Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Devil Beer & Human Evolution Stopped: Utopia Reached... Not!

Apparently some Belgians thought it wasn't retarded to put beer in American stores called Satan. It refers to the work in the hot breweries, comparable to hell, lol!
Well that wouldn't be a problem over here, but hey, I hope their marketing dept was fired and hopefully some of those people can find a real job now. In Belgium and France there are the beers Duvel (Devil), Lucifer, and Bière de Demon (Demon Beer). (dutch link)

What is really demonic though, was what I was shown in a Belgian paper today: Human Evolution finished. Utopia Reached. Speak for yourselves 'journalists'! I guess you can print that in mainstream media if you're a bunch of brainwashing dumb unscientific assholes. What the hell? Utopia reached, nevermind the crisis kids! What the hell evolution finished? We still break records, we still grow in every way, we don't even know how our brains work yet, we still consciously evolve - and then there's the scientific research into states of consciousness, entheogens and so on that has been made illegal, supressed, ignored and ridiculed for so long because so many scientists had already made up their minds and who knows what the governments were thinking again. Wake up and smell the evolution! (can't find the article online, or remember which paper, sorry - but it's pretty incredible & unfortunate these memes will invade so many atheist-materialist minds... their mechanical meaningless universe even more so diminished.)

No more posts today, my eyes are burning in my head. Tomorrow is another day.