Sunday, April 27, 2008

Roundup! Synchromystics and more.

The Stygian Port is spoiling me with synchromystic Battlestar Galactica content! Check out Battlestar Galactica - Eye of Jupiter and the comments! I wanna do another post on Battlestar myself, but I have to wait until at least after the next episode cause the last one kinda slapped me in the face hard with Balthar's speech!

Hidden Agendas has an amazing post up called Video Game Mind Entrainment: Cydonia Mars on 2 pc games. Entertainment sometimes seems to be more about entrainment, though it's fascinating that agendas, coincidence and synchronicity/seriality all could play a factor in it. Reality is too weird to be taken seriously!

Speaking of entrainment, I'm listening to George Michael's Freedom (by 'accident' :p) as I type this post, interesting lyric for a song called freedom: "All we have to do... now, is take these lies and make them true somehow." Just throwing it out there ;) Don't take it too seriously.

Aferrismoon takes on another show that had an amazing episode, in fact, it might have been Lost's first really good episode! Finally! Check out Stepping Stones, Ticking Timebombs, I'm Cracking UP. Just amazing Lost & Southland Tales synchs featuring a crazy ass quote by Aleister Crowley relating to the show. Benjamin Linus is a fascinating character to watch. To think that he started as only a temporary character.

I saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off yesterday, which featured the main character Ferris as a perfect example of 'magical thinking' - contrasted with the ridiculous whiny attitude of his sister and his buddy Cameron, who had a nice t-shirt with a Caduceus on it. The movie was way better than I remembered it. Just another slight sync as I asked what ferris meant on Aferrismoon cause he used it in the post, without realizing where I was, haha!

Thuther Thoughts linked the 'Scientology bible' in this post, from the great Haha, those 17 MB's of constructed BS used to be worth thousands of dollars. Download it while you can cause you know they're gonna throw money around until it's offline again. Upon first scanning I see a great amount of 'new' abbreviations & terms, repackaging old words & concepts along with throwing in some crazy is always helpful for a Belief System 'conversion', order out of chaos ring a bell? Explore everything, but these 612 pages I think I'll leave for some laughs when friends come over, priorities! ;p

Food price rises are "mass murder"-UN envoy: Ziegler blamed globalisation for "monopolising the riches of the earth" and said multinationals were responsible for a type of "structural violence".

Dosenation: Ignore Set & Setting and risk paralysis, Dutch bill to ban magic mushrooms - a 3 day wait, well I'll take the compromise over the ban... Stop freaking banning everything that's natural! the BBC article conviently forgets to mention you can realize interconnectedness and find divinity within :p. "Users of fresh mushrooms experience effects ranging from giggling fits and intensification of colours, lights and sounds to, more rarely, hallucinations. Negative effects can include vomiting, and anxiety. " BBC article Seattle Man Denied Liver Transplant for Using Marijuana
"I'm not angry, I'm not mad, I'm just confused." Irony anyone? ;p couldn't resist! Still, that's f'd up.

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