Friday, October 31, 2008

Guest on CNBC mentions the illuminati are manipulating the Economy - Oct. 24th

Guest on CNBC mentions the illuminati are manipulating the Economy - Oct. 24th

Just like that, moving on... :p Full clip from CNBC (can't embed)

Dead Can Dance - The Carnival Is Over

Dead Can Dance - The Carnival Is Over

They are driven by a strange desire
Unseen by the human eye
The carnival is over

We sat and watched
As the moon rose again
For the very first time

Thanks ImagicalGreek!

Fiction as Transmutation Inspiration

Johan the Red Knight. I found my old stack of (Belgian) comics [I've only been able to get my hands on more international comics the last few years] and this was by far my favorite. Also helped form my dreamy idealist reality tunnel and is now helping to transmute any obstacles as Johan is one laidback knight, to the point of hilarity sometimes - but it works, I exaggerate some examples here ;p.

The series is also sure to have some wonderful symbolism, so I hope to do some synchromystic posts about it as I'm reading them again from the first issue (don't have them all though). Johan's often helped by Galaxa, fairy of the light and Merlin. His main adversaries are Bahaal, prince of darkness (eye in the triangle + horns! ;p) and Demoniah.

Everything can be transmuted:

I have to sneak into a castle by myself! Oh, no guards on the towers right now and the drawbridge isn't fully closed. I'm so doing this!

I'm in a dungeon with my sword, this rat is sipping water from a stone, aha! I'll just take my time to remove some stones and get outta here!

Six soldiers are charging me with swords, but I have the higher ground on these stairs!

Someone standing next to Johan while a baddie jumps from a castle tower into the mote: "He's getting a-" *Johan has long jumped after him*

There's a demonic shiny shield/sword/apparition! Ever heard of phosphor? Let's go check it out!

Wherewolves are haunting these mountains, probably just people with wolf skins on, let's go for it.

3 soldiers behind me, the door is locked! I'll just swing from this rope to the other side of the room, take it from there.

My buddy is caught and held in the cobold stronghold inside a cave swarming with cobolds. But I've heard they're only gonna execute him in the morning, and I have this flaming sword!

I have two comrades, we are vastly outnumbered and charged by a robber gang, so let's just charge on horseback and see what can happen while we slay the first wave!

Under Reconstruction

Will be changing a few things here today and on, might post some stuff in between - not sure yet (this usually means I'll be able to post ;p). If someone knows good "collapse code" like in the sidebar here in the "blog archive" section I'd appreciate it, many google searches have been fruitless so far to make it work on blogger. Will also be adding stuff on to [all this when I'm able to :p]