Saturday, April 12, 2008

Utopia, Ecotopia

Ecotopia article by Forbes

"The two groups growing dramatically now in America are ecovillages, which are usually rural or semi-rural, and cohousing, which tends to be in or near cities," says Bill Metcalf, a sociologist at Griffith University in Australia who studies communalism and has lived in two intentional communities.

Most of these new groups are communal to varying degrees--some ecovillages pool everything they own and earn, while so-called "cohousing dwellers" typically have private homes and incomes while sharing some spaces, resources and domestic tasks. In addition to the desire to live green, community dwellers want more connection with the people around them--and not the digital kind.

And here's a photo thingy

If I can't find a decent job or start something worthwile, I might pack my bags and find me one of these, so anyone with experience or information about them please share in the comments.


Tony Skyhouse said...

You can get lots more information on ecovillages and intentional communities at and their Intentional Communities Directory. They even have a list of ecovillages.


dedroidify said...

Thanks very much Tony.