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Star Wars: The Clone Wars ep1 AmBush

This is about the first episode of the CGI series Clone Wars, the CGI movie has such terrible ratings I don't think I even wanna see it. I kinda liked the short cartoons, and the CGI series is ok.
Synchromysticism for me is discussing anything esoteric (=for the enlightened inner circle, wether that be world affairs or mysticism), starting from the exoteric (=suitable for the general public, for instance popular culture). In other words I detect propaganda and reflections on reality.
I highlight what I can to learn more (also just cool or funny stuff ;p), wether that is positive inspiration or becoming aware of negative influence. I also would like to remind the reader of Svali's statement that a lot of media includes Mind Control aids for the Illuminati's MK'd puppets and includes passive programming for the general public. Consider this A filter, definitely not thé filter. The more 'filters' you have, the less you 'filter out' or ignore, and the more you learn.

The first episode: AmBush (family), synopsis:
While the King of the planetary system Toydaria and Yoda are negotiating a new treaty, Asajj Ventress and the Separatist Droid Army attack.

Every episode starts with a "Jedi Fortune Cookie":

Yes, but also, Two-faced dealers inspire two-facedness in others.
Always handy before an election.

Yoda is on his way to negociate with a race who hasn't chosen a side yet. Remember kids, you have to choose a side, otherwise you're not stupid. The Battle Droids try to take out Yoda's ship, but fail.

Battle Droid 1: What a terrible shot...
Battle Droid 2: Ah well, it's my programming!...

In Clone Wars, the soldiers are Robots & Clones, obviously, cause who'd be dumb enough to fight in a war? Humans? Oh... It's also a metaphor of course, droids for the robotic behaviour (dedroidify!) and clones cause they're all pretty much the same once they're brainwashed (and yet they aren't of course, you know). Star Wars is known for the clumsiness of its droids and storm troopers. It's also another reason why you shouldn't fear. Sure the puppets can get to you, but you can outsmart them too (sorry just had to re-write this, lol, all the posts are kinda rushed around this time and works in progress folks :p). Some more laughing at droids in the next segment, and a nice little hint to follow orders, dammit.

Battle Droid 1: Hold, hold it, I said hold it, wait, that's far enough, I mean it, stop, I said stop... We're too big to fit in there
Battle Droid 2: No we're not, watch this... *boom*
Battle Droid 2: You were right...
Battle Droid 1: Next time listen to orders.

Yoda: Ihihihi!

Yoda in action was awesome, they really should have included a scene like this in the damn prequel movies.

Yoda Meditates, behind a rock, in the heat of battle...

I don't remember if there's an actual meditation scene in Star Wars, if there were, I can guarantee you thousands, if not millions more would have explored meditation. But we can't have that now can we? Though Yoda inspired all viewers in some way.
I think if some fiction would have been more pronounced about meditation, I'd have started a long time ago. (I had no idea this stuff existed 'till age 23, thanks to the materialist paradigm, the catholic school and all the other distraction, or my being distracted by it. Though I always felt something was missing. I could also suggest that one needs a catalyst to "begin awakening" or truly searching.)

Yoda can stand for Yoga, the eight-limbed spiritual system of Patanjali.
Jordan Maxwell suggests that Yoda could stand for Yuda, Jewish wisdom, which leads us to Kabbalah, which is a mystic system which can be used for altruistic enlightenment or luciferic illumination. It's not the tool that's good/bad but what you do with it. That being said, in my humble opinion I find Kabbalah the most contrived and unpractical system to work with, but studying it can provide one with some insights.

Yoda: Clones you may be, but the force resides in all lifeforms.
Use it you can, to quiet your mind.

No matter how puny or un-special you believe/think you might be, you can meditate, find inner peace and strength and raise the kundalini, and thus your chi/ki/prana-level, the force.

Another meditation scene...

Battle Droid: Supreme leader, we found the jedi!
Asajj Ventress: Excellent! Where is he?!
Battle Droid: He's just sitting here in front of our tanks!
Asajj Ventress: Shoot him, shoot him now!

...In front of a shitload of troops, kickass

Of course they're too slow (& stupid) and Yoda makes some scrap metal.

King: Huhuhuh, that's a lot of smoke for a surrender.
King: I think, perhaps all those stories about the jedi... are true.

And the Jedi prevail, the Separatists (droid army) flee.

Jedi, and where does the name Jedi come from? Isn't it interesting how many things we take for granted? Here are some steps to learn a lot about the interesting esoteric aspects of this world from the seemingly exoteric. Not in an ultimate order, just a suggestion:
Zero: automatically following a storyline and never thinking further...
One: analyze the dialogue and the story, and interpret it differently applied to reality. Personally and in its totality. What can you learn from this in general?
Two: analyze the symbols used in the fore and background.
Three: What is the inspiration of this story (mythology for instance), the names (etymology or references to mythology), etc.
Four: How could this be influencing you positively or more interestingly negatively, on all levels?

