Monday, October 6, 2008

News Roundup: crISIS

In Belgium today there was a big strike throughout the entire country (I've been on permanent strike for a few years, hehe) to protest against the decreasing purchasing power, which is a shitty term to say food is getting too damn pricey. Of course: Yesterday they showed a simpleton that said he went to strike because he got a hat and a whistle...
Who do they show interviewed first on the news today: people who are bothered by it and can't get to their job (like a good sheep).
Followed then by "more traffic jams because of the strike", and after that... the employers bitching about the strike. While adding, with huge balls, that a lot already has been done to increase purchasing power. Objective reporting, I'm so happy to be free...

And of course the ppl around me swallow this propaganda. "Always with their strikes!" Yeah, what a world it would be without the right to strike, I bet you could get to your job without any trouble then...

And in other news, check out this shameless scaremongering in the British iPress:
Germany takes hot seat as Europe falls into the abyss
We face extreme danger. Unless there is immediate intervention on every front by all the major powers acting in concert (PLEASE SAVE US :p), we risk a disintegration of global finance within days. Nobody will be spared, unless they own gold bars.

I'm surprised they didn't add "START PANICKING"
Check out the picture too, star-crossed... I haven't noticed anything of this abyss yet.

In other news, the Sarah "ARE YOU DISTRACTED YET?" Palin campaign rages on, now bullshitting about Obama ties to domestic terrorists, so when you talk to someone about Obama's NWO affiliations you will be regarded as a dumbass conservative. It's so easy.

Our news report ended with the Spanish building a human tower, and obviously it had to collapse didn't it.


Christian said...

On Saturday in the biggest european TV Show "Wetten, dass..."
a boy build a tower of 24 beercrates (the stage background was an american skyline; how VERY sublime...:-)
In the end, this (beer-crate)tower crashed too...

dedroidify said...

Thanks for posting that Christian, hehe I didn't know that was still airing. The Dutch had a show "Wedden dat" I'm sure more towers will have/be falling.


imagicalgreek said...

I'm curious--did the news report ever actually show the strike itself? US news rarely does these days, unless of course they can find a good simpleton/stooge/shill to discredit the protest message.

And the photo of the banker doesn't look all that star-crossed, though I get the synch. Looks more like extreme self-imposed blinders to me...which is apt, given how they did this to themselves, leaving/trying to make the people to pay the price.

Funny how they used that Warren Buffet quote, AGAIN. I've been seeing it for DAYS now. You'd think he'd have something else to say by now. Or maybe not, since he's one of the ones who's buying up all those shares at fire-sale prices. But hey, repeat, repeat, repeat the mantra. That's how they got the us to buy a war or two built on lies. One can safely figure if they keep repeating it with their bare faces hanging out and their lips are moving, they are LYING. ;p

No one around here (eastern Pennsylvania) is buying anything Palin says. But if they keep writing about her, they fill a news slot they'd otherwise might have to fill with something real.

Forgive so many comments today, surfing the web a lot, procrastinating on cleaning my kitchen... ;)

dedroidify said...

Yes they showed noisy protestors with some subtle comments... hehe.

lol! yeah repeat the mantra indeed. And those news slots can't have anything... newsworthy now can it!

Forgive?! You rock, I don't get much comments in general here so it's really cool for once!

Psst, "a clean house is a sign of a wasted life" ;)

JM said...

You Belgians are very lucky to be able to have the power to mount such a strike - Thatcher ripped the balls off the unions in the UK in the 80s and the rest of the drones in the UK feudal system are happy to keep their noses to the grindstone like good little slaves, only looking up occasionally to smile for the CCTV cameras.

imagicalgreek said...

"a clean house is a sign of a wasted life"

I fully agree...I once almost got smacked by my mother once when I was about 12 for telling her my self-esteem would never depend on whether or not there was lint on the carpet-- she was quite neurotic about such things...but my landlord needs to bring the city inspectors through sometime I need to look like I'm wasting my life, lol. Or at least somewhat conventional.
And somehow, I can't convince the cats that it's their turn to do the dishes.

BTW, have you caught wind of this new site...would you believe?...

Their 'cheat sheet' just a little while ago featured the head 'Be Afraid' in reference to the finance debacle...Doesn't take much to see which 'side' they'll be on, not to mention the way I found it was it was in the top US 'news' on the AFP via Yahoo. Gotta fill those slots, even if there's only five! The 'story' was a 'newsmercial' for 'infotainment'! Who is Tina Brown anyway, and why would any thinking human care?

(Original story at:;_ylt=AsmCzWJs5XbFDZK20qGFPGys0NUE )

dedroidify said...

Freaking pets, too lazy to work for their food!

That site made me feel icky all over, "jesus" what a vocabulary on that site

rofl, who is tina brown, check this out: a "journalist", magazine editor, columnist, talk-show host and author of The Diana Chronicles, a biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, a personal friend.

She is currently writing a non-fiction work on Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton.


dedroidify said...


It wasn't a corporate strike, only national services were on strike but still I think it's awesome.

I don't believe in luck (or in anything ;p)


imagicalgreek said...

Weren't we just talking about utopia through technology? Well, my cats have managed it without the tech part. But they also inspire me, since they would never allow beauracracy to invade their lives like humans...Stupid paperwork from the gov't is just so much litter fodder, as far as they are concerned, or perhaps good for shredding or a toy. And I live in a city (yes, actually urban) that is within walking distance of the country, so they've earned keep this year by defending my apartment from two mice and a bat this year, well before they invaded the pantry...

'Journalist' from Vanity Fair, no less...It may be sickening, but what did you expect from a site with major 'airplay' called 'The Daily Beast'? Can't get more obvious than that...but perhaps the 'Beast' and it's pseudojournalist author will spawn a good blogpost at some point...Did you see the article that blamed the Wall St. mess on Prozac? (I can believe drugs, but Wall St. is a lot more famous for cokeheads...Traders are just not the mellow type.)

And you're right, striking has nothing to do with luck...Since when does a peaceful protest have to be 'legal'? Seems it would be all the more powerful when it happens anyway. Awesome either way. Now if only we can get some protesters to shut down a major highway or something. (Without getting run over by a tractor trailer doing 70+ mph...) Shutting down Amtrak wouldn't do much, since no one uses it often anyway. Though there have been some good ones on Wall Street in the past couple of weeks...Not too much coverage though, and some very interestingly shot (read 'manipulated') photos to go with...

dedroidify said...

Ah the kittens, I know a couple with around 6 cats (who can keep count) and a dog, they get along but obviously it's crazy!

It's a bit blatant isn't it!
Haha, maybe it's because they're not the mellow type they're on prozac (make me feel safe). And coke (make me feel worthy). Two vile drugs. It prolly has a lot more to do with problem-reaction-solution than drugs. Here's a Rothschild on the BBC about it...

and here's the New Amero, oeh

Indeed legal, regal, eww dirty words. Hahahr highways were shut down me thinks, or at least a few roads. Everyone in the street should have signs about this bailout, though apathy probably took care of that.

Oh well, signing off for today! Time for bed in li'l Belgium.