Friday, August 28, 2009

The Shadow Series

The Shadow Series

Dimitri Halley

WHEN ANUBIS TALKS, MEN BARK: Part 1: Compensation & Karma Part 2: The Unconscious like a Storm Forming in your Life Part 3: You are Attracting what you Most Reject Part 4: Surrendering the Ego to a Higher Power Within Part 5: My Cancer is here to Heal Me Part 6: The Individual & the Collective are Not Antagonists

BEYOND GOOD VS EVIL SERIES Part 1: Shadow Possession Part 2: The Eternal Gospel Part 3: The Transformation of God Part 4: Love is Beyond Good vs Evil Part 5: To See the Truth, First we must see the Lie Part 6: The Demon Within Boycotts the Deceiver in Us Part 7: The Vampire Apocalypse: Consequences of Rejecting Evil Within

GOLDEN COMPASS SERIES Part 1: Connecting to the higher dimensions: Finding your North Star Part 2: Representing & Defining The Shadow - C.G.Jung Part 3: Connecting to the Paranormal Powers of the Self: Remote Viewing The Plan Part 4: Zombification: Cutting off the Shadow & its deadly consequences Part 5: The Shared Purpose of the (higher) Selves: The Prophecy

An Ode to Mike Patton

Faith No More Live:

Faith no More: Pukkelpop Belgium 2009 entire playlist

Watch this vid first though at 2.40 a man tries to stage dive but falls short and hits the barricade mouth first, losing all his front teeth:

Mike Patton versus the VIP(er)s, 3 vids:

Faith No More music vids:

Mike Patton's other projects:

Check this one here (embedding off)

Robert Anton Wilson on Conspiracy