Friday, October 3, 2008


When commenting on this blog, you can choose the "open id" option, which just requires you to type a (nick)name. You do not require an account of any kind. What I mean by "open-minded comments and BS Filter is on": is to be conscious with language (more so than generally on the internet). For (contrived ;p) instance in starting a dialogue "In my opinion this seems like that" instead of "this is that and that's how the f it is", to prevent BS - Belief System Bullshit and the emotional (illogical) defense thereof. Peace! (Ps: I posted some more on my info-dump stumbleupon blog lately, as I'm less critical of what I post there.)


polycogs said...

Love the blog dude. Keep up the good (and prolific) work.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link to your stumble too!

dedroidify said...


It was on the sidebar all along too already fat man ;)