Friday, October 10, 2008

A case for the Lizzies

Since I've been arguing a little against the reptilian theory, I was moved to illustrate the other side of the coin.

This is interesting from Red Ice Creations: Italian Serpent Symbolism strikingly similar to Quetzalcoatl in Mayan Mythology. That Berlusconi lawn is one of the most twisted things I've ever seen.

And these two series of forum posts The Vampire Mantra part 1 and part 2 (the reactions are predictable, you might wanna skip those - explore 'everything' - but let's not waste time hehe). The poster posts earlier posted Mark Amaru Pinkham and I catmagree (new word!) with all the poster's disagreements, but I leave the rest in flux (and think they are taking symbolism a little too seriously, but who knows):

About the Jedi - Djedhi, 'those of the serpent lineage':
"... members of an ancient and noble monastic order, faintly similar to the military and religious orders that arose during the Crusades [like the Knights Templar]. The Jedi Knights are known for two things: their observance of a religion founded on The Force and their selection and admittance to the order, based upon specific talents that demonstrate that a person has a special link to such Force." Mark Amaru Pinkham
But what is the real meaning of 'The Force'? (Genetics in this case I guess)

"During the rise of patriarchal religion, the Serpent Brotherhood was forced to go "underground" in the western countries, but it never completely disappeared. In Europe, for example, it evolved into numerous Secret Societies, the best known of which were the Knights Templar, the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians. And in the East, the Serpents survived within the traditions of the Sufis, the Chinese Taoists, the Tibetan Lamas, and especially within the Tantric sects of India, from which kundalini Masters have come for countless numbers of years." Mark Amaru Pinkham (wtf! patriarchal religions & secret societies are intertwined...)

Forumposter: "Where I fundamentally differ, however, is in the interpretation of the 'serpent lineage' and the agenda of the secret societies, like the Knights Templar and Freemasons, who have continued to covertly manipulate the population to this day. And, for me, the point is missed that 'patriarchal religion', as he calls it, is nothing more than the serpent religions hiding behind a tapestry of cover stories. The religions are, in their way, just as much Reptilian secret societies (secretly hiding their origins and agenda) as the ones he names.

The 'sons of the gods', plural, did not come to bring enlightenment, but enslavement, and the knowledge was passed on overwhelmingly to those who were the 'demi-gods', the interbred hybrids, whose job it was to be the 'middle men and women' between the Reptilians and the human population. We call the bloodlines of these 'demi-gods' today the 'Illuminati', or 'enlightened/illuminated ones'

The 'serpent lineage' refers to the hybrid bloodlines that resulted from the interbreeding of the Reptilian entities and humans which is recorded in endless ancient texts across the world and manifests in the Bible as the sons of God (gods in the original) who interbred with the daughters of men to produce the hybrid 'Nefilim'.

These bloodlines became the 'royal' families of the ancient world and the priesthoods who developed the various religions all based on the Reptilian gods and their worship of the Sun and the goddess (the Illuminati religion to this day as my books have detailed). These hybrids are also described in ancient accounts as 'part human, part demon, or daemon' and, as I have mentioned, 'demi-gods'.

Today, they are the bloodlines that sit atop of the global political, financial, business, military and media system in pursuit of their long-time goal - a centrally-controlled Orwellian dictatorship with their 'gods' (Reptilian masters) covertly coordinating it all.

This is why, as so many researchers and insiders have now confirmed, the secret society network, including the Knights Templar and a host of others, are not working for the 'enlightenment' of the population, as people like Mark Amaru Pinkham seem to believe, but for massive and horrific levels of mass human control.

The Reptilians, who operated much more openly in ancient times, were forced to leave the planet for whatever reason, or at least many of them were, and have since continued their manipulation from a dimension very close to this one on the frequency scale, but just beyond our tiny frequency of 'visible light', better known as human sight.

They are, however, far more than 'Watchers'. They possess the bodies of their hybrids, a process made far more effective by their compatible vibrational resonance, and dictate the mental and emotional faculties of their genetic hybrids in the positions of political, economic, military and media power across the globe.

Quite simply, these Reptilian entities are controlling the bloodline families we call the Illuminati like vibrational or genetic glove-puppets - and the Illuminati are controlling so much of what happens in the world. Put another way, therefore, the Reptilians are dictating that control."

Read more at The Vampire Mantra part 1 and part 2

Short summary of the basic message: Religion, gurus, expensive systems like TM, secret societies, cults, anything to do with devotion or worship, the New Age BS, idols, ideologies, politicians, etc. are Limiting tools, not Helpful tools. Explore everything to make sense of the big picture and take what you can use, if you find something better, use that. Believe nothing, beliefs are fixed and act as filters (dogma), opinions are flexible (catma). You don't need anybody's answers, you will find your own. You don't need anybody's advice, you will create your own. You don't need anybody's guidance, you will show yourself the way to truth. Go within, and experience it. Here is a little thing I added to the quote-section on this blog: "Destroy your Beliefs, your Idols, your Role Models, your Buddha, your God, your Preferences, your Limits!"

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