Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Richard Dawkins: Dogmatic Materialism ftw

I watched Richard Dawkins - The Enemies Of Reason - Part1 - Slaves to Superstition yesterday and thought it was mostly ridiculous and unnecessary. Richard Dawkins starts out very fair and takes on some easy targets like pop astrology and dowsing, and also does some great work together with Derren Brown exposing Cold Readers - who I can't stand for their shamelessness. But then finishes up talking about the internet and how "anti-semites are now blaming jews for 9/11 disregarding the evidence and connecting with each other much easier now." (paraphrased) Oh and that's reason? Nice investigation Richard, would this be ignorance, bs censoring or agenda pushing conspiratorial on your part? :p

Frankly what all these proponents of reason don't realize, is that reason is just one form of intelligence and while absolutely necessary in this world, when used alone a cold and boring one at that. These reason proponents to me are just dogmatic materialists. It's not about debunking all 'irrational' activity on earth, it's to defend their materialist belief system, what you see is what you get BS - just as emotionally (and irrationally) as people with non-rational belief systems, discarding or belittling evidence that disputes their findings. Like all the scientific advances regarding consciousness, like Dawkins will touch those. And anything relating to consciousness like intuitive, shamanic or spiritual experiences are discarded by an old paradigm way of thinking.

"The materialist fundamentalists are funnier than the Christian fundamentalists, because they think they're rational!" Robert Anton Wilson

Besides, South Park has even shown how in their Wii episode that in the future even an entire Earth population of atheists can still be as divided by their different atheist Belief Systems as any other collection of BS ;p

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