Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Industry 5 & 6: Dehumanization of Humans and Humanization of Robots

The Industry part 5: Dehumanization of Humans and Humanization of Robots

Transhumanist Agenda. Robotic Propaganda. Alex Jones narrative. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Alan Watt interview on Common & Pharrel Williams: Universal Mind Control. Transformers movie. Predictive Programming. T-Pain voicebox. Music Industry Fraternal Orders. Jay-Z's exoteric Diamond Rock Symbol esoteric Illuminati Pyramid. Glastonbury Pyramid Stage. "I'm so illuminated I may glow in the dark." Kanye West's Glow in the Dark Tour. Apprentice grip photos. Media propaganda. Beyonce Robot. Kylie Minogue. Robotic gloves.
The real future is in the emergence of bio technology that will allow for both the engineering of human replacement parts and then - as the robotics and human bio engineering merge... we will see the emergence of an entirely new, more evolved species. Here's how he explained it:

"Speciation will not be a deliberate, programmed event. Instead it will involve an ever faster accumulation of small, useful improvements that eventually turn homo sapiens into a new hominid. We will likely see glimpses of this long-lived, partly mechanical, partly regrown creature that continues to rapidly drive its own evolution. As the branches of the tree of life, and of hominids, continue to grow and spread, many of our grandchildren will likely engineer themselves into what we would consider a new species, one with extraordinary capabilities, Homo-Evolutis."

Industry part 6 Coming into Focus (link here is to unedited video at eclipptv)

Ting Tings: Shut up and let me go triangle video. Pyramid without capstone stage on VMA performance. Daft Punk. Pyramid Stage from Tour. Television rules the nation around the world. Dressed as Robots. Harder Better Faster Stronger transformation video & album cover. Kanye West video & Pyramid performance at VMA with Daft Punk. Metropolis Ritual Janelle Monae Many Moons. Michael Jackson Subliminal croth grabbing alarm during Oprah Interview. Cybergirl, droid control get away now before they steal your soul. Quarantine. Final chapter, death bed, plastic sweat, metal skin, metallic tears, mannequin, carefree. Mannequin-robot symbolism. Beyonce Diva mannequins in truck. Walks away towards Robot dancers. Many Moons sacrifice.

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