Saturday, August 15, 2009

Industry 12&13: Poke Her Face and more

part 12 is not on youtube but can be found in the list here

Kid Cudi: Day and Night. I toss and turn I keep stressing my mind. More lyrics. Oz. Checkered floor. Kid Cudi clip talking about the fake industry. "This game is just like not for real honest motherfuckers. It's not, this shit is really like WWE." Garth Brooks & alter ego Chris Gains, the dark side. Compass. Rza of Wu-Tang Clan of all people and his hedonic transhuman alter ego Bobby Digital we saw briefly in this post. Sirius symbol. One eye. Bobby digital glove and duality mask. You can't stop me know video. Pyramid. (Mos Def has a song Undeniable using a very similar sample which is pretty good, from the album True Magic.) 7 stars. Checkered floor. Hillary Duff - Personal Jesus sample. Depeche Mode. Dunno what's to see in that vid though. Dark Angel model Adriana Lima. Johnny Cash. Marilyn Manson. Hands.

Lady Gaga: Poke'rFace video. Subliminal oral sex. Animalistic. Mirrormask. One Eye. Lightcross. P-p-p-poke her face. F-f-f-fuck her face. Now watch again. Water dripping from face. I wanna hold em. Raise em. She's got to love nobody? Hard pair. Russian Roulette and phallic 'gun'. The meaning of the song poker face was not allowed to be discussed on a radio interview that was cancelled. Just in case you are piling up the 'coincidences' and think this is farfetched: Part 13 addendum - 4 puppets in one song! Kid Kudi ft. Kanye West, Common, Lady Gaga - I poke her face.

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