Monday, October 6, 2008

Svali & the iLoonyTunes

Introducing Svali, one of the seemingly more respected Illuminati Whistleblowers (haha), there is some really great info here. Here's an interview of Greg Szymanski with Svali, Illuminati Whistleblower, 'missing' since after the interview in 2006. (Transcript  here) Though obviously this raises a lot of questions, take a deep breath & loosen the BS filters as we go into speculative mode... (You have no idea how apprehensive I am about posting this stuff)

What makes me suspicious of this whistleblower: She converted to Christianity. Again, like Zagami who "converted to Islam" when leaving the illuminati, and like Schnoebelen who converted to Christianity too. Now tell me this, if you were former illuminati, why the hell would you convert to a Belief System they likely created? If you need something to believe in to give you strength or motivate you, why the hell choose any of these restrictive systems... Also she talks about babies in the group knowing "that", and her as a 2 year old being able to speak a little too much, though of course everyone talking about the iLoonyTunes (haha, just typed this, I like it - added to title) has to project a kind of superiority to them... I can only chuckle. One reason I can think of to convert to Christianity like Svali or Schnoebelen is to be able to persuade the Christian Conspiracy community, which is large too, and confused...

Here's the info summarized a little:
6 Branches
of iTraining: Sciences, Military, Government, Leadership, Scholarship and Spiritual (rofl at the last one).

The 12 iDisciplines, ouch - envy the rich? Listen to the interview or read the transcript to better understand this (not directly talked about but illustrated and referenced):
1. To not need. 2. To not want. 3. To not wish. 4. Survival of the fittest. 5. The code of silence. 6. Betrayal is the greatest good. 7. Not caring. 8. Time travel (seems more like timeline "therapy" or astral training): " The child will be taught spiritual principles of "traveling" both internally and externally, with set ups, role playing, and guided exercises reinforced with trauma. The goal will be to reach "enlightenment", an ecstatic state of dissociation reached after severe trauma."
9,10,11: "Sexual trauma, learning to dissociate and increase cognition, decrease feeling." (Details of these 3 steps vary according to child's future role in the cult. These roles include Informers, Breeders, Prostitutes, Pornography, Media personnel, Preparers, Readers, Cutters, Chanters, High Priest/Priestess, Trainers, Punishers, Trackers, Teachers, Child Care, Couriers, Commanding Officers and Behavioral Scientists.)

This is one screwed up version of "enlightenment", perhaps this dissociated mind control trauma based form could be alluded to as "illumination" only, ha... fittingly sharing the same beginning characters as illusion... Good luck finding enlightenment with this 'path', interesting to note: there is not a trace of spiritual maturity, let alone enlightenment, to be found in any of the iLoonyTunes. Also, for the religious & materialist dogmatics, the search for enlightenment and the worship of Lucifer are two very different things.

About media programming, according to her it's mostly for the "Family", though there is (obviously, a lot of) passive programming as watching TV brings you into an alpha and suggestible state:
SV: Programming link to stories and movies... I mean, it goes into suicidal programming... (testify!...) No, we didn't program people who were not members of the group. You CANNOT install significantly traumatic mind-control programming in a person who is not a member of the group. (Non-traumatic programming however...)
GS: Good.
SV: Now there are certain... what you can do is what we call passive programming, which is basically through media means. If someone's watching a television program, they go immediately into alpha state. Everyone in the group, even a baby in the group (? ding dong ?) knows that, because these people are very much into behavioral psychology. That's a trance state, almost, a very relaxed state where messages can be implemented. (Dark Knight, Hancock, etc...)
2012 is an important but passing year for her. The end game is for 2050? Geez doesn't sound right to me, with the march forward so strong now, it seems so unnecessary for them to wait another few decades... Then again she says timelines and plans change a lot, and these iPeople, even if clever, still project an ignorance that is simply unbelievable, which is why I do not fear. Why would you fear stupidity? You can look at it with contempt which isn't very helpful, and you can try to enlighten it.

