Saturday, November 1, 2008

Parallel Universes & Black Star

Mercury's Garden: My Short Theory on Parallel Universes
"I believe that all realities are happening at once, and that one's consciousness can drift through them unknowingly, often picking up memories of things that never happened in our reality, but did happen on another plane of existence. After all, would not the same person existing in two realities not be of the same mind? How thick could a wall between the two sets of experiences be?" Ed
The Blob: Black Star
"What I am pointing towards is the undeniable hand of Kosmic Konsciousness - our True Eternal Self - moving through even these corrupted systems. This is also a sacred healing process as acknowledging your true Self as the ultimate source of all, including past violence and ignorance, is paramount. If all emanates from Being then every conceivable evil is in some way a part of our Self. This knowledge is exactly what can heal these evils." JK

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