Monday, November 10, 2008

How to Beat the Plague of Limiting Beliefs

"They’re not just limiting. They ruin lives. They keep us from being authentic and living the way we really want to live."
How to Beat the Plague of Limiting Beliefs by Jonathan Mead at Pick the Brain


J'onn said...

Off Topic - but just wanted to let you know that for a couple of days now when I first load your page in Firefox my ZoneAlarm firewall is telling me that FFox is 'trying to act as a server' and unless I permit this, my browser crashes. This doesn't happen with any other blogspot I look at & seems a bit suspect.
Perhaps you can check it out. Cheers.

dedroidify said...

I use zonealarm and firefox too and don't get that notice myself. Firefox is not granted server rights here either.

All I can say is there's no shady code on my blog used for any reason. I cannot think of a reason for this except the new javascripts for the buttons and lists, but those shouldn't give that notice.

The last version of Firefox is pissing me off lately in general, slow as hell. I've installed Opera and Google Chrome browsers but don't like them much either.

Sorry I can't be of more help to ya, let me know how it evolves?


J'onn said...

Seems OK today - no alerts, so happy blog surfing for me.

I agree about Firefox 3, crashes an awful lot more than the last version, alerts or not - still better than using IE.

Regards, J.

dedroidify said...

Glad to hear it J'onn!

Maybe give Opera or Google Chrome a try, they do seem more stable.

I have this annoying error where I can't open a new firefox window after just closing one cause the process is still running, the error message says restarting is the only option lol! Pretty bad.

But yeah, still better than IE!