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Flobots- Stand Up

Flobots- Stand Up

We shall not be moved
Except by a system thats rotten through
Neglecting the victims and ordering the cops to shoot
High treason now we need to prosecute

Thanks Relaxed Focus for the introduction.

The Men Behind Obama

The Mafia thriller aspects of Belgian Poly-tics and Media

from the Belgian P-Magazine 21/10/08
This resembles everything of a Mafia Thriller.
What the press kept quiet about the book of Jürgen Verstrepen.
Introduction for clarity: Jürgen Verstrepen was a thriving talkshow host, first on the radio and later on tv too, who joined the extreme right wing political party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) after his show was cancelled, because he thought it was the only party not conniving with the others that stood a chance of changing stuff. He quickly realized it wasn't, and the party was much more racist than first let on.
So he switched to the List Dedecker, which is a new political party by Jean-Marie Dedecker who is at least a vocal critic of the restriction of personal freedoms.
The article: Sex and scandals at Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest): Marie-Rose Morel and Frank Vanhecke were getting it on (2 right-wing politicians). That was the dirty story that the newspapers published from the book of Jürgen Verstrepen. The other 204 pages of the 208 page publication were remarkably ignored. Frank Thevissen, professor of communication knows why.

Frank Thevissen: The first 120 pages of that book are really remarkable. They illustrate an image of the way a bunch of Flemish politicians have slowly destroyed the media career of Verstrepen and silenced him. In the book Patrick Dewael, Bart Somers, Karel De Gucht, Noël Slangen(=Snakes) [all previous names are VLD Liberals], Steve Stevaert and Guy Peeters [both SP.A Socialists - and the latter Chairman of the board at the national channel VRT] are named.
Each time the same names show up that use their power to manipulate items in the media the way they want it. Beware if you cross these people. Verstrepen's story shows again that at the highest level there is a serious conflict of interest between politics and media. (VRT-pawn and main political "journalist" Siegfried Bracke is also a known freemason, editor's note!).
For every journalist this book should be the catalyst to expose those malpractices. But what do you see? That all newspapers only ofcus on the affaire of Morel and 98% of the book is kept quiet as death about. That contains everything of a Mafia Thriller doesn't it?

What are you insinuating?
Thevissen: That the press used that affaire as a decoy to cover up the other relevant contents of the book. Journalists seem to have such a holy fear of that network behind the screens that they censor themselves. That way they don't get into trouble.

Does Verstrepen have evidence of that boycot?
The Masonic Fraternity does not leave any traces. Those men don't show off their accomplishments. But that telephone call with Noël Slangen(Snakes) definitely took place. And why do you think an infamous Liberal VLDer wants to protect Steve Stevaert of the Socialist SP.A? [see later.] Because they're in the same fraternity, of course!
To me these workings of a small group of influential politicians in this country are a lot more frightening than the accusing paragraphs about Vlaams Belang. I thus fear that Verstrepen sent the wrong message into the world. [I think he means inadvertently, and btw, the only thing I ever heard about the book was indeed the Vlaams Belang "controversy"...]

Why are you sticking up for Verstrepen? Won't you be put into an extreme right-wing corner?

Thevissen: Verstrepen can take care of himself. I'm doing this out of pure indignation. Who knows me, knows that I'm not left, not right, but just rebellious. I like to tackle sacred cows.
Book Fragment: Before the 2007 election Noël Slangen tries to recruit Jürgen Verstrepen for the liberals.
Slangen: The attention you have received by the cancellation of your show is perfect for us. We can build a nice campaign around your theme: freedom of expression. But there is one issue that bothers us. You accused Steve Stevaert.
Verstrepen: Yes, so what? What's the problem?
Slangen: You have insinuated that Steve is co-responsible for the cancellation of your program.
Verstrepen: But Steve suggested that himself in the presence of Goedele Liekens (media-whore who in one of the first issues of her new magazine pushed for Micro-Chipping all children for fuck's sake), Paul Van den Driessche (Christian Democrat Politician) and his representative. I can drop dead now if it ain't so.
Slangen: Yes, but if you join us, it would be useful if you call that journalist and say you've made a mistake. Tell him Steve has nothing to do with it, because as you know, Stevaert is popular...
Also from Frank Thevissen at BehindTheNews webmagazine:
"The Media-attention for the book "Black on White" (Expression in flemish meaning something like "Unmistakable") of Jurgen Verstrepen proves exactly what the author is coming up against: a crawling press that shuts itself up and tries to completely ignore others. Of the 208 pages, only 4 were discussed. They weren't even relevant. What really should incite fear, apparently did."
Jürgen Verstrepen about the P-Magazine article:
The title of the piece is "This resembles everything of a Mafia Thriller." I can only confirm. I keep repeating, the book's subtitle is "Behind the scenes of Media and Politics" and that is of course never mentioned. 4 pages get smeared out, 204 are buried. Flanders at its best...
General quote from Jürgen Verstrepen:
"We indeed live in a perception society where Politics and Press play Judge and that isn't healthy for democracy."
Unrelated on the same page of the P-magazine article:
"You can't get rich on the stock market."
Financial Journalist Paul D'Hoore is very honest

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Fun with Language & Associations 2

First of this chaotic series is here
Now with extra etymology!

Alone: AllOne, Al1, Eye Al1 (I Alone), Home is where All is One. Home Al1!

Ark of the Covenant: a) was possibly just the box they kept the entheogens in, the myth was if you looked inside you would die - but it was probably the priesthood that would kill you ;p (thanks James Arthur). b) Other take on it of Nassim Haramein explained by Daniel Pinchbeck (thanks Hidden Dakini)

ASS: A Secret Society. Ety: Beast of Burden. Some stuff you don't have to make up, it's just too easy.

Authority: in dutch is "gezag", add an a and "gezaag" means "sawing" (wait for it) or the more used metaphorical meaning: "whining"!

Awesome: In west-flemish dialect: "Oasemn" (same phonetically) means "breathing", "to breathe". However awesome did not always mean something positive, quite the opposite.

Belief: in dutch "geloof", also means "faith". "Loof" without the "ge" means "praise"...
Ety: Holy shit are you ready for this: Belief used to mean "trust in God", then Belief had by 16c. become limited to "mental acceptance of something as true" (in other words BS in a lot of cases) from the religious use in the sense of "things held to be true as a matter of religious doctrine" (c.1225). So... basically it means dogma.

Catmagree: catma + agree, I catmagree: I seem to agree at this time with the current body of evidence but am open to new interpretation.

