Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Berlusconi is back

  • corrupt as fuck
  • owner of basically the bigger half of all media in Italy
  • owner of soccer club AC Milan
  • former(?) member of infamous P2 Secret Society

  • is again prime minister of Italy lol...

    Politics, it's still at the toddler level. Geez when are we gonna evolve beyond this BS.

    His new party is also called the Party of Freedom, just like in Holland, it's the party restricting and disrespecting freedom the most...

    In particular, it is worth reminding that among the P2 program points there were: the control of the media and Italian justice and the impairment of the Italian education system. The first point is somehow known even outside of Italy, since Berlusconi, during his government, had full control on 5 out of 6 major national channels. Berlusconi used his televisions in a way similar to the Roman emperors: he basically gave Italians “panem et circenses”, satisfying the Italian population with food and entertainment.

    "If one wants to recognize effortlessly the essense of politics, let one reflect upon the fact that it was a Hitler who was able to make the world hold its breath for many years. The fact that Hitler was a political genius unmasks the nature of politics in general as no other fact can." Wilhelm Reich, The mass psychology of fascism


    Anonymous said...

    Love your blog. Keep it up ;-)

    eris said...

    As you point out, with any political party using the word 'freedom' in its title you can expect exactly the opposite.

    Atlantean Times said...

    I like that Reich quote...