Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeitgeist: Addendum

What is it about: Money, the problem & the solution.
The 1st hour: The Problem = Money is debt
The 2nd hour: The Solution = Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project. Want to know more about Jacque Fresco: check out the documentary Future By Design (t-link).

"I have no notions of a perfect society, I don't know what that means. I know we can do much better than what we've got, I'm no utopian, I'm not a humanist that would like to see everybody living in warmth and harmony: I know that if we don't live that way, we'll kill each other and destroy the Earth." Jacque Fresco

Ha, I was thinking about finally posting something about the economic bullshit and include Jacque Fresco's ideas today, then Zeitgeist Addendum is released! They really did well, including belief systems obviously pleases me (my own catma 'bs') tremendously ;p.

In Belgium the government will bail out 2 banks as well, Fortis received 5 Billion Euro, next in line is Dexia. The prime minister (who used to be a GOAT herder and doesn't even have an operational government as they can't form one because of Flemish/Walloon jurisdiction bullshit) said this literally translated from press source Belga: "The Belgian attitude is internationally embedded and focused to do everything to guarantee the interests of savers and insure the continuity of the corporations." And the press release added Dexia will be bailed out with a debt-operation as well.

Reality Tunnel disclaimer:
Possibly sombunall religious & materialist conspiracy reality tunnels (...) might have a misguided issue with Krishnamurti (Oeh Theosophy the evil NWO "religion"... according to Christians only though - whose only One World religion is Christianity... I don't like the abstract Krishnamurti too much either - different teachers for different people - though the quotes used are excellent and he was more than self-reliant enough to break from Theosophy.
Fresco specifically mentions his objections to religion. The Christian Conspiracy Theory of a NWO religion involves Theosophy though this would be through the U.N. - obviously this docu does not support religion, a new religion or the U.N. - The Documentary even uses atheist favorite George Carlin to express practical interconnectedness!

And possibly some conspiracy reality tunnels may have an issue with the name Venus project. (Which possibly symbolically can allude to Lucifer, oeh! Seriously no other name could have been chosen? ;p Again who takes reality seriously anymore lol. It's for the city Venus the project is based in.)

If you watch the documentary completely and catch the spirit of it - which is evolving beyond belief and other systems - those details don't disturb me that much (they do a little though and keep me and hopefully others on their toes). That being said, always keep questioning - especially if the Venus project is implemented (first order of business, rename to Earth project? :p), then it is really time to start paying attention that this is not a window to a negative NWO and we get screwed again. Though let's face it, you think it's gonna happen? Let's make it happen.

update: Christian and Capitalist Conspiracy Theorists are totally losing it and spreading so much BS about this documentary and Jacque Fresco, I counter most of it here.