Citizens: C-it-iz-zen-S - See it is Zen Wisdom (thanks Imagical Greek) Ety: from City. Shame we don't use Denizen much anymore, I love the word denizen :p (ety: inside, within)

crISIS: Interesting ety. The cliché about the Chinese character also representing Opportunity is... wrong. And in fact it does not mean opportunity but "incipient moment" or "crucial point", just like "turning point" in the english etymology. Don't ever be sad about illusions dashing to pieces, instead be glad about the turning point and the acquiring of more truth ;p.

Dungeon: in dutch "kerker", -er: kerk=church (and 'er' is just a suffix)
(Kerker is from the latin Carcer, from which incarceration comes as well.)

Eternity: etern E.T. ether E.T., return E.T. ? :p Ety: Great Age.

Etymology: True Sense ;p

Freedom: We are all born free! When turned into dutch: "vree dom" sounds like "wreed dom" which means "pretty dumb" (freedumb) and "wreed" literally means "cruel", I guess we can apply that to western politicians perversion of the word. Freedom is one of my highest ideals, though the true freedom, not what silly brainwashed citizens think it is.

Hallucination: Hal/All Lucid Nation ;p - Ety: "wander (in the mind), dream" (though also "deceive", tis possible!)

Hope: Dope (Opiate for the masses? ;p), Nope, Rope :p LOL. Ety: "wish, expect, look forward (to something)", Hmm, wishful thinking eh? ;p. Some suggest a connection with hop (v.) on the notion of "leaping in expectation." Don't get me wrong though I much prefer hope-based over fear-based poly-tics.

Import-ant: What do you choose to import into your mind?, Ety: Bring in.

Island: Is land, Eye land. Ety: Thing on the water, lol.

Life: In flemish/dutch is "Leven" (also "To Live"), there is no singular of "Leven", the closest in flemish/dutch could be "Lef" = "Guts, Nerve, Daring". Ety: Continuance! Something quite different than the recent mechanical materialist view isn't it.

Lord: anagram for the dutch "Drol" which means Shit or turd. Screwed up ety too.

Mansion: Man Sion/Zion, Man's Ion (thanks Imagical Greek)

Missing: I once made the typo misisng - isis is missing, see aferrismoon for more info.

Mission: Missing Sion/Zion/Sun hehe. Etymology: originally of Jesuits sending members abroad, from L. missionem (nom. missio) "act of sending," from mittere "to send," oldest form probably *smittere, of unknown origin.

Missionary: 1656, from mission (q.v.). Missionary position first attested 1969; allegedly so called because Christian missionaries forced it on "primitive" people to replace their more creative variations. When are they gonna make a movie out of that one? :p

Monastery: Moon-a-stare-y (thanks Hendrik Palmgren from Red Ice)

Neo-Con: Neo=One ;p. Con-vict. Con-artist...

Ouroboros pun: "That was a long time ago" in flemish/dutch "Da's lang geleden", slang=snake.

Partizan: backwards is 'nazitrap' :p there is a movie company called partizan films (thanks Steve Willner of Labyrinth of the Psychonaut)

Soldier: soul-die-er, sol (sun) dier (thanks Imagical Greek). Ety is all about the money... Just as today really.

Science: seance (thanks Michael Skaggs of Hidden Agendas). (see first post on Language & Association for more, I have the highest respect for the Scientific Method, but not for Mainstream Science.)

Surface: How much of an Ace are you at Surfing this planet?

Understand: Under-stand, in dutch "verstaan", "ver" = far. So in both languages not the greatest connotations. Ety: Grasp the idea of. Synonym in dutch: Be-grijp, grijp = grasp.

Victim: in flemish/dutch, "slachtoffer", literal translation: "sacrificial offering". No, really. Ety: 1497, "living creature killed and offered as a sacrifice to a deity or supernatural power," from L. victima "person or animal killed as a sacrifice." Perhaps distantly connected to O.E. wig "idol," Goth. weihs "holy," Ger. weihen "consecrate" (cf. Weihnachten "Christmas") on notion of "a consecrated animal." Sense of "person who is hurt, tortured, or killed by another" is first recorded 1660; meaning "person oppressed by some power or situation" is from 1718. Weaker sense of "person taken advantage of" is recorded from 1781. Victimize is from 1830. (thanks Alex of Too Long in this Place)

War: In dutch/flemish: "In de war= confused". Ety: To confuse ;p
Are you keeping your mind on War? Eg:
Global Warming & The Climate Wars BBC docus. War on Terror: War oF Terror, or "War on Terra, Earth" (thanks Michael Tsarion) - Wars/Mars: Flip the first letter, Mars is the War(s) planet (thanks Jake Kotze of The Blob).
Video games: If we consider the theory that focus on x creates more of x, and we consider the intense nature of War video gaming, well...
World of Warcraft - Halo(=Stargate) Wars - Sun Crusher: The Great War - Twilight War: After the Fall -Act of War: Direct Action - God of War 1, 2 - Gears of War 1, 2 - Universe at War - War World - the FPS flood of many WW2 installments of series: Call of Duty (latest: World at War) / Brothers in Arms / Medal of Honor / Battlefield - War of the Ring - World in Conflict - Rome: Total War - Command and Conquer - Frontlines fuel of war - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Warhammer - Guild of War 1, 2 - crapload of Star Wars games - Theatre of War...

MJK: Changes Come

This is a wonderful blogpost from Maynard James Keenan. Thanks very much to Cam for sending it to me. It was just what I needed at this time and considering my earlier posts, I thought I'd post it here too to inject some positivity, along with the next post (below).

Roughly 9 years ago, on a day off from endless touring, I found myself in Memphis, TN. Instead of the normal routine of bad room service, pay-per-trash, cookie cutter mall visit, dinner, and "gentleman's club," I opted to visit an historic site. The Civil Rights Museum & Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Rather than cab it, I chose to walk the several dozen blocks across town in an attempt to tune myself to this place. This Museum is not in the center of town and not a place you would just happen upon. It's a place you would need to seek out.

As you approach the building, it appears that it's simply a converted motel. Basically because it is. And for good reason. You pay your donation and begin to wind through a seemingly endless maze of photos, documents, text, video/audio. I took my time. I read as much as I could. It didn't take long for the dark reality of this period to set in. Atrocity after atrocity. This wasn't that long ago. We did these things to each other. These awful awful things. It was like watching a movie. I kept thinking, "surely something good must happen soon to offset all these horrible things and events and surreal moments." I spent hours in there looking for it. At times I caught myself walking faster from display to display looking for an emotional break or some levity and found none. 2 full floors. And just when I thought it was over, and I could see the exit sign ahead, my body froze. I realized why it was a motel. I realized where in fact I was. I was standing in front of a display window that looked into the room where Dr Martin Luther Kings Jr drew his final breath before stepping out of his room. He was assassinated in this very spot. I could feel my heart snap. And although it rarely if ever happens, I wept like a baby. We did this. People like you and I who come into the world in the same manner, walk on the same soil, breathe the same air. We did this. Will we always be capable of such monstrous acts against our brothers and sisters? Where is the light? Will we ever see it?

