Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weewarrior's Stargates and the 'Traveller'

Just wanna give a nice nod to this blog of Weewarrior: Check out this fascinating Stargate post and a very interesting comment on it, that seemed to have gone kinda unnoticed. I can't resist such fun brainfood! It which made me think of Wilcock's Jump-room comments in one of his vids, I can't remember how that experience was described or if it was. Will have to check that out to see if it matches. I cleaned up the esthetics a little (hmm, does stargate travel affect spelling and grammer? ;p Or maybe it was indeed a Japanese person, that Kanji-name might mean anything! Rob, can you get someone to decipher that? :p) and might I remind you, I believe nothing of it, and am not that impressed since any Circuit 8 experience is basically stargate travel without needing any technology with all that supposed prepping - though ritual is technology too ;p. Here it is:
"In 1981 I participated in a special program. I was an officer in the navy at the time. It is still active. It's scope and specifics are amazing. Please believe me that I want to tell you more than I am able to do.
You are correct. I can only be general. Time does not exist. Is only a construction of the mind. Reality is defined at the quantum level. What we experience is not the reality.
In reality, entering the portal is nothing like what you see on television:
Prior to entering the field we had to have our minds mapped out. This was accomplished via a electromagnetic field while specific brain patterns were recorded. We then were provided with a glass of orange juice with a medicine to take. We waited during a briefing on how to center our brain using the visual cortex and cues chiseled onto the wall.
We approached a taped staging line. One by one the field was calibrated for each of us. One by one I watched the people walk into nothing.
Is a blank empty hanger. They walked into air. Is not dissolved. Is like they walked into a line. Line was maybe at 80 degrees from horizontal. It was sharp disembarkation.
When my turn, I focused on the three triangles. Then walked forward when the seaman released my arm. To me, I heard a loud buzzing in my ears and then next thing I remember was being driven away to the barracks. Since then I have had many very strange events occur... I am afraid to tell you this thing. But is true. I not care if you do not believe me. I not care. Is still active. Is very secret. I gave up flying fighter aircraft to join this program. I have been in it since 1981... I am still active..."

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dedroidify said...

I'm guessing it's a joke, or some really cryptic puzzle :p

高 こう(たかい):high/tall (e.g. high school, height)
薄 ススキ: Japanese pampas grass
鴻 こう(おおとり):big water fowl [possibly big/wide]

Possible translations could be:


Maybe the name of a kind of large duck that lives in tall pampas grass?

thank you rob ;p