Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ben Folds: The Ascent of Stan

Ben Folds: The Ascent of Stan (Only vid I could find :p)

The story of a textbook hippie man turned to the dark side.

Once you wanted revolution! stan
Now you're the institution. stan
How's it feel to be the man? hurts to be the man
It's no fun to be the man!

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Anonymous said...


Yet another beautiful synch with my life. I'm on a listserv with old college friends. We went to a liberal, liberal arts school. We were all a bunch of pot smoking freaks. But the man got most of us. Only one or two, like me, went the opposite way.

Two days ago, when some of my friends said they were against some extreme protest tactics used by kids in Berkeley, I said, "When did we become the man?". To which no one replied. . .of course.

This is a beautiful song. Have you seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Ben Kweller (sp?} and Ben Folds do a remake of Follow my Voice, which is gorgeous. I'm not a fan. . . yet. But after hearing this song, will check them out.

Thanks again,