Today, Nov 4th, 2008 I think I may have seen evidence of this light. Never mind the candidates. They're politicians. Not the point. That we were able to grow enough as human beings to elect Senator Barack Obama as our President and International Representative showed me hope. It began to untie the knot that I've carried with me since that visit to Memphis. This time tears of joy. Granted, we aren't out of the woods yet. But I see light. And today is truly a wonderful day.

Maynard James Keenan

Ever see a President Elect... on WEED?

Ever see a President Elect... on WEED?

LOL, thanks DoseNation!

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South Park's "About Last Night" & Obama's "Change"

McCain and Obama laughing their asses off at the fake (s)election

High Five!

Randy Marsh, thé South Park symbol of the general consensus reality brainwashed idiot is celebrating like one that can't contain his hope-nosis. Even the kids are abandoned blindly. "Obamaaa! Wooo!"

The true intentions are revealed: McCain and Obama were planning to steal
the "Hope Diamond" all along, they were just "getting the money".
Or in the corporate owned politicians case, keeping it.

Gotta include Sarah Palin laughing her ass off at the dumb media and coming out a press conference as a Martial Artist super thief. Though who knows how dumb or controlled shé really is. If that Sarkozy prank call is real, holy shit - they couldn't even technically transfer a damn phone call without problems. Her inclusion in the election still makes me think I'm in a bad dream that such a thing is possible, maybe the republicans just thought after Bush they'd give the simpletons that still wanna vote for them another puppet they can identify with.

The Dark Knight Obama causes some McCain-Palin voters to lose it, some to commit suicide and some to seek refuge in an "ark" cause they think the world is coming to an end. It is absolutely mind boggling to me how Obama didn't win by even more votes after such a propaganda campaign, though the many fake accusations (and nevermind the real issues with the puppet) that the mainstream media threw up must have startled some simple conservatives... I don't even want to imagine how a mind works that still supports the republicans. However the same counts for the mind that bought all this hope bullshit. Thanks for that too mainstream media. I look forward to seeing how they will "2+2=5" the world with Hope instead of Fear as the new theme.

Look it's a near-unconscious Liberal getting it up the ass by Obama!
Gotta love South Park metaphors. That's just "prophetic".

"Oh! Goddammit! Obama said things would be different!
That son of a bitch lied to us!"

Here's another South Park post
Here's some actual change Obama has made during his campaign... :p

Obama's Attack Ad On Himself

Now that's some Change you can believe in.

Btw, head over to the youtube comments of any Obama vid, and see Confirmation Bias & Belief System Filtering in action concerning La Bamba. Just in case you thought Bush supporters were the only ones able to filter out so much reality. Try to laugh with it, it can get really depressing otherwise.

Another remark. While Michelle Obama, eww btw, does seem at least a bit more human than Cindy McCain who must be either an Alien or Robot - like an older evil ugly version of the Cylon 6 series! :p I loved this bit where the Obamas do the mandatory hugging for the crowd somewhere around the acceptance speech, and Michelle whispers to him in Ice Queen manner à la Hillary that seemed to me something like: "Fuck this up for me... and I'll kill you myself. *plastic smile*" lol. Those two fakes rather deserve each other.

Check this out: Bullet proof glass, I wonder how that Kennedy archetype will play out. History is repeating after all.

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Weewarrior's Stargates and the 'Traveller'

Just wanna give a nice nod to this blog of Weewarrior: Check out this fascinating Stargate post and a very interesting comment on it, that seemed to have gone kinda unnoticed. I can't resist such fun brainfood! It which made me think of Wilcock's Jump-room comments in one of his vids, I can't remember how that experience was described or if it was. Will have to check that out to see if it matches. I cleaned up the esthetics a little (hmm, does stargate travel affect spelling and grammer? ;p Or maybe it was indeed a Japanese person, that Kanji-name might mean anything! Rob, can you get someone to decipher that? :p) and might I remind you, I believe nothing of it, and am not that impressed since any Circuit 8 experience is basically stargate travel without needing any technology with all that supposed prepping - though ritual is technology too ;p. Here it is:
"In 1981 I participated in a special program. I was an officer in the navy at the time. It is still active. It's scope and specifics are amazing. Please believe me that I want to tell you more than I am able to do.
You are correct. I can only be general. Time does not exist. Is only a construction of the mind. Reality is defined at the quantum level. What we experience is not the reality.
In reality, entering the portal is nothing like what you see on television:
Prior to entering the field we had to have our minds mapped out. This was accomplished via a electromagnetic field while specific brain patterns were recorded. We then were provided with a glass of orange juice with a medicine to take. We waited during a briefing on how to center our brain using the visual cortex and cues chiseled onto the wall.
We approached a taped staging line. One by one the field was calibrated for each of us. One by one I watched the people walk into nothing.
Is a blank empty hanger. They walked into air. Is not dissolved. Is like they walked into a line. Line was maybe at 80 degrees from horizontal. It was sharp disembarkation.
When my turn, I focused on the three triangles. Then walked forward when the seaman released my arm. To me, I heard a loud buzzing in my ears and then next thing I remember was being driven away to the barracks. Since then I have had many very strange events occur... I am afraid to tell you this thing. But is true. I not care if you do not believe me. I not care. Is still active. Is very secret. I gave up flying fighter aircraft to join this program. I have been in it since 1981... I am still active..."


If you mistype the blog URL as:, well just check out where that leads. What to think of this except funny thoughts? :p (sot, sounds like "zot" = "crazy" in flemish/dutch ;p)

Edge TV: Transpersonal Psychology & Kundalini Awakening

Check out a streaming 2h special with Frankie Ma who talks to transpersonal psychologist Dr Malcolm Walley, healer Dan Kahn and researcher Ian R. Crane about the Transpersonal Awakening Process and Kundalini Awakening, and takes viewers calls and questions. (It's also being repeated live in streaming, and you can set it to full screen here.)
More streaming selections from Edge Media TV here.

A New World Order

First of all the mandatory disclaimer for a brainwashed planet: Obama's selection is infinitely better than McCain who would have steamrolled whatever was left of common sense and justice to pieces.

