Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michael Jackson's "Cryptic" Dangerous cover

Thanks to Donna Marie for pointing out that Hanuman looks a lot like Wacko Jacko. As I checked out the Dangerous cover, there was more to talk about... (Nudity NSFW warning at end of the post)
It's a Dangerous World
From Bottom Left to Right
On the Bottom Left animals go into a "Pirates of the Carribean"-like ride, screaming faces on the back of their rides, Skull and Bones over the entrance, obviously. And skulls on the pillars. Also a Hand (Stay the f* out?) and Sun (Illumination?...) on each side of the pillars to enter.
Then you see a naked kid holding an evil (lizzy?) skull, standing on the hand of either Michael Jackson or that dirty old man to its right, whose got a young boy on his mind... The fingers except the middle finger and thumb are not covered, the ruling thumb, the fuck you finger and the anonymous fingers (no fingerprints)...

I think Michael had a lot of messages for the world, but had to keep them a little general, obvious and cryptic to you know, not get shot as fast as Lennon or anyone else with a decent message. This cover isn't very cryptic at all but quite out there, but the world is asleep and I never noticed it earlier either...
As long as Pedophiles rule the world, the results will be disastrous
Between the old elitist pedophile and the hand, there's a world reduced to a Factory that now overshadows the natural world, which ships out Pentagrams, Guns, Skull&Bones, Rockets, an Atomic Symbol (atomic weapons) and a Chemical Formula (bioweapons, or you know, vaccines), etc, all the good stuff!
On the far right you come out the ride with the All Seeing mEYEchael above it. Congratulations, that MK trauma based mind control got you all illuminated. Who comes out the exit? 2 kids and 2 skeleton demons. Nothing going on here! Only a peace sign on one of the pillars, there's obviously something missing. Sure there's peace, but an induced MK'd one and at what cost... A sad young Michael is there instead of a symbol on the right-side pillar...
Also look at the regal Bird on the right above the All Seeing Eye exit, beneath its cloak there's machinery connected to a human grown in a bubble, perhaps a hint at the genetically engineered robots that may run our politics (See Freeman & Obama). There's also a Black&White duality kid on the left.

The other many, many animals on the cover could be alluding to scenes like this perhaps... as Michael is seemingly wearing the Dangerous cover as a mask himself (see youtube vid still or first image).

Michael Jackson: Dangerous

The girl was persuasive The girl I could not trust
The girl was bad The girl was dangerous
I never knew but I was walking the line...
She's so dangerous The girl is dangerous Take away my money Throw away my time You can call me honey But you're no damn good for me
She came at me in sections With the eyes of desire I fell trapped into her Web of sin A touch, a kiss A whisper of love I was at the point of no return
Deep in the darkness of Passion's insanity
I felt taken by lust's Strange inhumanity
The girl is so dangerous I have to pray to God 'Cause I know how Lust can blind
It's a passion in my soul But you're no damn lover friend of mine
And then it happened She touched me
For the lips of A strange woman Drop as a honeycomb
And her mouth was Smoother than oil
But her inner spirit and words were as sharp as A two-edged sword
But I loved it 'Cause it's dangerous
I cannot sleep alone tonight My baby left me here tonight
I cannot cope 'til it's all right
You and your manipulation
You hurt me baby

Just keep the Eyes Wide Shut, world!

Anyone wanna play along in the decoding by all means do!


MK Culture said...

I think Dangerous was the first album he started putting hidden messages in his work trying to warn people. If you watch the second part of the Black or White video he destroys a sign that says "Royal Arms Hotel". If you look at the front of the gates of Neverland the Royal Arms are there.

Royal Arms:


I think he was exposing the powers behind his career and subliminally destroying his alliance with them.

Black or White video :

And we know MJ use to love to wear military/sergent fashion. That was all for them to show he was a tool for them. Newer tools are now following the trend. Look at this :

Atareye said...

Yeah, Whats with Grady there? What exactly is he looking at?
Looks like hes fixating on the child's feet.

So much going on but that human sphere on the right reminds me of the alchemical wedding.

* Sol: Soul / Sun / Man
* Luna: Body / Moon / Woman

MJ certainly tried to join the two together.

To quote the article I read on it...

"Androgynous beings were usually characterized with having elements of both Sol and Luna, and ultimately contained one intertwined body and soul. Alchemists believed androgynous beings were divine and contained the ability to ward off evil. They were often shown defeating serpents or even images of the devil. It was believed that only through combined male and female forces, the power of The Mercurial Dragon could be defeated."

Both Dog and Bird king/queen are wearing one glove.

One more thing...The Dog King could easily be related to Sirius and Venus. So I found this bit of info at the Black Dog Star Blog....

"Above the rising Phoenix there’s a Star/Sun blazing. In this photo we see the same thing but the Star in this instance is the planet Venus. It’s funny how Venus is the brightest planet visible from Earth, and Sirius is the brightest star. From these synchronicities I’d suggest that Sirius (the Star) and Venus (the Planet) are interchangeable with one another, and both point towards this new infusion of the Feminine Energies with are entering into our Skulls/Cracked Egg/C."


skrambo said...

