Tuesday, November 11, 2008


From Family Guy 7x03 Road to Germany

Prince Vultan (Flash Gordon) and his Hawkmen come to help Stewie & Brian and the RAF in their dogfight with the Nazi Luftwaffe. Interesting that a Prince wearing a horned helmet with Masonic Square & Compass/Star of David helps decide who should get the winged WW2 victory, don't you think? ;p

"Who wants to live forever?"
Prince Vultan


Unknown said...

I've read about stories of angels helping the allies in world war 1, and maybe world ward 2. One involved aircraft of dead pilots continuing to fly and fight under the control of angels. And another is in WWI, the allies trench was guarded by a wall of angels on horseback, which kept the germans from advancing.

Dedroidify said...

Oh right I remember reading something like that vaguely too, that sure is a more positive connotation ;p Thanks