Every once and a while I have the nerve to check out the mainstream media, which I usually avoid cause the amount of bullshit on it can't do anything but disturb my "inner peace". So I make the mistake of listening to what is said about the US Selection and this is what the correspondent says:

"The News media, Newspapers and bloggosphere (interesting how selective they are about that "bloggosphere") are using the big superlatives you can expect for such an event. Some calling it no less than a New World Order."

Geez Universe give me a fucking break for once, how many slaps in the face can a guy get? Yay, the easily manipulated people will indeed start begging soon for their fucking NWO. After that we get an overview about what Obama will change:
  • 2 year plan tax cuts for big companies who hire Americans and a bone for the smaller ones
  • do "something" about unemployement
  • credit (lol!) for people who can't pay their loans
  • better insurance for employees
  • climate change, limitation of co² (Everybody keep ignoring Global Warming is based on selective data of 100+ years, and that more broad data just shows the climate change is part of a natural cycle! Or the Solar aspect of it. I'm as pro-environmentalism as they come, but when a Politician starts an agenda-push for a Carbon tax and Restrictive Laws instead of taking it directly to the companies they're in bed with who are responsible for polluting our planet, my BS detection goes off! Btw, when's the last time you heard the word "pollution" on the news?)
Wow, I mean there are no words to express the underwhelming. Here is my idea of Hope which I expect to be crushed violently, I even try to keep it somewhat realistic:
  • Restore civil liberties & Expose the war on/of terror
  • Restrain the Oil, Psycho-Pharmaceutical and Military Industrial Complexes
My objections to Obama have always been, not the fake accusations in the propagandic media, but to name just a few:
  • His use of unsubstantial empty language (hello! Politician at work here! See more later in post...)
  • His voting record, of all things!
  • His Oil Industry profits.
  • affiliation with his foreign policy "advisor" Zbigniew Brzezinski (who has boasted several times about creating the Jihad-movement, aka Al Qaeda. No really.)
  • The symbolism he uses
  • His bloodline relationship to Bush-Cheney & co.
...and so on which scream loudly to me that there will be little positive change for me and mine, you and yours but more for Obama and his, and just an advancement of the agenda that his Republican co-puppets have been executing. Obviously it's good that the course has been adjusted somewhat. Though if you think you got a fair election, you were probably and (logically) not aware of the near media black-out/manipulation of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, Ralph Nader and other Libertarian candidates (what are their names again? ...) as usual. Or the Obama propaganda campaign with multi-embedded subliminals in Hollywood movies, combined with the ridiculous Republican accusations that any Democrat can easily reject. Anyone can become president? No, anyone can run for president, there's a difference!

Here's a pdf that details his use of Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP anchoring in his speeches, just in case you thought "hope-nosis" is an exaggerated term. In case you think that's not working, just check out ALL three comments on (the name is ironic, obviously), you'd think the users there have at least some critical thinking capabilities, nope too much to ask on this planet, they just confirmation bias their way to stay into their hope-nosis: "Conservative site!" (It's a one party system!) "What about McCain?!" (wrong question!) "Just a Good Speaker!" (Denial!) Let's completely ignore the detailed multi-page illustration of the use of his techniques, which btw, anyone who knows NLP will be able to confirm, including me. I mean on a site called DISINFO! FOR FUCK'S SAKE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

So I guess it won't be the same to be discussing Conspiracies anymore. Bush made it so easy and ridiculous. Obama will be completely different and exposing him will be met with an enormous amount of resistance which will make "trying to wake up others" a near futile if not even a dangerous experience - but that doesn't change the fact that Obama is just as fake, full of shit, and as much a "decider" as Bush... thus as "easy to expose" however if the Belief System Filters of the general Earth population are so well prepared the word futile can't keep from popping into my head.

All hail to the Unthinking Majority! All hail to Dumbocracy! All hail to the Dark Knight! All hail to Zbigniew Brzezinski! All hail to Belief Cyst-em based BULLSHIT! All hail to Change! ;p

"An Open Letter to Barack Obama - Between Hope & Reality" -Ralph Nader.
Ron Paul Warns Of Great Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prison Break: My Girl (& Tropic Thunder extra)

Let's have some fun with Synchromysticism (Learning about the hidden Esoteric through the open Exoteric), Etymology, Conspiracy, Mind Control and Problem - Reaction - Solution... with the episode Greatness Achieved from Prison Break and a little mini-extra from the movie Tropic Thunder.

Gretchen comes gun-pointing in the Corporation's General's office
General Jonathan Krantz: Everyone leave us alone, it's ok, she won't hurt me... I knew you'd come home.
Remember the Lord etymology for Tropic Thunder, and the next in bold for the General's longest upcoming quote
Jonathan: from Heb. Yonathan, short for Yehonathan, lit. "the Lord has given." As a pre-Uncle Sam emblem of the United States, sometimes personified as Brother Jonathan, , it dates from 1816, said to have been applied by Washington to Gov. Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut, to whom he sometimes turned for advice (cf. 2 Sam. i.26); hence "a New Englander," and eventually "an American." As a variety of red apple it dates from 1831, so called because it was introduced in the U.S.

Remember this next one for when we etymologize Gretchen
Krantz: German (Op. Paperclip related?) Kranz (same phonetics) means Wreath or Garland: flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes.
Gretchen Morgan: I told you that I knew nothing, you should have believed me.
General Jonathan Krantz: I knew you'd never take it personally, because you are, and have been ever since I took you under my wing, my girl. (Mind Control MK trigger time, check the eyes, I'm sparing you a nasty dirty old man kiss)

... my girl ...

Unfortunately, this is not really fiction. Thanks to Ben for pointing out that she is a Delta-Beta slave (as described in Illuminati Formula for How to create a Mind-Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler). So a Delta Assassin alter as well as a Beta Sexual alter. Delta-Beta slaves can be used in espionage, blackmail, assassination, etc. She comes in as the Delta alter ready to assassinate her owner/handler and then he triggers her Beta alter with the trigger "my girl", that's why he was so confident.
Gretchen's ety. makes her a MK'd pet & links her to General Flower Kran(t)z
Gretchen: Swed. pet form of Margaret=manjari "cluster of flowers", or pearl.

Morgan's ety. also relates to MK, and pearl links back to the 1st name.
Morgan: Fata Morgana, mirage especially common in the Strait of Messina, Italy, from Morgana, "Morgan le Fay", Sister of King Arthur. Morgan is Welsh, "sea-dweller." Dweller on the Mind Controlled Seas of Consciousness... There is perhaps, too, here an infl. of Arabic marjan, lit. "pearl," also a fem. proper name, popularly the name of a sorceress.
Gretchen Morgan: I can easily work for one of them as for you, so the question is: what's your offer?

General Jonathan Krantz: Actually the question for you is: why would you wanna go anywhere else? It's not a time for grudges Gretchen, it's a time for coming together! The salad days are fast approaching. Laos worked perfectly and soon the populace will turn to us: The leaders of the military, finance and energy to right the ship and then we'll rebuild this country, in our own image, and when we do I want you there beside me Gretchen as my nr. 2 like I always promised.

Gretchen Morgan: What about Lisa?
(The General's daughter, who later threatens Gretchen
if she ever threatens Krantz with a gun again.)

General: I've already told you, you're my girl. (MK trigger again, check the eyes)

added: all this goes on while Scofield, Burrows, Sucre and Belleck are in a kind of hidden compartment through a trap door in an office where T-bag is keeping watch at... the Gate corporation. Where they have to shut down the water for a huge pipe so they can get through it to the company and access Scylla. The water comes back on a little too soon and Belleck sacrifices himself in the big water pipe / watergate / wormhole to be able to establish a smaller crawling pipe / watergate / wormhole so the others can get through.

Tropic Thunder mini-post
Thought it was interesting as the movie was released not that long before the economic crisis world wide from halfway August throughout September and October:

Damien Cockburn: "Crisis Meeting? What does that mean exactly? I mean, are we in a crisis?... I know it's just that you said that he called it a crisis meeting. So..."
Rob Slolom: "It's Les Grossman. He throws these words around. 'Crisis, explosion, not rolling, fired.' These are just words."

Four Leaf Tayback: "We must put those boys in the shit. Take them off the fucking grid." (and this is repeated in sample, when credits roll in the song )

Byong: We no get money yet! Price now 100 million. You pay now, or tomorrow Simple Jack Die!
Les Grossman: Great. Let me get this down. 100 million... Oh, wait! I got a better idea. Instead of a hundred million, how about I send you a hobo's dick cheese? Then, you kill him. Do your thing, skin the fucking bastard. Go to town, man. Go to town! In the mean time and as usual, go fuck yourself. (Which is what every western Tax Payer should have stood up for... concerning the crisis, not the killing or skinning ;p)

The movie also mocked the money grabbing sell-out Hip Hop scene, with a closet gay commercial whore called Alpa Chino pimping the drink Booty Sweat and snack Bust a Nut. "Would you rather have a Lexus or Justice? a dream or some substance? A Beemer, a necklace or freedom?" Dead Prez - Hip Hop.

Kirk Lazarus: "I know what dude I am. I'm the dude playin' the dude (Kirk Lazarus), disguised as another dude (Osiris)."
Kirk: Church, Lazarus: any poor and visibly diseased person. And this even sync's up with Prison Break's Jonathan Krantz: "God has helped." Osiris: Judge of the Dead, God of the Afterlife, Green skin symbolizing rebirth. (Iron Man Downey Jr. is painted black, and the movie is mostly set in a green jungle.)
For a li'l more check out Konkrete Junkyard 1 & 2 and Connecting Dotz.

Aleister Crowley quotes

Thanks a lot to t3dy for gathering these

"The Tree of Life has got to be learnt by heart; you must know it backwards, forwards, sideways, and upside down; it must become the automatic background of all your thinking. You must keep on hanging everything that comes your way upon its proper bough."
Magick Without Tears, ch. IV

"The art of using it consists principally in referring all our ideas to it, discovering thus the common nature of certain things and the essential differences between others, so that ultimately one obtains a simple view of the incalculably vast complexity of the Universe. The whole subject must be studied in the Book 777, and the main attributions committed to memory: then when by constant use the system is at last understood — as opposed to being merely memorised — the student will find fresh light break in on him at every turn as he continues to measure every item of new knowledge that he attains by this Standard. For to him the Universe will then begin to appear as a coherent and a necessary Whole."
Little Essays Towards Truth, "Man"

"In Magick, on the contrary, one passes through the veil of the exterior world (which, as in Yoga, but in another sense, becomes "unreal" by comparison as one passes beyond) one creates a subtle body (instrument is a better term) called the Body of Light; this one develops and controls; it gains new powers as one progresses, usually by means of what is called 'initiation': finally, one carries on almost one's whole life in this Body of Light, and achieves in its own way the mastery of the Universe."
Magick Without Tears, Ch. 81

"It should never be forgotten for a single moment that the central and essential work of the Magician is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Once he has achieved this he must of course be left entirely in the hands of that Angel, who can be invariably and inevitably relied upon to lead him to the further great step—crossing of the Abyss and the attainment of the grade of Master of the Temple."
Magick Without Tears, Ch. 83

"Now, on the other hand, there is an entirely different type of angel; and here we must be especially careful to remember that we include gods and devils, for there are such beings who are not by any means dependent on one particular element for their existence. They are microcosms in exactly the same sense as men and women are. They are individuals who have picked up the elements of their composition as possibility and convenience dictates, exactly as we do ourselves... I believe that the Holy Guardian Angel is a Being of this order.
He is something more than a man, possibly a being who has already passed through the stage of humanity, and his peculiarly intimate relationship with his client is that of friendship, of community, of brotherhood, or Fatherhood. He is not, let me say with emphasis, a mere abstraction from yourself; and that is why I have insisted rather heavily that the term 'Higher Self' implies a damnable heresy and a dangerous delusion."
Magick Without Tears

"It is impossible to lay down precise rules by which a man may attain to the knowledge and conversation of His Holy Guardian Angel; for that is the particular secret of each one of us; a secret not to be told or even divined by any other, whatever his grade. It is the Holy of Holies, whereof each man is his own High Priest, and none knoweth the Name of his brother's God, or the Rite that invokes Him."
Book 4, One Star in Sight

"IT IS OF LIBERTY that I would first write unto you, for except ye be free to act, ye cannot act. Yet all four gifts of the Law must in some degree be exercised, seeing that these four are one. But for the Aspirant that cometh unto the Master, the first need is freedom. The great bond of all bonds is ignorance. How shall a man be free to act if he know not his own purpose? You must therefore first of all discover which star of all the stars you are, your relation to the other stars about you, and your relation to, and identity with, the Whole.
In our Holy Books are given sundry means of making this discovery, and each must make it for himself, attaining absolute conviction by direct experience, not merely reasoning and calculating what is probable. And to each will come the knowledge of his finite will, whereby one is a poet, one prophet, one worker in steel, another in jade. But also to each be the knowledge of his infinite Will, his destiny to perform the Great Work, the realization of his True Self. Of this Will let me therefore speak clearly unto all, since it pertaineth unto all."
Liber CL