Okay, I don't think MJ was trying to "warn" people at all, this seems more like denial on the part of his big fans who can't seem to accept that he was merely another "star" putting secrets out in plain sight (see Lenon Honor's movie "What Lies in Plain Sight", available on his youtube site). Michael has always been controlled, he is a victim, but he was always in denial that what he was doing was wrong (like every MK victim).

Just look at the cover of that album... It's "illuminated"/satanic to the core, there's no warning anyone, just MK symbols for all his brainwashed fans to soak in without really understanding. Saying this is a legitimate warning is like saying all the symbols you can observe any time you turn on your TV is really a warning from the producers (but they're really just there to keep you in the dark and keep you under control). Enough of this "MJ was innocent" garbage. The dude's house was made with children in mind.

Eugene said...

The magus handing the young over is Aleister Crowley. The piece is none other than the 10 Sephiroth. KTR is the corona'd moonkey. Red is Geburah, Purple is Hesed. All is being alchemically processed.

Michael has appeared wearing the hand of the mysteries on a bracelet in pubic public.

Paedophiles know dont know no, insatiable appetite for flesh and to create destroyed dead souls...

Someone's gonna have to say no and MEAN IT MEANLY!

The struggle for the heirlooms looms.

The Secret Sun said...

The artist here is Mark Ryden, who plays with all of that weird symbolism. I don't know if he puts any messages in there per se- he seems to throw them in for their visual appeal. He's part of the SoCal psych/surrealist scene.

Unknown said...

Most of that symbolism on that album comes from the video "Just leave me Alone". Personally I think most of his symbolism was used positively, if you watch the video you will even see a newspaper at the beginning that says "Jacksons 3rd eye starts sunglass fad".

Personally I don't think he rapped kids. Plus the reason the tape is on the fingers above is cause Mike wore tape on 3 of his fingertips cause he burnt the tips off and had scars on those 3 fingers when putting his hair out, when it caught fire on the Pepsi commercial.

Interesting read but a little more research when dissecting might make a better read IMO. If you watch the video for 'Just leave me alone", you will see the pirate "skull & bones" shoot a canon ball at him.

Don't you think if you were preaching about "saving the world" and giving 3rd world countries aid and were the MOST RECOGNIZED CELEBRITY IN THE WORLD, that maybe just maybe you might get something worse then a simple life ruining "Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick" indecent?

Can you imagine what MJ looked like to people like Kissinger who in 1974 called for a "Plan for Food Control Genocide" on 3rd world countries?

Don't get me wrong I enjoy your blog but I will have to disagree with you about Mike being a child molester.

"Just leave me Alone" VIDEO!

MK Culture said...

That is not Crowley on the cover.

Tommy, maybe you haven't heard or seen much of his work. I'm not a fan of his I just noticed starting at Dangerous his message changed. Yes, for most of his life he was controlled but that does not mean he didn't start figuring things out.

Dedroidify said...

CK, since when does symbolism need to be planned per se & who knows why what is there. They're syncs, maybe the universe put them there. I enjoyed it either way. Will check out more of his art soon!

"C", look forward to checking out the Leave me Alone video thorougly. I didn't say Michael was a child molester, I don't know if he was and see no point in believing anything.

And Yeshua sums it up for me Tommy.

The Secret Sun said...

Droidy- go to his site and drop him an email. I met him a couple of times and he's a very nice guy. He's a little wacky but you should see if he wants to talk about the piece.

skrambo said...

I have seen and heard his work. It all screams "illuminati puppet" to me, he is just another mind-controlled slave for everyone to worship and soak in. I'm not saying if you like his music you're evil, but that dude was not right in the head, no matter what symbolism he displays. You can see the same symbolism in any temple of worship, and we know they're not out to save the world.

We all like to make up our own little fantasies about the world, but the truth about the rich and powerful is still ugly and harsh. No one with that much money is looking out for anyone besides themselves.

Dedroidify said...

Yeah I will CK

Aah, tommy, beliefs filter and colour all. Good thing we're not evil for listening to some tunes! 'Heal the world' is so satanic ;)

Unknown said...

There is much symbolism in the cover art of this album. Speculation is one thing, but understanding the meaning behind the different symbols can be quite elusive. The genetic engineering of the "human bubble" alluded to by the author of this blog in reality comes directly from the portrait of Hieronymous Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" which was painted between 1500 and 1505.(I would suggest you reconsider the concept of genetically engineered robots)
Of note, there is slight modification of where the man's hand is in the original painting. I would not dare recommend you try to dissect that painting with certainty out of its context either. From my own study and synthesis, I have felt the frames of the painting ultimately serve as social commentary of the excess of human beings, and the precarious balance that exists between uninhibited bliss and torment. But again, that is my own conclusion, and one must take the time to consider the painting in its entirety.

The point of the matter is, that context frames so much of how we perceive anything, and our own filters of how we view the world compound this further.

Just consider that this lengthy response was inspired by a single image, composing a small fraction of the artwork on this album.
How much more could be said about the elements and entirety of the rest of the piece? These images are rich and compelling, and nothing is necessarily as it seems.

So please speculate and question, but do so with excitement, fascination, and a grain of humility.

Anonymous said... NEVER SEEN BEFORE hidden symbols on Michael Jackson's Dangerous album cover

Unknown said...

What does the monkey crowned on top of MJ's head mean?