Thursday, August 27, 2009

People believe whatever they read

"I learned a very important lesson that night. People believe whatever they read. Something magical happens once its put down on paper. They figure no one would have gone through the trouble if it wasn't the truth. Responsibility was my new watchman."
Eugene Morris Jerome in Neil Simon's Biloxi Blues


Some Poems and Thoughts, Paintings and Clutter said...

Hi Dedroidify,
I believe it's true. Words speak larger than actions!
So I must be vigilante in what I read (responsible), what I speak (responsible), and what I address (responsible) ~ I once read an article by a personal coach or someone of that nature ( now I do not recall the name of this person, but this statement cleared a whole lot up, for me ) it said in not so many words, that the subconscious mind is the filter by which everything passes, which all is turned over, to the conscious mind.
Our self talk ( I don't know what to do about ..., or why don't i have etc. ) and outer talk (meetings, visits, communication with friends, associates of all all kinds) are being stored for future morphing. We are the creators of our reality/illusion for this is the power of words. Said to ourself or outward to others...we here I am...
I like your post!

karmyn ayn said...
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dedroidify said...

Heh thanks for the comments "believers" ;) Hehe. Unfortunately I realized that responsibility is not my watchman on this blog heh. I present reality tunnels and give people the enormous responsibility themselves ;) I must be out of my mind.