Reptilians: What I'm most suspicious of is the lizzy theory. (Chill out, we're still in speculative mode) Svali said she never saw Reptilians, as she was part of the family this should have been prevalent if the lizzy theory was true. Just like Zagami who said Sitchin was Jesuit disinfo (but wtf is Zagami! and he did mention extradimensional entities - connected to UFO activity - but was skipping about in the damn interview), and just like the conspiracy "Insider" said Icke was misled by the Illuminati to talk about this so he'd be ridiculed (which worked well, but maybe Icke would not have had such a big audience if there were no lizzies involved, who knows, and the lizzy theory might still be correct.)
Then there's the kundalini imagery that can get mistaken for it. Btw, to whatever created this reality, kudos for using snake symbolism in spiritual evolution, really, great idea. Had me freaking terrified during a mushroom trip when I didn't know about the kundalini yet - though this trip was a blessing in disguise and has entirely cured my escapism. (The trip was combined with space&time stretching insanely, and suddenly "mundane reality" became "awesome stable reality" ;p.
Still, if people have convincing evidence or such I'm very open to it. But so far the youtube videos are really unconvincing... (& hilarious at times - this is one, it hints not at reptilian anything for me but to trigger mind control of Gorden Brown). One thing is for sure, the counterintelligence and disinfo are pervasive in the Conspiracy community, and the most out there and most bad-guy-empowering is the reptilian theory. I mean, as if controlling large amounts of government, military, finance, etc isn't enough. With even the kids trained in marksmanship and martial arts. No, they have to be extradimensional threats who can freeze your mind, like to rape you and eat babies, etc. Damn! :p *puts hands in the air & gives up* Not really. Still, who knows how crazy this reality really is. My highest ideal remains truth, not the disbelief in an even more powerful enemy. Are you taking this too seriously? Please stop, lighten up, this is only the future of mankind we're talking about (:p) and nobody likes a grouch.
SV: But in the spiritual side, they very much teach things like time travel, traveling out of body, you know, psychic battling, things like that - things that cannot be explained by logic. And I saw things that I cannot explain through human intellect or reasoning, that were highly supernatural, and involved all of that... and more. [Svali has reported in 2-3 different articles seeing a group of people levitate an animal and choke it to death, though here she seems to refer to more than just that.]
About the prophet of Atlantis:
SV: But what they teach the Illuminati children is that then this prophet of the enemy, who was a prophet of God, came and foretold their destruction if they didn't change their ways.

They were definitely Occultists. They were Luciferians on Atlantis. That was the religion. And in fact, a lot of the advances that Atlantis enjoyed was passed down to them through supernatural means... that is what I will say.

So they laughed at the prophet. In fact they killed him. And, he... I guess sometime afterward, we were taught that a few inhabitants escaped, but that tragically the great city was lost.

The Illuminati to this day mourn the loss of Atlantis, because they feel that these were... that the few survivors that left were among the great people who helped found the Free... what you would call the precursors of Illuminism.
More reason for POSSIBLE suspicion: she e-mailed with David Wilcock, again, I do not trust/distrust anyone completely - as to not deprive myself of possible worthy info - but I don't trust the Cayce, the out there heard-it-there info, the "benevolents" will protect us (lol, not that I expect protection, but anyway, good job so far...), etc:
DW: I would like you to try to sketch out for people how the behavioral conditioning that's coming through the media, the movies and so forth might have affected them.
DW: In other words, what personality characteristics would you see in a person when they have been influenced by these teachings? How would the average person, who is not really a bad person, start to be leaning, if the Illuminati teachings were actually having an effect on them? What would they be like? What would start happening?
SV: Well, again, as I said, the average person is not going to be a member of the group...
DW: Right.
SV: So the influence would be much less. But the media, I believe that... well, I KNOW. I don't believe, I KNOW that some of the media that we're seeing nowadays is specifically targeted towards teaching people their philosophy or goals. All you have to do is watch the children's cartoons on Saturday morning, and almost across the board you'll see morphing, power battles, occult. And that's intentional. Movies coming out. Basically, if a person is being influenced by their teaching, that person will learn to not trust their own instincts, their own feelings, their own body, their own perceptions. They will be looking outside for guidance. Second of all, they will be moving towards a heavily occultic worldview - that leaning upon the occult is heavily encouraged. All you have to do is watch Harry Potter! (Pause - laughs) You know?
DW: Yeah, I mean, the whole idea that...
SV: (crosstalk) I mean, not to slam one of those Potter movies, or the Matrix. If you want to know pure Illuminist philosophy, the Matrix shows it. Definitely. The entire philosophy.
DW: Oh yeah. Right down with Morpheus being broken down with the injections, and they said that it's like hacking a computer...


imagicalgreek said...

Okay, this is just too funny...I just tripped over Svali again while surfing the net between comments. And then I find your new blogposting. How's that for a 'synchwink'?

FWIW, I think she's a shill. That, or a fake, though she may still be a victim of...something. But even then, it's always a good idea to read everything and make up one's own mind...

And, one can't discount the possibility, especially in the US, of some evangelical nut taking 'genuine' occult stuff and distorting it to suit their agenda.

Just one more control game.

If God were here, I'm more and more convinced the message would be, "Think for yourself, dammit, that's what I gave you Freewill for!!!"

dedroidify said...

Synchwink indeed!

Yup, that's my issue. I don't think an iWhistleblower gets to live that long. Mixing in some truth with bs is a favorite of disinfo ops.

Think for yourself indeed. And keep thinking for yourself.

The Secret Sun said...

Hilarious. Absoutely hilarious.

Pathetic, sad and depressing as well. And of course none of these "defectors" can ever explain why these evil overlords let them run around divulging all of their secrets.