Friday, October 10, 2008

Alex Jones loses it over Zeitgeist Addendum

Alex Jones analyzes Zeitgeist: Addendum Pt1 & the other 2 here

Both sides of the story: Here is a discussion incl. good pro-Zeitgeist Addendum arguments thread on the davidicke forum (but not much on the first pages). & Here is a pro-Alex Jones thread on the prisonplanet forum.

My catma is Alex was exaggerating here, he does raise some valid points but also takes a lot out of context in my opinion. Alex Jones his Christian Reality Tunnel didn't appreciate the first Zeitgeist (Pharmacratic Inquisition part) and Jacque Fresco's talk about Belief Systems. Before judging for yourself, if you don't know what to make of it I'd suggest to read the two forums threads linked and watch the documentary Future By Design which gives a much better representation of Fresco's ideas than Zeitgeist Addendum in my view, especially how human life could evolve, it's much more free than ZA seems to imply so I can understand some of the reactions. Check out the video clips of FBD. Alex Jones also kinda implies in these videos hierarchy is a good thing? To me it seems Fresco offers some great ideas to evolve beyond the current system of wage slavery and material focus. None can be forced of course. And obviously none of the crazies "in charge" now can be involved. We have to keep our eyes open and keep questioning always! What do you think about this? Did Alex go over the top? Are some people a little too suspicious of Fresco's ideas? (update: edited the post as there is such a thing as being too careful, especially after AJ had fellow fearmongerer Alan Watt (no S - and he's way too popular for what he's worth) on to bitch about the docu)

Future by Design Trailer


Indras Net said...

I loved the new zeitgeist, I dont trust Alex Jones at all hes in hollywood films with Kea-neo messiah reeves, he freaked out on a caller who pointed out he wouldnt discuss the aims of the NWO and zionism at all, he just uses flashly loud alarmist language, tiny tidbits of occult/esoteric knowledge his whole persona is fictional to me, i think if these cats were gonna pull something off theyd obviously implant their own whistle blower who doesnt discuss the root of these problems, and jones never encourages anyone to look inside, he says look outside and be afraid, and call the white house and complain about the nwo, ugh dude sucks- thats just my personal opinion, the new zeitgeist is great. Loved the chapel perilous post, be well

dedroidify said...

Thanks for sharing, I find AJ more suspicious than the Zeitgeist memes too.


Mario Alejandro said...

It's simple. Compare the solutions to the problems given from alex, with Joseph's. Solutions it's the only important, not some dates, or some mistakes. The goal is the most important and the solutions it's to motivate people, and Joseph make like any other. THAT'S the solution.. people follow many people try to find answers like we are and solutions. Zday forums is a new stuff, young people with new fresh ideas. Thats the way. See you in Zday.