Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Funny Google Searches part 2

These are some funny google searches that my counter registered. I encourage all connection searches, no matter how 'weird', especially so some can be used to spread some laughs even if little is learned. Part 1 is here.

is Jericho a warning about 2012, I think Jericho is more of a warning about a Nuclear False Flag, the timing may be irrelevant ;)
droidify, why would you wanna do that?!
protecting testicles in yoga postures, rofl, that must be some advanced kind of hatha yoga.
whom does wayne dyer support? obama or clinton?, ah the left-right paradigm, nevermind choosing a puppet, someone needs to tell you which puppet to choose. Representative Democracy, it's a wonderful cancer isn't it.
derren brown is a satanist, well satan is a symbol for a "deceiver" or "showman", hehe.
jacque fresco masonic, a fair search since the project is named the Venus project after the city it was based in. Fresco is a scientific man, there is not much spiritual or occult going on with him. Though again, I encourage the inquisitive mind, question everything, and keep questioning it.
venus project theosophist, same as before.

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imagicalgreek said...

Zagami never left his 'dark brotherhood'...and he's not actually 'illuminated' in any meaningful way, he's just a creep and probably a criminal. Oh, and an egomaniac...

"Protecting testicles in yoga postures'?! Does this guy think yoga is some sort of contact sport? Maybe he's (let's hope it's a 'he')trying Tantra...but it's probably solo. Also ROFL...Do you see this guy doing yoga, putting on his cup first?

"Derren Brown is a satanist"--more ROFL...He probably made the person who searched that one do it too, right? I've gotten such a kick out of the people who lose it when he shakes up their belief systems...