Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Daily Dedroidify: Scapegoat the Mass Media

Antero Alli - Scapegoat the Mass Media!

Many are the ways to scapegoat the mass media. For starters, turn off the TV. Break trance. Create your own media. Make trance. Produce more media than you're currently consuming. Reimagine everything you see on TV. Stop your cocooning. Get out into the streets again. Talk amongst yourselves. Listen to international news on a short-wave radio. Really listen to each other. Make a movie with your friends. Start a newsletter. Get your imaginations back. Take an artist out to lunch. Stop mainlining the online. Make real connections with people. Turn off the TV. Break trance. Make trance. Create your own media. Do it now.
Imagination death precedes death of soul.

Modern-Day Scapegoats
The rise of mediarchy, and how you can declare independence
by Antero Alli

RAW: The joy of Art; Art is Seduction

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