Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alex Grey: World Spirit

Alex Grey: World Spirit

Prison Break: the Price

This was the best shot I could grab of Sara Tancredi with a Caduceus on her third eye.

"Time was commanders would assemble their troops before a battle and rehearse schemes of maneuver on a square of dirt, using rocks to depict enemy positions. They called these rehearsels rock drills. Laos was our rock drill. Now, it's time for the battle to commence... blabla false money blabla... I'm signing off on the order to open up the next theatre of operations." The General

Short Synchromystic Roundup

Hidden Dakini has put up some wonderful vids of the Coalescence festival. Including Daniel Pinchbeck (remember earlier post when the first 4 were online), Dennis McKenna and Carlo Hawk Walker. All are excellent vids and thanks to Hidden Dakini for sharing all of this with us. Check out the latest Magical Forest post too.

Coalescence Pinchbeck part 5

In these two concluding vids Daniel Pinchbeck talks about Shamanism, The Ark, New Tech, Synchromysticism, NWO Theories, Disinfo, and if you've think you've got it figured out.

Coalescence Pinchbeck part 6

Check out Secret Sun CK's Symbols are Everything... until proven baseless, Very Sirius Election & Clown Show 2008 High Weirdness and Low Men.

Too Long in this Place: Serious Play, The Sacrifice 1, 2, 3, 4.

Wrong Way Wizard: Seeing through Eyes Wide Shut.
(7 parts! Linked at article. Might wanna wait as they are being reworked)

Konkrete Junkyard's Life on Mars

11, 13 and 33: The Illuminati / Freemason Signature

2 bloggers have unfortunately put up the deceptive 9/11 september clues "no planes" docu, which has long been debunked online, by truthers with video docus, articles, etc.

Magical Egypt 8-part documentary

8 parts of the John Anthony West series Magical Egypt documentary are on youtube
Featuring Dr. Rick Strassman (DMT), Lon Milo DuQuette (Masonry and Lucid Dreaming), Robert Schochs (Geology and Geophysics Ph.D.) and also featuring the work of René Schwaller de Lubicz, which includes Ancient Egypt being well aware of the chakra system too, as they built the Temple of Luxor based on it.
The series can be a bit slow in parts, but is absolutely fascinating. Navigating the Afterlife is a must see episode, and its content can be compared to the Buddhist Bardo teachings.

What if they were right?
What if the afterlife was interactive?
What if your desires had gravity?
What if magic really worked?

Immortal Technique - Freedom of Speech

Immortal Technique - Freedom of Speech w. Lyrics

Dirty words in this freedom of speech vid kids.