Jedi comes from Djeddhi, which is the Egyptian name, meaning the "Stable Serpents" (or The roots of Djedhi and Uadjet, “Dj” and “Djed,” denoted serpent and column respectively, and thus designated a Djedhi as one who had raised the inner serpent (the kundalini) up the human vertebral column to the spiritual centers within the head and thus become a Serpent of Wisdom, both definitions are from Mark Amaru Pinkham). This page has some decent quick info on the Kundalini practice. Hey there goes my third eye throbbing while I type this. So a Secret Society of Kundalini raisers, the Caduceus is a symbol for this, as well as DNA - which is intertwined with the Kundalini, as Kundalini activation means as much as DNA activation.

The many possibilities of reality are fascinating, and weird, and scary, and *fill in adjective here* ;p. There is also the lizzy theory or reality tunnel(s), a secret society of shape shifting reptilian humanoids. Here is a webpage with a lot of quotes from the books of Mark Amaru Pinkham, it discusses the Kundalini symbolism, but also an extraterrestrial race of Serpents, apparently, which if they exist - and there are many versions of the story - are probably not outright "evil" (see Enki symbolism, for instance, and common sense.) but you know, if the theory is true that they may feed on us it is quite logical we might perceive them as such. If it is true that they feed on our fear, ok than they are our adversaries (and holy crap, what a reality :p). Dogs may perceive humans as evil or bad, depending wether they get eaten or taken care of by us. Then again dogs are not really sentient, yet they are conscious.
I doubt this extraterrestrial/dimensional story is true as presented now, with so much disinfo out there too, however that just means I doubt it, since there is no solid evidence, or proof. If reality is so strange that there are such entities, discarding it would be ignorant, however dogmatically believing the theory (or any theory) without proof would be ignorant as well. Catma flux baby.
For instance some say it's arrogant to suggest human intelligence is alone on its level (or beyond) in the universe. One could posit it's also arrogant to claim there is physical extraterrestrial intelligence without some solid evidence.
Adding to that Mark Amaru Pinkham, Amaru means Serpent and he is an admitted member of the Gnostic Templars. I don't also trust the other researchers completely (trust no one completely) who spread this theory, take Icke for instance, rather sensationalist IMO, though has been useful. May have been misled by the Illuminati according to the conspiracy phenomenon "the Insider", as they abused synchronicity and fed him supposed victims, Icke's spreading of the theory depends on hearsay and interpretation of mythology. What I don't get it is, even if people told me this, I wouldn't have included it in my lectures right away. Sure there is the highest ideal of (perceived) truth, but again without proof or solid evidence spreading a "truth" I find rather naive. We can see how the addition of the lizzies made Icke a lesser threat.
Having truth as a rigid highest ideal will usually get you into trouble if you don't compromize and tweak your info a little to the common man's reality tunnel (You have a huge chance of being discarded if you don't ease them in to it, I know by experience ;p from talking to the asleep, to the self-proclaimed awake(ning), BS - the belief system is a huge barrier, never underestimate it - all you have to do is say the 'wrong' words, it's not easy but hey it's part of what makes this interesting I guess).
He also talks about Cathy O'Brien, who was a mind control victim, and it is possible that drugs and traumatic programming might make you see reptilians, maybe intentionally, who knows?! This vid is rather creepy and funny, though keep watching till the end. There are 3 kinds of reptilians according to Icke: 1. "Full-blood" reptilians using an apparent human form to hide their true nature.
2. "Hybrids" or reptile-human crossbreed bloodlines, who are possessed by reptilians from the fourth dimension.
3. Reptilians who manifest directly in this dimension, but can't hold that state indefinitely.
I posit that the Illuminati need not be alien to be responsible for such horrors. For instance, just take a look at how sombunall asleep Western individuals talk about the Middle East: "Just nuke the entire place", and why? Because they are a nuisance in the news(ance). Empathy is a rare thing to be found in humans as well - thanks to the many negative influences - I see no need for an alien explanation, however, that doesn't mean I'm not open to it. or don't think it's possible, surely I do, otherwise I would be ignoring or ridiculing it wouldn't I? ;p Just sharing my thoughts here (and hopefully not triggering BS but breaking through barriers of it). Balance, & added: "In an infinite universe, there are infinite possibilities!" Michael Skaggs from the Hidden Agendas. And "It's (just) an (-n flexible) opinion! It can't be wrong!" Jack Black ;p

Yoda: In the end cowards are those who follow the dark side.

The Dark Side, interesting, is that those who don't follow illumination (the Luciferic Secret Society quest for power)? ;p Or less conspiratorial, those who are not on the path to enlightenment (the Spiritual personal quest for liberation of suffering) and seriously deviated? Btw, realize that to reach enlightenment you have to face and conquer the dark side either way. You do close your eyes in meditation don't you? ;p There is also no "light side", that is just called "The Force", why, because the ones on the path to enlightenment realize there is no "evil", only "ignorance" which leads to what is perceived as evil. For instance, you can call the "Illuminati" evil, if you realize it is an oversimplification for powerhungry, merciless, etc. Evil is an oversimplification of that which opposes you. What would we do without opposition? Well one might argue we could get lazy or stupid. Though in our case, our oppression makes the masses lazy or stupid in ways that suit them. Duality eh.

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