Thursday, October 23, 2008

Edgemedia TV: On The Edge with Matthew Delooze

On The Edge: Franky Ma talks to Matthew Delooze and Garry Cook about their awakenings, and takes viewers calls and questions. On the Edge is a Topical chat show, recorded live at the Edge Media TV studios. First aired: Monday 22nd September 2008. Edgemedia TV. (Click first link, no embedding possible.)

Damn! Matthew did get a bit negative at the end, what the lady caller was suggesting I think - and I enter the extradimensional feeding reality tunnel here - was to study the mystic teachings to reclaim your own mind, and how to consciously ground your energy (through intention, visualisation) and by seeing through the symbolism we are able to go to Festivals or whatever and not give away any of our energy. The Dome shape being enough to suck energy was a little over the top for me too, lol. Which is an important point that can't be neglected. Mona Lisa handled it rather well ;).

Dreams, Creativity, Lucid Dreaming

Dreams, Creativity, Lucid Dreaming

Check out the vid info at the youtube link.

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Jeffrey McDaniel: God

Jeffrey McDaniel: God

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MySpaceShip has crashed

I finally cancelled the Myspace account, besides that all code is reformatted there, everything is tracked, it's owned by Rupert Murdoch, etc. having to reset your password several times a week thanks to phishing is a little over the top for me. You can still find me at other crappy social networks linked in the sidebar here. While I'm at it, I deleted my facebook and I'll make a new youtube profile. Awesome, can't edit my new youtube profile or change my e-mail adress at Tribe. Gotta love the internet. The Internet, where nothing works like it's fucking supposed to.

Luxor Temple in Man - Magical Egypt clips

Luxor Temple in Man - John Anthony West & Lon Milo DuQuette & part 2

Magical Egypt full 8-part series here. If you know about Valery Uvarov's Wands of Horus (which I'm not sure about...), you can notice the statues holding them too.

Scientists may soon be able to erase fear and trauma

Scientists may soon be able to erase fear and trauma from your mind

Brave New World is nearly here? I wonder how this could affect Trauma Based Mind Control? ;p I know that Neurolinguistic Programming, Entheogen therapy, Meditation, etc... aren't very well known to be beneficial for this stuff. And the first one is mostly thanks to the crazy over-charging from NLP'ers. But anyway a chemical pill is so much "easier". It's not like repressing this stuff can come back and bite you in the ass after all. Oh wait, it might. I can only imagine the dreamscape of people who will try this, but I'm probably overreacting because most people don't remember their dreams anyway (and are pissing a third of their life away.)

"There is no coming to consciousness, without pain." Carl Jung

This isn't some fatalistic statement, it just says that learning from your past is usually more beneficial than repressing it. I guess it is hopeful for those that are not helped by the above mentioned therapies, though I doubt they are often tried and they are not exactly "popular" as it's not always instant-gratification therapy (that's mostly a good sign...). I mean, slightly related, trendwhores are trying this crazy shit.

This psychiatric quackery that wants to make everything chemical instead of teaching people how to sort out their stuff with their own mind really bothers me. The language in those articles by the "Science Correspondent" gives this gems: "deveolpment", "Neurobiologists believe..." (I'd rather have them thinking), "The team, who worked with scientists at East China Normal (?!) University in Shanghai (I wonder what Crazy University is like), has isolated a "memory molecule" in a mouse and used it to remove its painful memories." Whoa! Nearly there! lol. There are 3 other articles linked in the link I gave. All 3 talk about rats.

Hey even fear can be dealt with a pill perhaps soon, I guess they'll have to wait a bit until using terrorism as a weapon politically is off the table!

a: "Oh! Hey! We found something! In brains of mice and rats! We can make money from this!"
b: "Don't you think we should wait to tamper with human brains until we know more about it?"
a: "I said we can make money from this! MONEEEEEEEEEEEY!"
b: "But!..."