Wednesday, November 5, 2008


If you mistype the blog URL as:, well just check out where that leads. What to think of this except funny thoughts? :p (sot, sounds like "zot" = "crazy" in flemish/dutch ;p)


Dan Bartlett said...

Strange, but not quite as crazy as it looks: any subdomain on redirects to the same page. So will also get you there ;-)

dedroidify said...

Aha, intriguing my dear Watson ;p

I wonder how many people have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal lord and saviour after mistyping a blogspot URL? ;p

Benjamin Singleton said...

The power of Christ compels you! It's time for you to redroidify and let the light of Jesus Christ into your life and soul! How else will you be raptured 'tf out of here?

I noticed what the above commenter wrote too, but I loved the irony here! Literally cracked me up! Cheers for the laugh fella.

dedroidify said...

Hehe cannot resist: