Saturday, October 11, 2008

Troubled Insurance Group dines at world's 8th best Restaurant in Monaco

Fortis Insurance Belgium organised an event for 50 people in the most expensive hotel in Monaco. The Louix XV, nr. 8 on the list of the world's most prestigious restaurants. The insurance group spent 150.000 FUCKING Euros for this "incentive", but emphasizes it is mostly intended for the external insurance BROKErs...

The group arrived thursday afternoon in Hôtel de Paris, the most expensive Monaco Hotel and ate friday noon at the accompagnying restaurant, which has 3 Michelin stars and was voted number 8 of world's best eating establishments.

According to Lonely Planet Travel Guide it houses the largest wine cellar in the world. With 250.000 bottles, of which many are "unaffordable". A lunch in Louis XV quickly runs up to 300 Euros, a one night stay in the hotel on average is 1.500 euro.

"There are a few board members going along, but the group exists mostly out of BROKErs, external intermediaries" (rofl) reacts the spokesman Gerrit Feyaerts. "The trip to Monaco has been planned for months and fits into a commercial action. It is not an internal event. These kind of events are habitual in the insurance industry. The other industries, like the pharmaceutical and medical, have their systems to pamper (this word means "diaper" in dutch) the doctors for instance.

"Fortis Insurance," emphasized the spokesman, "is very aware of the sensitivities of the masses concerning the financial crisis."

I feel so much better now!

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