Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lucid Dreaming

Lucidipedia 2nd Trailer

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From the wiki: A lucid dream, also known as a conscious dream, is a dream in which the person is aware that he or she is dreaming while the dream is in progress. During lucid dreams, it is possible to exert conscious control over the dream characters and environment, as well as to perform otherwise physically impossible feats. Lucid dreams can be extremely real and vivid depending on a person's level of self-awareness during the lucid dream.

Dedroidify: Dreaming & Lucid Dreaming

Flying in a Lucid Dream


Yariv, San Francisco said...

This looks like a great resource. I had 2 spontaneous short lucid dreams this year. It was a lot of fun and I'd love to learn how to induce them.

I LOVE your blog. Even as just a reader it's hard to keep up with the of posts... Each one sends me on a long quest for more resources. How do you do it?!?

Keep up the good work and blessings to you.

dedroidify said...

Hi Yariv, I love San Fran, it's one of my favorite cities worldwide.

Thanks for the kind words.

Haha, I'll guess I'll have to hold that more into account. A big deal of what gets posted I already have seen, read or heard. This blog is mostly about popularizing mind expanding information. Also I'm unemployed so time has been plenty, though that period is ending its close and I'll have to find something quick. meh.

I suggest learning to speed read too, there's a great program called EyeQ for it. Speedreading is wonderful for online and article reading, it's not as useful in a book where you want to immerse yourself, but then again it's helpful in the boring parts, I'll put up a speedreading post soon.

Look at it this way, the blogposts will always remain in the archives, so no rush.

Also, I highly recommend RSS feeds, so time on the web is limited to what is needed and you don't waste time surfing away.