Friday, August 7, 2009

Benny Shanon's the Antipodes of the Mind

Here's a mainstream article (oh oh) about a new book on ayahuasca.

"Unlike some psychedelic authors, Shanon is earnest, serious, straightforward and absolutely trustworthy. He is a true scientist, dedicated to precise reporting and careful analysis rather than to entertainment. Not that his book is dull. Far from it."

That's amazing, he must be the first absolutely trustworthy human on the planet. Why is this not bigger news John?


Tristan Eldritch said...

I've always thought Leary and McKenna were serious and absolutely trustworthy. Earnest and straightforward maybe not so much!

Marmalade said...

I always thought that Leary and McKenna were too earnest if anything. Leary and McKenna sometimes took their own opinions more seriously than was necessary.

As for straightforward, I think they were honest and upfront with their opinions. In particular, I never felt that McKenna had an ulterior motive. I listened to many interviews with him and he seemed extremely straightforward.

They were both intelligent people and great cultural commentators. I agree that they were trustworthy in the purpose they saw themselves serving, but I admit I'd look elsewhere if I simply wanted to learn about the objective facts.