Friday, August 28, 2009

An Ode to Mike Patton

Faith No More Live:

Faith no More: Pukkelpop Belgium 2009 entire playlist

Watch this vid first though at 2.40 a man tries to stage dive but falls short and hits the barricade mouth first, losing all his front teeth:

Mike Patton versus the VIP(er)s, 3 vids:

Faith No More music vids:

Mike Patton's other projects:

Check this one here (embedding off)


Liza said...

This post is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tommy said...


dedroidify said...

I was checking out Patton's other projects with a buddy the day before I posted this and we watched Patton music vids for 45 minutes without coming across something we didn't love ;)

tommy said...

definitely check out more Mr. Bungle if you can