Thursday, November 6, 2008

South Park's "About Last Night" & Obama's "Change"

McCain and Obama laughing their asses off at the fake (s)election

High Five!

Randy Marsh, thé South Park symbol of the general consensus reality brainwashed idiot is celebrating like one that can't contain his hope-nosis. Even the kids are abandoned blindly. "Obamaaa! Wooo!"

The true intentions are revealed: McCain and Obama were planning to steal
the "Hope Diamond" all along, they were just "getting the money".
Or in the corporate owned politicians case, keeping it.

Gotta include Sarah Palin laughing her ass off at the dumb media and coming out a press conference as a Martial Artist super thief. Though who knows how dumb or controlled shé really is. If that Sarkozy prank call is real, holy shit - they couldn't even technically transfer a damn phone call without problems. Her inclusion in the election still makes me think I'm in a bad dream that such a thing is possible, maybe the republicans just thought after Bush they'd give the simpletons that still wanna vote for them another puppet they can identify with.

The Dark Knight Obama causes some McCain-Palin voters to lose it, some to commit suicide and some to seek refuge in an "ark" cause they think the world is coming to an end. It is absolutely mind boggling to me how Obama didn't win by even more votes after such a propaganda campaign, though the many fake accusations (and nevermind the real issues with the puppet) that the mainstream media threw up must have startled some simple conservatives... I don't even want to imagine how a mind works that still supports the republicans. However the same counts for the mind that bought all this hope bullshit. Thanks for that too mainstream media. I look forward to seeing how they will "2+2=5" the world with Hope instead of Fear as the new theme.

Look it's a near-unconscious Liberal getting it up the ass by Obama!
Gotta love South Park metaphors. That's just "prophetic".

"Oh! Goddammit! Obama said things would be different!
That son of a bitch lied to us!"

Here's another South Park post
Here's some actual change Obama has made during his campaign... :p

Obama's Attack Ad On Himself

Now that's some Change you can believe in.

Btw, head over to the youtube comments of any Obama vid, and see Confirmation Bias & Belief System Filtering in action concerning La Bamba. Just in case you thought Bush supporters were the only ones able to filter out so much reality. Try to laugh with it, it can get really depressing otherwise.

Another remark. While Michelle Obama, eww btw, does seem at least a bit more human than Cindy McCain who must be either an Alien or Robot - like an older evil ugly version of the Cylon 6 series! :p I loved this bit where the Obamas do the mandatory hugging for the crowd somewhere around the acceptance speech, and Michelle whispers to him in Ice Queen manner à la Hillary that seemed to me something like: "Fuck this up for me... and I'll kill you myself. *plastic smile*" lol. Those two fakes rather deserve each other.

Check this out: Bullet proof glass, I wonder how that Kennedy archetype will play out. History is repeating after all.


The Secret Sun said...

Man, I gotta watch South Park more often! I'm allergic to TV these days...

dedroidify said...

That's why I download everything, no commercials, no BS, just what I need to see (through) :p

Michael Skaggs said...

Wow, looks like that South Park episode might be funnier if it wasn't true! LOL

It does feel a bit like history is hamster wheeling it again doesn't it?


Gabriel said...

History is a wheel going round. If you wanna talk funny and eerie and depressing find some of the comments made by the founding fathers about revolt and society. I really do think jefferson is doing backflips in his grave. We ignored pretty much every warning the makers of this free country gave.