"For concentration does indeed unlock all doors; it lies at the heart of every practice as it is of the essence of all theory; and almost all the various rules and regulations are aimed at securing adeptship in this matter. All the subsidiary work — awareness, one-pointedness, mindfulness and the rest — is intended to train you to this."
Magick Without Tears, ch. XVI

"The most common cause of failure in life is ignorance of one's own True Will, or of the means by which to fulfill that Will."
Magick, Book 4, p. 127

"A man who is doing his True Will has the inertia of the Universe to assist him."
Magick, Book 4, p.128

"One cannot do one's True Will intelligently unless one knows what it is."
Magick, Book 4, p.174

"Know firmly, O my Son, that the True Will connot err; for it is thine appointed Course in Heaven, in whose Order is Perfection."
Liber Aleph, p. 13

"True Will should spring, a fountain of Light, from within, and flow unchecked, seething with Love, into the Ocean of Life."
Little Essays Towards Truth, p.76

"Every Magician possesses an Astral Universe peculiar to himself... Let the Magician therefore adventure himself upon the Astral Plane with the declared design to penetrate to a sanctuary of discarnate Beings such as are able to instruct and fortify him, also to prove their identity by testimony beyond rebuttal. All explanations other than these are of value only as extending and equilibrating Knowledge, or possibly as supplying Energy to such Magicians as may have found their way to the Sources of Strength. In all cases, naught is worth an obol save as it serve to help the One Great Work... The 'reality' or 'objectivity' of these symbols is not pertinent to the discussion...
The Magician must not accept [my] account of the Astral Plane, [my] Qabalistic discoveries, [my] instructions in Magick. They may be correct in the main for most men; yet they cannot be wholly true for any save [myself], even as no two artists can make identical pictures of the same subject...
What one sees and hears is 'real' in its way, whether it be itself, or distorted by one's desires, or created by one's personality... The true, the final test, of the Truth of one's visions is their Value. The most glorious experience on the Astral plane, let it dazzle and thrill as it may, is not necessarily in accordance with the True Will of the seer; if not, though it be never so true objectively, it is not true for him, because not useful for him."
Crowley,Book 4, Apx. 3

"The student, if he attains any success in the following practices, will find himself confronted by things too glorious or too dreadful to be described. It is essential that he remain the master of all that he beholds, hears or conceives; otherwise he will be the slave of illusion, and the prey of madness."
Liber O

"Magic is the Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with
the Will."
New Comment to Liber AL vel Legis (II,28)

"There are no 'standards of Right'. Ethics is balderdash. Each Star must go on its own orbit. To hell with "moral principle"; there is no such thing."

"In Liber II: The Message of the Master Therion, the Law of Thelema is summarized much more succinctly as "Do what thou wilt--then do nothing else".[76] The author also describes the pursuit of Will as tireless activity without attachment to result, writing "The conception is, therefore, of an eternal motion, infinite and unalterable. It is Nirvana, only dynamic instead of static—and this comes to the same thing in the end."
" 'Do what thou wilt' implies self-adjustment, so that failure cannot occur... No individual can ever by aught than himself, or do aught else than his Will, which is his necessary relationship to his environment, dynamically considered. ... Error in thought is therefore failure to understand, and in action to perform, one's
own true Will."
Magick in theory and practice pg 78

"The Great Work is the raising of the whole man in perfect balance to the power of Infinity."

"One must find out for oneself, and make sure beyond doubt, 'who' one is, 'what' one is, 'why' one is... Being thus conscious of the proper course to pursue, the next thing is to understand the conditions necessary to following it out. After that, one must eliminate from oneself every element alien or hostile to success, and develop those parts of oneself which are specially needed to control the aforesaid conditions."

"Far be it from any apologist for Magick to insist upon the objective validity of these concatentations!... The Master Theorion does not care a scrap of yesterday's newspaper whether he was Marius de Aquila, or whether there ever was such a person, or whether the Universe itself is anything more than a nightmare created by his own imprudence on the matter of rum and water. His memory of Marius de Aquila, of the adventures of that person in Rome and the Black Forest, matters nothing, either to him or to anybody else.
What matters is this: True or false, he has found a symbolic form which has enabled him to govern himself to the best advantage. 'Quantum nobis prodest haec fabula Christi!' (How we are helped by this fable of Christ!) The 'falsity' of Aesop's Fables does not diminish their value to mankind."

"The above reduction of the Magical Memory to a device for externalizing one's internal wisdom need not be regarded as sceptical, save only in the last resort. No scientific hypothesis can adduce stronger evidence of its validity than the confirmations of its predictions by experimental evidence. The objective can always be expressed in subjective symbols if necessary. The controversy is ultimately unmeaning. However we interpret the evidence, its relative truth depends in its internal conditions. Anything which throws light upon the Universe, anything which reveals us to ourselves, should be welcome in this world of riddles."

"In one form or another, everything that exists is derived from some previous manifestation. Have it, if you will, that the memories of other incarnations are dreams; but dreams are determined by reality just as much as the events of the day. The truth is to be apprehended by the correct translation of the symbolic language. The last section of the Oath of the Master of the Temple is: 'I swear to interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with my soul.' The Magical Memory is (in the last analysis) one manner, and, as experience testifies, one of the most important manners, of performing this vow."
Magick, Book 4, by Aleister Crowley, Ed. by Symonds/Grant, Arkana (Samuel Weiser), 1973; pages 190-1.

"For many years I had loathed being called Alick, partly because of the unpleasant sound and sight of the word, partly because it was the name by which my mother called me. Edward did not seem to suit me and the diminutives Ted or Ned were even less appropriate. Alexander was too long and Sandy suggested tow hair and freckles. I had read in some book or other that the most favourable name for becoming famous was one consisting of a dactyl followed by a spondee, as at the end of a hexameter: like "Jeremy Taylor". Aleister Crowley fulfilled these conditions and Aleister is the Gaelic form of Alexander. To adopt it would satisfy my romantic ideals. The atrocious spelling A-L-E-I-S-T-E-R was suggested as the correct form by Cousin Gregor, who ought to have known better. In any case, A-L-A-I-S-D-A-I-R makes a very bad dactyl. For these reasons I saddled myself with my present nom-de-guerre --- I can't say that I feel sure that I facilitated the process of becoming famous. I should doubtless have done so, whatever name I had chosen."
from the Confessions

"In this connection there was also the point that I was anxious to prove that spiritual progress did not depend on religious or moral codes, but was like any other science. Magick would yield its secrets to the infidel and the libertine, just as one does not have to be a churchwarden in order to discover a new kind of orchid. There are, of course, certain virtues necessary to the Magician; but they are of the same order as those which make a successful chemist."
Confessions Ch. 64 para. 5

