to the Third Eye.

(If you have come across these attributes and not the countless others! This is in fact an edit of the post just after reading a passage in a small Kaballah book called Exploration in Jewish Mysticism by Lawrence Fine, I really should have a 24 hour draft rule, I feel really sorry for people who see posts as they just are published ;p)

(To be complete, on wikipedia the Ajna chakra is attributed to Chokmah according to some Kaballists, although others regard the third eye as corresponding to the non-emanated sephirah of da'ath (knowledge).)

Fortunately the next chakra-sephiroth combinations make more practical sense

5. Starting with the Vishudda Throat chakra of communication and expression, which is balanced between Geburah - Judgement (the root of all evil) and Chesed - Mercy. When interacting with others find the right amount of mercy and judgement to communicate and express for harmonious relations.

4. The Anahata Heart chakra & Tiphareth beauty, what else but love can lead to beauty? The most central of all things, even in the Tree of Life.

3. The Manipura Solar Plexus chakra of Will - two of the most confusing Sephiroth, being Hod and Netzach, have been explained as: Splendour and Victory, also Thought and Emotion. I like these one-word explanations best as a practical way of using the Tree of Life: Surrender and Endurance. The spiritual surrender of letting go, versus the timeless endurance of victory. Your will to choose: let go or push on.

2. The Emotional Sacral chakra - Yesod Foundation. The subconscious, the source of emotional triggers.

1. The Muladhara root chakra - Malkuth Kingdom. Focusing on survival, breadwinning, the physical.

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