Monday, November 17, 2008

Grant Morrison answers

Grant Morrison about 2012, and the Pope.

"Beats me, who knows, maybe nothing," Morrison said. "But things are speeding up, information doubles exponentially toward this moment but the world's never ended yet, it may not end then. There's a lot of weird interesting things happening in 2012, planetary alignment. You might wake up one morning thinking you're on an acid trip that never ends. So if something happens I'll be there waiting with open arms!" (btw, we're in the sixth day, woo!)

Grant Morrison on Entheogens, Katmandu

One audience member asked about the effect of psychedelic drugs on Morrison's writing. "They were very big in The Invisibles." Morrison said that for years, he was completely straight edge but around the time he turned 30, he decided to do all the things he'd never done before, including transvestitism and "a lot of psychedelic drugs." He explained that the principle cast of The Invisibles were essentially five characters each based on elements of his own personality.

A fan then asked about how Morrison's experience in Katmandu--which famously informed a great deal of The Invisibles--has impacted the rest of his writing. "The Katmandu thing was really weird because I had taken a little bit of hash, but it was such a small bit and the experience I had was so profound and nothing like that has ever happened again." He explained that part of the idea of taking so many drugs in the '90s was trying to replicate that experience. "I tried all kinds of things to se if it was possible, and nothing took me to that place. It was something quite unusual and different and I was never able to get back there again."

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nomadnomo said...

im sorta down with morrison's first quote on 2012, i see something like nothing like that going on ... waking up in an acid trip? could be cool...

btw, im back in spain (holland was sweet!) ive got some good plans now that im back home. peace, bro... i gotta catch up with all the posts ive missed here!