"I admit that my visions can never mean to other men as much as they do to me. I do not regret this. All I ask is that my results should convince seekers after truth that there is beyond doubt something worth while seeking, attainable by methods more or less like mine. I do not want to father a flock, to be the fetish of fools and fanatics, or the founder of a faith whose followers are content to echo my opinions. I want each man to cut his own way through the jungle."
Confessions Ch 66

And finishing with a RAW quote about Crowley:
"Whenever I think of the sheer information content of a typical page of Crowley - defining information in the strict mathematical sense as dense unpredictability - I remember Carl Jung's initial response to Finnegans Wake. 'This is either mental illness,' Jung said, 'or a degree of mental health inconceivable to most people.' You have not fathomed all that is going on in a Crowley poem or in a single prose sentence by him until you have a similar reaction. The great Zen koan Crowley has buried in all his writings, for those who can see deeply into them, is precisely that: Which is it - lunacy or the highest sanity possible to a human being?"
Robert Anton Wilson, pp. xv-xvi, Foreword to Scott Michaelsen's Portable Darkness: An Aleister Crowley Reader

Thanks a lot to t3dy for gathering these

Monday, November 3, 2008

Synchromystic Hellboy II: The Golden Army

"There's a world around us, we cannot see.
It's not your imagination. This world is very real."

Please watch the movie first if you haven't seen it yet! I loved it and its symbolism so much I could not resist posting these synchromystic goodies. Konkrete Junkyard's post on both Hellboy movies is a great starting point, check it out as I don't repeat what is said there (just a few links).

Movie intro... Planets illuminated by the Sun

Start spiraling...

And form a stargate

Planetary Relativity indeed!

The story (stored akashic record) begins
It is said that at the dawn of time, man, beast and all magickal beings lived together under Aeglin, the Father Tree. But man had been created with a hole in his heart, a hole that no power, riches, or knowledge could fill... (only experience, the path)
Merlyn on the Kabbalah: Issue 20 of Alan Moore's comic Promethea is devoted to Daath and the Abyss. In Moore's version there used to be a Sephira Daath and back then the Tree and the world were perfect. Something happened to Daath, it blew up, fell off the Tree or fell into disrepair. This is why the world is a bit of a disaster area. Moore includes two now defunct paths The Beggar and The Fountain, joining Chesed to Daath to Binah.
Moore develops the idea of a hole or a rip in the fabric of reality — The Crack. This was an idea developed by Grant Morrison in his comic The Filth. From The Filth :
"The crack runs through everything. And everyone.
Without it we would be perfect, like angels, and as dull."
Grant Morrison said his Abyss experience was harrowing. He was physically and mentally ill and attempted suicide more than once.
The Abyss is where the magician meets himself. Hidden behind the veil of the Abyss is Daath, which means knowledge. Self-knowledge, higher knowledge, knowledge about knowledge.
Whatever it was the magician built on to climb this high, it was all arbitrary. The magician realises that a lot of human knowledge and activity are similiar. A lot of human knowledge and activity is 'made up'.
Traditionally Choronzon is associated with the Abyss. He is not a fanged, horned demon. He could be a TV programme, or a daydream. Choronzon represents wandering thoughts, which cause the magician to lose focus."
...And in his infinite greed, man dreamed of expanding his dominion over the entire earth. The blood of many an elf, ogre, and goblin was spilled in their bloody war with man, and King Balor (or Valor), the one-armed king of Elfland, watched in sorrow.

let the joining together of opposites begin: yoga/union

But then one day, the master of the goblin blacksmiths offered to build for the king a golden mechanical army, seventy times seventy soldiers, that would never know hunger, and could not be stopped. Prince Nuada begged his father to agree. "Build me this army."
And a magical crown was forged that would allow those of royal blood to command the Golden Army. "I am King Balor, leader of the Golden Army. Is there anyone here who disputes my right?" And in his throne room, no one challenged him.

King Balor's heart grew heavy with regret, so he called a thruce, and divided the crown in three pieces. One for the humans, and Two for himself. In exchange, man would keep to the cities and the magickal beings would own the forests. This thruce would be honored by their sons, and the sons of their sons, until the end of time. But Prince Nuada did not believe in the promises of man and it is said that he went into exile, vowing to return the day his people needed him most. The Golden Army [the (S)Elf, Cosmic Consciousness (or Kosmic Konsciousness)] will return once the (third eye and) Crown (chakra) is made whole again.

Present time: A prestigious auction house is selling off several rare artifacts, including the humans' fragment of the Golden crown. Prince Nuada arrives, takes the crown fragment and dispatches several mysterious creatures to dispose of the humans.

Auctioneer: Coming to us from a long lost culture...
Nuada: Lost? Not at all, forgotten by you perhaps. Very, very much alive... Let this remind you, why you once feared the dark!

"When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate."
Carl Gustav Jung

Later... about suppressed/hidden knowledge (veiled in fiction ;p)
Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense Agent Tom Manning:
I suppress each photo, cell phone videos, each one costs me a fortune, and then they show up on Youtube... God, I hate Youtube(/You Two? - Hellboy & Abe for not being very discrete ;p)!

Venus fertility statue gets pushed down by Hellboy. The Empress Tarot Card (In Douglas Rushkoff's Tarot program) meaning "growth: the integration of new knowledge phase" passes... - and my own spiritual path as interpreted through the tarot, after the Empress came the Knight of Cups - and the Communication of Timeless Wisdom can begin.

Or interpreting the Empress on the 3D level in the story:
Love between Hellboy & Liz starts rolling.

Interesting sidenote, when they said the word "Warrior" in the movie, I first heard "Worrier". Internal worrying, or war-ying, same difference. See the earlier Jung quote again!

Truth on TV gets laughed at by a amnesiac & brainwashed populace. Hellboy & TV People resonating (broadly) the masculine Animus laughs, Abe and Liz resonating feminine Anima are not so amused. The Anima/Animus development is something every human must go through to achieve transcendence according to Jungian Analytical psychology.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed,..."
(to be continued) Arthur Schopenhauer

King Balor: What humans do is in their nature. To honor the truce is ours.
Third Eye (chakra) & Aeglin Father Tree of Life Crown (chakra).

Agent Tom Manning: Washington is sending Hellboy a new babysitter. He's quite the bigshot over there. His name is Johan Krauss. Comes highly recommended by our European Liaison. Liaison I love that word don't you, it's so hidy-tidy. (sounds better than co-conspirator ;p)

Hellboy: Johan Krauss? Sounds German. I don't like German (See 1st movie - or Project Paperclip ref? ;p). Germans make me nervous.

