Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Industry part 4

Can't embed but check it out here: Industry 4: Madonna & Beyonce Ritual

Garu Numan Cars. "Here in my car I feel safest of all I can lock all my doors It's the only way to live In Cars" He sings in his illuminated pyramid.
Incubus Anna Molly video, Gap Posterboy Brandon Boyd's All Seeying Eye Tattoo.
Robin Thicke Magic, stargate Nexus Door with Triangle.
Like a Virgin: Britney Spears & Xtina veiled initiates masonic performance, Madonna High Priestess: Everybody comes to Hollywood, wanna make it in the neighborhood,... couldn't hurt you when it looks so good... Hollywood, Hollywood, how could it hurt you if it looks so good? - Music stations always play the same song - we're bored with the conflict of right and wrong...
Rihanna VMA performance pyramid stargate entrance. Britney Circus, with Madonna's given top hat.

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