Monday, August 10, 2009

Eureka Illuminated


Eureka is an American science fiction television series set in a town inhabited almost entirely by geniuses. A top secret government project where fringe science is daily business. The story centers around a 'normal' U.S. Marshal who gets stranded there and becomes sheriff. Human cloning, human body deposits, confidentiality agreements (or 'getting rid of them'), all in the first two episodes alone!
Welcome to Eureka's Global Dynamic
(makes me think of Massive Dynamic from Fringe)
Global Dynamic happens to have an illuminated pyramid on their doorstep
It's logo is a triangle as well
Oh we happen to have this futuristic hexagonally plated deposit of human bodies

Industry 1-3: Madonna & Beyonce Metropolis Ritual

I'm gonna be posting vids from this 40 part series every day.

Industry 1: Madonna & Beyonce Metropolis Ritual

Transhumanist agenda. Metropolis movie. Babel. Madonna tour. Masonic Symbolism. Cameos by Eminem & Michael Jackson. Beyonce.

Industry 2: Madonna & Beyonce Metropolis Ritual

Beyonce interview clip. Pentagram Metropolis Robot. Beyonce Robot Sasha Fierce. Alter Egos: Rihanna, key(-)shia Cole, Eminem, 50 Cent. Beyonce Halo Demon Posession song. Metropolis Rihanna. Another Beyonce Robot performance.

Industry 3: Madonna and Beyonce Metropolis Ritual

Madonna tour symbolism. Rihanna & Chris Brown MTV Awards. Beyonce Metropolis dance. OK 666 Be Seeing You handsign from the Prisoner. Klaxons with Rihanna Umbrella MTV Awards Giant Illuminati Triangle. T.I. vs T.I.P. The Prisoner.

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon-1976

Rhiannon (Rihanna? ;p) is the story of a lady that is from another world ~ called the Bright world ~ and she leaves her kingdom to become the wife of a king ~ a mortal king ~ but goddesses really can't marry mortal kings, if they do they lose their powers ~ their magic powers. And they don't lose the knowledge of them they just ~they know everything that's going to happen they just can'tdo anything about it. Which is a much more difficult way to live than not having magic powers is to not be able to use them and know exactly what's coming and to not be able to tell anybody. So she comes down and does her whole trip, and it's just a whole story ~ it's a wonderful story.

And she has these birds that sing and that is the legend of the song of the birds of Rhiannon. And they sing this song that is uh, said takes away pain and suffering and if you hear the song you just sort of blank out and go away and then when you wake up everthing's all right. And it is a wonderful, wonderful story which I use a lot, because there's a lot of ~ there seems to be a lot of need for the story of Rhiannon around lately, because if people are sad or have lost anybody or something the story really makes a lot of sense. -Stevei Nicks