Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are we the Evil that we see?

The Sol Provider has an excellent blog post on tolerance.

This is just a small excerpt:
A lot of what I read here says that Masonry is evil, the Illuminati must die, the government is evil, etc. I might tend to agree with certain of these ideas at face value. It is difficult to see the world in this state and not want some form of change.

To begin to have concern for the world at large is a great thing. It is the beginning of love and the end of selfishness.

When we seek to do good for goodness sake, we are on the path to recovery. We have begun to look at one another as human souls. We have INSIGHT into people, not race, not gender, not creed, not religion, HUMANITY. We have begun to see the divine in OURSELVES and we extend this view to others.

We start to realize there is more that one life to live.

As we become more aware, we must overcome the previous conditioning. We must put away the habits and patterns that brought us into what we were before. As long as we are ruled by opposites, evil vs. good, right vs. wrong, light vs. dark, we will never achieve true spiritual growth.

We must unify these two opposing forms, which like two thieves, steal our powers and our concentration.

Everything in nature has it's opposite. In most cases the lack of a thing is it's opposite. Knowledge is the evolved state, ignorance the lack of it. Good is a quality, evil is the least degree of good. Light is an element, darkness is the lack of it.

There is a purpose for everything. The condition of this Earth as we now see it is for our betterment... If we choose to use it that way.

Our existence is a result of the need to purify our base desires. The devil cannot act for us, the devil(our base desires) only tempts. It is us that must commit the evil that we see. And we do commit it. It is our thinking that shapes all that we see. If we have ever had an evil thought, desire, or action, we now see it in the world today.

Fighting the enemy simply perpetuates all that we dislike about what we see.

I happen to think we are better than that!

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