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Fringe ep4 The Arrival (Synchromystic write-up)

Olivia picks up phone: Hello?
Broyles: Wake up. There's something you need to see.
Olivia: Waking up is not gonna be a problem, thank you for the gentle nudge.

"OK, pose as artificially as you can, excellent" *takes shot*

For those who saw the latest Fringe episode, JJ Abrams seems to want to rekindle a sort of X-Files series and I can only applaud that.
"...It appears to be another anomaly whose mysteries and origins remain the sole purpose of this committee. I called you together tonight to introduce you to my new team, who I have tasked to assist us in our investigation of these events. Hopefully they'll have more success than our last."
Agent Phillip Broyles
This quote is from the second episode, which I skipped at first by accident. I wonder how the public will receive this show, I find it ok but not spectacular, Walter rocks. There is no doubt that the fringe is now all pervasive in our fiction. (It kind of always was, wasn't it?) One materialistic buddy has pointed out that most action movies now feature the weirdest shit (eg: in the style of the silly mindwarp 'Wanted'), and he doesn't like it at all. Also check out the new series Merlin from the BBC.
Another thing I'd like to point out first, is something I remember about the X-Files. I was in my teens at the time, and knew a twenty-something dude who loved it too, but his girlfriend didn't - because she said the endings never explained anything. In other words, she had to think instead of accept. Ouch.
"They are calling these events a pattern, because if someone is experimenting only the whole world is a lab."
Agent Phillip Broyles (earlier episode)
The Conspiracy Reality Tunnel suspects Abrams a little, the Consciousness Reality Tunnel is intrigued and sees a so much wonderful potential, consider both RT's in this roundup: Alias (Double, triple, quadruple agents and the esoteric inventions of fictional Rimbaldi) & Lost (an anomalous electromagnetic Island, the Dharma Project) are stockfull of esoteric concepts, he produced Cloverfield (with its extradimensional superthreat), the 11th Star Trek movie (I can live with the cast, who'd have thunk it) and most interestingly of all, he's working on an adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower saga (of which I've only read the Gunslinger so far).

The CT RT also notices the Dawson'sCreek/Skull&Bones actor in this. Btw, what I find hilarious is people find Katie Holmes brainwashed after her Cruising. If you watch Dawson's Creek (Stuff help you, it's being re-run on Belgian TV), from the few clips I saw of this horrible show (WTF IS GOING ON IN THERE? :p) she seems already pretty out there, is that acting, or do they drug her before every episode to make her look that way, damn.

"Alien motherobserver! Do you write it?" Samuel L. Fringe

Then there's the watcher, here called the Observer (effect), oeh. Emotionless, telepathic, living a long time and not aging, writing an "alien" (weird) language. Apparently the telepathic, possibly immortal watcher... needs tech gadgets like scifi-binoculars and a gun. Weird. Silly. Fringe. Hehe. He also has no eyebrows or hair.

Dr. Walter Bishop: *chuckles* It's disturbing, but you get accustumed to it...
Olivia: Walter, who is he? Where can we find him?
Dr. Walter Bishop: You won't be able to find him.
Peter Bishop: Of course not cause he's in the seventh dimension! ...
Dr. Walter Bishop: Must you always be so smallminded! Questioning my judgment, I am not a child, I will not be babied!

The new and improved iPod, what was Apple thinking?

They find this weird metal iPod cocoon thingy, called the Capsule, that is (probably among other things) a weapon that can burrow from one end of the earth through the planet to the other and make shit go "BOOM", great idea! Have a few of these running wild and the planet might just fall apart lol.

Dr. Bishop: We need something very important.
Peter Bishop: What?
Dr. Bishop: Aluminium foil.
Peter Bishop: Why?
Dr. Bishop: Trust me!
Peter Bishop: No thank you.
Dr. Bishop: DAMMIT! Must you always be such a smartass!

Can't have a Fringe series without an aluminium (tin) foil joke as they need to shield the frequency of the cylinder (iPod) so the baddies can't detect it and everyone's lives are protected.
But Walter tricks them and goes to the Observer.

Dr. Bishop: I haven't had a rootbeer float in 17 years.
Observer: And how is it?
Dr. Bishop: Heavenly... and Earthly at the same time.
Observer: Quite the connaisseur... (lol!)

Dr. Bishop: Do you want some?
Observer: No thank you, I wouldn't taste much anyway... 17 years, that's a long time to go without something you love.

According to Christopher 'Secret Sun' Knowles, 17 symbolizes an unjust death and the promise of rebirth.

Here's an interesting tidbit, Walter and Peter's last name is Bishop. What does Bishop mean?
O.E. bisceop, from L.L. episcopus, from Gk. episkopos "watcher, overseer," a title for various government officials, later taken over in a Church sense. (and here I thought it was a bisexual shop...), let's just go on shall we:
Walter: Ruler (of the fringe), Peter: Stone, Rock (on which Walter with his fragile mental health must lean) and Olivia means Olive and that symbolizes health, rebirth and fertility (of the fringe). No symbolism here!
Btw, if you look back at the first picture in the post, could both Bishops possibly symbolize the Twin Towers as the Ruling Rock (R=18=1+8=9, doubled=1 1 - bit of a stretch? ;p) going down and Olivia the new fertile High Priestess Freedom tower? (inspired by GORO ADACHI FROM ETEMENANKI ;p) - btw that doesn't mean I look forward to the "Freedom" Tower.

Of course there is some (probable) black ops guy with a crazy shockwave gun on the hunt. He also has some pretty nasty interrogation methods sticking rods up the nose inflicting an enormous amount of pain. Then all he has to do is get them to think about it, though even if say Peter doesn't know something about his father but has a vague idea, apparently this device gets the rest of the information through the collective unconscious. Now that, is fringe.

The episode runs to its conclusion with a description of an NDE and being saved by the "Observer" in exchange for helping to protect the capsule, what I find funny. One can interpret this as waiting for the aliens to save us... or letting the Observer save you. (That's You!)

We get some real X-fily stuff at the end when Olivia's dead ex-partner walks into the door. Let's just hope Abrams doesn't go Alias - which I really enjoyed though - on us in this series with too many plot twists, deaths and resurrections. The next episode in line is called "Power Hungry"...

update: Finally saw episode 2, glad I skipped it at first lol, twasn't so good. But I liked this:

"When was it you lost your imagination son?" Walter Bishop

And the shady company that knows more about Olivia and her alive/dead partner is called Massive Dynamic, entertainment is a massive entraining dynamic of some sort ;p

Walter milking the cow, and the phone call at the end was classic. "Walter I'm with a woman going into cardiac arrest due to an overdose of anesthesia. Her heart just stopped." - "Do you have any cocaine?" lol!

And nice MK sync by Ben from Pseudoccult Media, W+alter-nate personality.

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