Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jon Klimo on the Afterlife, Suicide and Channeling

Coast to Coast Art Bell interview with Jon Klimo on the afterlife, suicide and channeling research: Parapsychologist and world's leading authority on the scientific investigation of channeling, Jon Klimo discussed what happens in the afterlife to those who commit suicide.

Also check this episode: Prof. Jon Klimo spoke about his research into channeling and contact with other realms. Channeling, which includes mediumship (communicating with deceased spirits), can be with any source that is outside oneself and is not from this level of reality. A person might go into a trance state and begin speaking or writing as the entity. In other cases, people receive telepathic messages, he explained.

Klimo shared some of his personal channeling experiences in which he has gone into a mildly altered state. He first sets his intention to be of service to others, and then asks to be in contact with evolved beings, rather than lower astral entities. In one instance, while giving a lecture, he spontaneously began channeling, and a number of clairvoyants in the audience later reported they saw spirit guides & Pleiadian beings hovering over him. He also touched on his research regarding suicide and the afterlife, which he conducted with Pamela Rae Heath M.D.

Here is the first one on youtube though it's with a rather disturbing pic, a slashed arm with blood, though think 'special effects' if you really want to youtube it.

I'm very skeptical about channeling myself, that's exactly why I listened to it.
Very interesting stuff.


Michael Skaggs said...

This is too weird! I am currently reading a book called "We Don't Die" by Joel Martin & Patricia Romanowski about George Anderson (George has a website). Supposedly, George is the most accurate medium ever tested. Now, I was a skeptic myself, but experienced a spirit medium firsthand named Vickie Monroe. She was spot on with everything and you just cannot fathom the shock I was in. Anyways, I hope this tidbit helps you expand further. So far the book is really good.

Peace brother!

dedroidify said...

Thanks Michael, I'm still quite skeptical about it. Especially with cold reading, I'd wanna know details, crazy ass details hehe.

I'll check out those names.

I read a book called "Search for life after this life" by Colin Wilson which was pretty good too, includes mediums too and seances though as I know much more about mentalism and trickery now my skepticism towards these topics has increased again.

Still, you don't have to necessarily believe in mediumship or channeling to realize there's life after this one, after all the shrooms and meditation hehe. The investigation is ongoing!

Alice said...

Michael Skaggs! That We Don't Die book is the first exposure I had to channeling. I read that in 1994 after my younger brother committed suicide.
Way cool & weird to see that book title again...Currently I have a home library of app. 1700 metaphysical books. I wanted to have a library in copyright order of channeled material. There's a separate shelf for Jane Roberts and Seth material, one for the Lucis Trust Alice Bailey books, one for the Ascended Master (Guy Ballard) material, and so on...Something tells me that we could have a grand day in there poking around the books!

I didn't believe in this channeling thing either back then. Long story short, I had read that George Anderson book while I lived in Chicago. Shortly after I moved to Los Angeles and there on my first job interview met my (now) husband. Cutting the beautiful story down even further, my best friend set me up to go toa man named Brian Hurst in Receda, CA. I bloopered and mentioned that at my interview. My husband said, "Were you going to say channeler?"..I said "Yes"...He told me that he dabbled in that. So a couple days later I went to his home after work. Suffice it to say that he channeled my brother (then it had been about 9 months since he died), the things my brother said, such as - "I should be scared, but I'm not." and "I try to dip down to be with you and mom and dad and shit gets stuck to me." (I assumed he meant energy...) He explained about being pulled from side to side but not that even because there's no up or down or left or right.....My husband called me by a nic name that ONLY my brother would have known...

That being my first direct experience, it didn't take much for my curious mind to investigate further and I see where this is nothing new... :) So the New Age name does sorta bug...

Anyway...I've never even written this much of the 'story' out so thank you for helping to bring it out of me...

The love story of meeting my husband and our spiritual escapades deserve to be preserved so maybe I will keep this and expand later...


Dedroidify! YOUR BLOG IS MY NEW FAVORITE! I love you for creating this space... xoxo! Keep it up! (please) :)