Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dream Yoga and Lucidity & Daria ~ Invictus In Quaero Scientia

Check out the new Dream Yoga and Lucidity blog

A discussion for fellow oneironauts on the practice of dream yoga, how to bring awareness and lucidity to your dreams and waking life, prolong your dreams, and what you can do once your practice is stabilized.

Thanks to the Dream Studies Portal
Research in the realms of dreaming, culture, and consciousness

And Secret Sun introduced me to a new Synchromystic blog Daria ~ Invictus In Quaero Scientia

"Invictus In Quaero Scientia" translated from Latin to English means "Undefeated In the Search For Knowledge". This phrase best describes my attitude and what drives me. I am open to everything and try not to hold on to any particular belief system.


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