Johan Krauss: Yes you have, but not with me agent. Not with me! ;p

Krauss (cross) can be seen as the authoritarian bureaucrat hierarchical ego resonator, which we must transcend to ascend.

Johann Krauss: You will obey my orders, follow protocol, and stay foc-u-sed at all times!
Hellboy: You know, with your accent, that word - "fock-yoosed" - I wouldn't use it that much.

Focus needs to be mastered or you get this poignant wordplay: Foc-us - Foc-used - Foc-u-sed. No Focus, no Hocus Pocus! Etymology: 1624, Hocas Pocas, common name of a magician or juggler, a sham (wait for it) - Latin invocation used in tricks, probably based on a perversion of the sacramental blessing from the Mass, Hoc est corpus meum "This is my body."

Focus to go within for the transmutational Hocus Pocus! More about the sacred body later on.

They go to the Troll Market which is one way of symbolizing the "world around us", they get there via-via, thanks to their own kind of "Hoffman-Lenses" ;p Symbolizing 3rd Eye vision or right-brain-activation or *insert your favorite metaphor here*.

During the fight with an elemental forest god, Hellboy saves a human infant from certain doom. But when the fight ends, Hellboy is taunted and jeered by the crowd for bringing danger to a child. The humans call Hellboy a freak.

"All truth passes through three stages ...Second it is violently opposed..."
(to be continued...) Arthur Schopenhauer

Later on, Liz patches up Hellboy - who doesn't understand the humans' reaction. Liz tells Hellboy that she is leaving to think. Hellboy automatically assumes that he has doomed their relationship and begs her to stay. Liz asks Hellboy to decide what he really wants: the world's approval (human reality) or HER approval (The Path. Anima/Animus development. Transcendence).

Prince Nuada: [to Hellboy about the Forest god] Demon! What are you waiting for? This is what you want, isn't it? Look at it. The last of its kind. Like you and I. If you destroy it, the world will never see its kind again... You have more in common with us than with them. You could be a king... If you cannot command, than you must obey.

Meh, hierarchical BS, Hellboy rejects it too. How about the 2nd Territorial Circuit Winner Script instead: "I am free; you are free; we can have our separate trips or we can have the same trip." Robert Anton Wilson

Back to the body as announced:
Hellboy: You're in love. Have a beer.
Abe Sapien: Oh, my body's a temple.
Hellboy: Now it's an amusement park.

Why not both? ;p As we see here, during the funniest scene of the movie:

Hellboy & Abe, Red & Blue, the Boys singing about the Girls = Animus/Anima development, which inevitably invokes the Holy Guardian Angel (or Higher Self? Crowley says no).

Abe, resonating Anima sings first of course ;) Red joins in shortly. "Oooh..." ;p
With some Kundalini fire leading up to the HGA behind them.

Hellboy & Abe sing Barry Manilow ;p

Hellboy: I wish father were here, he'd knew what to tell you... us.

Hellboy goes through the Dark Night of the Soul, his heart wounded, if he can integrate what he has learned - symbolized by his female counterpart wanting him to live even though his destiny is to bring about the destruction of Earth - resonating simply leaving human reality behind and transcend it to move on to what's next.

A Centaur/Sagittarius leads them to the Angel of Death who can help. No need to fear the Angel of Death - I've met the guy. As he is just the (star)gatekeeper to another realm. See the All-Seeing-Multi-Eyed Wings of Higher Consciousness.

Angel of Death: Anung un Rama... (Hellboy)
Liz Sherman: You know that name?
Angel of Death: And yours, Elizabeth Sherman. At last, I have been waiting for you both, I am his death and I will meet him at every crossroad (a cross on Liz her neck too).
Liz Sherman: Can you save him?
Angel of Death: It is for you to decide. It is all the same to me, my heart is filled with dust and sand. But you should know, it is his destiny to bring about the destruction of the Earth... not now, not tomorrow but soon enough. Knowing that, you still want him to live? Make the choice... the world... or him. Staying human or transcending? Transcendence of course!

Angel of Death: So, child, make the choice. The world, or him?
Liz Sherman: Him.
Angel of Death: The time will come, and you, my dear, will suffer more than anyone.
Yeah yeah, transcending ego can be a bitch, we get it ;p

Liz Sherman: I'll deal with it. Now save him.
Angel of Death: It is done. [the Angel removes the spearhead from Hellboy's chest]
Angel of Death: I have done what I can, now give him a reason to live.

Liz Sherman: Listen to me you big APE, you have to get up. You have to get up! Cause you're gonna be a father. Thus Growing. Evolving.

Hellboy: I become father.

Prince Nuada to Krauss: I'm not addressing you... Tin Man...

Liz, Hellboy, Abe and Krauss (Tin Man needs a hart, needs to transend the authoritarian BS) go to see the wizard and realize they had it in them all along ;p

He's addressing Abe instead of Krauss, who at the moment, is a little unbalanced on the Anima side - symbolized by his attachment to Princess Nuala - to evolve and hands the crown piece to Nuada.

Caduceus like symbolism, rising snakes or flowers, trinities, mushroom, etc.

Krauss to Abe: Agent Sapien, no!

In this shot a Golden Egg is seen too when the crown is re-assembled.

Krauss takes possession of a Golden Army Juggernaut, He is in Blue now (like Abe, Anima) versus Red (Animus), transcending his earlier Animus state and integrating dual opposites.

Hellboy and Nuada battle on the Machinery, possibly symbolizing having to overcome the current overly mechanistic scientific worldview of reality. Nuala sacrifices herself and as she linked to her brother, him too - remember the Angel of Death talking to Liz about sacrifice - both Liz and Nuala are Anima resonators, the feminine side, must also be transcended together with the Animus (Hellboy first, and later Nuada together with Nuala). Leading to Sofia, the Circled Stargate beyond the Mechanistic.

Nuada: Is it them, or us, which Holocaust should be chosen? Bit dramatic way of stating, what shall be lost? 3D or 4D?

Nuada: We die and the world will be poorer for it. Rejecting our potential would indeed be regretful.

Nuala and Nuada die - are stoned, Nuada crumbles and Nuala remains a statue, an interesting reference to lost history and timelessness - and duality is transcended to non-duality.

The four all quit working for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, aka, a branch of the Secret Government. Even Johan Krauss transcends his former limits:

"Suck my ectoplasmic Schwanzstücke!"

"All truth passes through three stages ...and third, it is accepted as self-evident."
Arthur Schopenhauer"