Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michael Jackson's "Cryptic" Dangerous cover

Thanks to Donna Marie for pointing out that Hanuman looks a lot like Wacko Jacko. As I checked out the Dangerous cover, there was more to talk about... (Nudity NSFW warning at end of the post)
It's a Dangerous World
From Bottom Left to Right
On the Bottom Left animals go into a "Pirates of the Carribean"-like ride, screaming faces on the back of their rides, Skull and Bones over the entrance, obviously. And skulls on the pillars. Also a Hand (Stay the f* out?) and Sun (Illumination?...) on each side of the pillars to enter.
Then you see a naked kid holding an evil (lizzy?) skull, standing on the hand of either Michael Jackson or that dirty old man to its right, whose got a young boy on his mind... The fingers except the middle finger and thumb are not covered, the ruling thumb, the fuck you finger and the anonymous fingers (no fingerprints)...

I think Michael had a lot of messages for the world, but had to keep them a little general, obvious and cryptic to you know, not get shot as fast as Lennon or anyone else with a decent message. This cover isn't very cryptic at all but quite out there, but the world is asleep and I never noticed it earlier either...
As long as Pedophiles rule the world, the results will be disastrous
Between the old elitist pedophile and the hand, there's a world reduced to a Factory that now overshadows the natural world, which ships out Pentagrams, Guns, Skull&Bones, Rockets, an Atomic Symbol (atomic weapons) and a Chemical Formula (bioweapons, or you know, vaccines), etc, all the good stuff!
On the far right you come out the ride with the All Seeing mEYEchael above it. Congratulations, that MK trauma based mind control got you all illuminated. Who comes out the exit? 2 kids and 2 skeleton demons. Nothing going on here! Only a peace sign on one of the pillars, there's obviously something missing. Sure there's peace, but an induced MK'd one and at what cost... A sad young Michael is there instead of a symbol on the right-side pillar...
Also look at the regal Bird on the right above the All Seeing Eye exit, beneath its cloak there's machinery connected to a human grown in a bubble, perhaps a hint at the genetically engineered robots that may run our politics (See Freeman & Obama). There's also a Black&White duality kid on the left.

The other many, many animals on the cover could be alluding to scenes like this perhaps... as Michael is seemingly wearing the Dangerous cover as a mask himself (see youtube vid still or first image).

Michael Jackson: Dangerous

The girl was persuasive The girl I could not trust
The girl was bad The girl was dangerous
I never knew but I was walking the line...
She's so dangerous The girl is dangerous Take away my money Throw away my time You can call me honey But you're no damn good for me
She came at me in sections With the eyes of desire I fell trapped into her Web of sin A touch, a kiss A whisper of love I was at the point of no return
Deep in the darkness of Passion's insanity
I felt taken by lust's Strange inhumanity
The girl is so dangerous I have to pray to God 'Cause I know how Lust can blind
It's a passion in my soul But you're no damn lover friend of mine
And then it happened She touched me
For the lips of A strange woman Drop as a honeycomb
And her mouth was Smoother than oil
But her inner spirit and words were as sharp as A two-edged sword
But I loved it 'Cause it's dangerous
I cannot sleep alone tonight My baby left me here tonight
I cannot cope 'til it's all right
You and your manipulation
You hurt me baby

Just keep the Eyes Wide Shut, world!

Anyone wanna play along in the decoding by all means do!

Buzz Aldrin & the Mars Monolith

Buzz Aldrin reveals Monolith on Moon of Mars

"We should go boldly where man has not gone before... Visit the moon... of Mars ;)"

"The Universe put it there, if you choose, God put it there."

Also check out this from Cabinet of Wonders:

Former Astronaut and US Senator John Glenn's fictional(?) alien disclosure on Frasier

Hat tips to Secret Sun (check out this post) & Posthuman Blues

That fucking Swine Flu Bullshit

This False Flag pandemic shit is boring me so much I barely have posted about it, so here is some random stuff about it via a great Dutch conspiracy blog Harten 8. Now if you'll excuse me I'll go back to my propaganda-excluded reality tunnel, it's a great place.

Scientists Question Mass Vaccinations

"Flu Alarm is Designed to cause Panic" (dutch source)

French professor and known urologist (and part of the UMP party of Sarkozy) Debré said in an interview with the French Sunday paper Journal du Dimanche: "The flu is probably even less dangerous than the regular flu. The sick, who are not even checked for H1N1, are asked to swallow paracetamol in the mean time." Debré blames the World Health Organization (The WHO!). "Governments had no choice (...) than take drastic measures, after the WHO with daily news and numerous press conferences started a panic wave.

Jane Burgermeister interview part 1

Austrian research journalist Jane Burgermeister recently filed charges for Bioterrorism and plans for mass murder by the WHO (lol) and the UN.


The Swine Flu Fiasco 1983

All of this has happened before, and will happen again :p
Shit if people are this stupid they can recycle their tactics just like they recycle pop music products.

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda