Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stuck in a culture that needs to settle on one way to look at things

"Just because we have been taught to assign UFO phenomena to aliens coming from other planets does not make it so. (Actually, it might, but that's another ontological can of worms.)

We are stuck in a culture that needs to settle on one way to look at things, and uncomfortable with ambiguity, for the most part. Any non-human intelligence who wanted to "conquer" us, or at least make limited contact would do well to exploit this tendency, as well as our reliance on conscious sensory input to make their presence as subtle as a light breeze on our collective consciousness. No flying saucers, death rays, or even handshakes with the President needed." Greg Bishop
Hat tip Posthuman Blues


rcr said...

I guess things are so because we are the UFO, and one who admits that breaks the taboo on who we really are, like watts once said. Our Lost Son society can't handle such amount of novelty... yet!

Check out my blog, I posted on how I predicted MJ's death through the Timewave. Cheers!

dedroidify said...

Heh, will definitely check that out RCR!