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Most corrupt politicians of 2007

Most corrupt politicians of 2007

Washington, DC -Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2007 list of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians."

The list includes:
* Pure evil bitch Hillary Clinton featuring her trademark move the cackle of hell
* Wanna f*ck a male cop in the bathroom Larry Craig
* Count Rudy Giuliani using tens of thousands of tax money for his new biznatch
* The whitest and most scripted of all candidates Barack Obama involved in a suspicious real estate deal with an indicted political fundraiser, Antoin "Tony" Rezko. Eh yo Tony!
* Nanci Pelosi, snuck a $25 million gift to her husband in a $15 billion Water Resources Development Act recently passed by Congress.

I mean seriously, here's an idea: imprison all these fucks where they rightfully belong, saaay, a FEMA camp?! And let them play their political games of make pretend running a country decently behind bars where the few dumb enough who are interested can watch them on 'reality tv'.

We'll give them fifteen minutes a day off camera so they can still play their conspiracy games, though against the clock!

PS: Bush and Cheney were too obvious to be included in this list.

Your "Groupies" Are All Paid to Kill You. Trust Me.

This was a myspace blogpost & bulletin by Humpasaur Jones and I just have to let more people see this:

From: Humpasaur Jones
Date: Dec 27, 2007 1:22 PM

AKA Advice For Musicians Part 2: The "Groupies"

One remarkable fact about musicians that seldom gets discussed: when you get successful, you are exponentially more likely to meet with an early and weird demise. I don't know how often you mention this in casual conversation, but it seems to me the overall message of the past century of human history was "if you try to make this world a better place, we will kill you." Most of these deaths are connected to intelligence agencies and organized crime. These days, it's pretty much all the same thing.

There are two kinds of people in this world, but both of them like to have sex. This is why the world of espionage, intelligence, and assassination has relied for centuries on seduction as a surefire method for getting their target's guard down. This is called a "Honeypot," and it's the reason I tend to assume my alleged "groupies" and "fans" are actually Mossad agents.

Women Are Dangerous Enough

It could be argued that women themselves represent a far larger and infinitely more dangerous conspiracy against mankind, but you've been thinking that all along, right? I mean, any sane person knows that, we just don't talk about it much because we like to have sex.

In Fact, Forget I Brought It Up

To truly understand the nature of the threat, take a look at the case of Sarah Emma Edmonds, who was probably one of the most dedicated and unsung magicians of the past few centuries. You might be familiar with the saga of Frank Thompson, a Union army spy who turned out to be a woman who had dressed up as a man in order to enlist. That was Sarah, who was on the run from a forced marriage up in New Brunswick, and she had a ton of full-on personalities, like Bridget O'Shea, the Irish beggar. Once she was doing reconiassance, she got even more into it -- she'd dye her skin with silver nitrate to pass as a black man for days at a time. Most of her greatest exploits probably died with her.

Hilariously, Frank Thompson was listed as a deserter for years because when Edmonds was wounded in the line of duty and behind enemy lines, she had to go check herself into a private, civilian hospital miles away rather than be discovered as a woman in a Union military hospital. Sarah Edmonds, this beer is for you.

Israel Is Dangerous Enough

Of course, Israel does not officially have nuclear weapons and it would be irresponsibly honest to state the fact that they do. The clearest confirmation of that was the whistleblower and/or traitor Mordecai Vanunu. He was negotiating his story with UK newspaper The Sunday Times and going stir-crazy in his hotel when he met this hot blonde tourist, who was totally critical of Israel and thought Vanunu was hot for reals. She invited him to come to Rome with her, he had a moment of clarity and realized he'd been wasting his life by playing it safe and stifling his inner creative and spontaneous soul, and he later woke up naked and blindfolded, with his wrists and ankles cuffed. It's a familiar story to millions of American tourists who visit Italy every year.

The blonde honeypot's name was Cindy. Her real name was Cheryl Ben Tov, or Cheryl Hanin, or a mix of the two, and she's living in Florida these days. Digging around her story is a noble pursuit if you're curious and have time on your hands, full of gems like this, from Canada Free Press:
Meir Amit, a former director-general of Mossad, has explained to me what Tzipi's training would have included.

"She would have been asked questions about her attitude to using her sex. Would she sleep with a stranger if her mission demanded it? She would have learned how to use sex to coerce, seduce and dominate. She would be told that using her sex for the good of Israel is permissible. But all Mossad women agents are high-minded women who know the risks involved. That takes a special kind of courage. It is not so much a question of sleeping with someone. It is to lead a man to believe she will do so in return for what he has to tell her. That does not begin to describe the great skills which are called upon to achieve this".
Or this knucklepuppy, from the St. Petersburg Times:
Hanin's gender was an asset. As Meir Amit, a former Mossad director, put it: "A woman has skills a man simply does not have. The history of modern intelligence is filled with accounts of women who have used their sex for the good of their country."

Avoid Crouching Tiger Jokes

China has zinged the United States repeatedly. Back in the Brainsturbator days, we had a very odd look at what appears to be a Chinese manual to destroy America, known as Unrestricted Warfare. I'd recommend starting with Katrina Leung, but I won't keep boring you with all this historical, feminist bullshit: let's get down to what really matters.

You need to just accept that The Lion King was the greatest film of our generation.


As a regular dude living the hip hop lifestyle, in your own fresh unique way, you're probably wondering how the Mossad or the CIA relate to you. In any effective intelligence operation, you spend a lot of time "securing resources", which is a term for strategic blackmail, which is a euphemism for getting you drugged up and taking photos of a prostitute with a strap-on bruising up your prostate in a hotel bedroom. I won't insult your intelligence by being crass or giving you excessive details.

Scientology does this by getting a detailed record of your sex life -- and everyone has a weird sex life, homeslice -- which is why Tom Cruise can never tell the world about how L. Ron Hubbard never even died. Once you're a Secured Resource, you're useful and obedient. Entertainers are exceptionally useful.


When you speak to her, make eye contact and feign interest. The important thing at that point is visualization: whenever she's talking, you need to be assessing your environment for cameras and potential hostiles. If possible, create a reason to lead her to a more ideal location -- remember, you want to be somewhere too public for her to try and incapacitate you, but too private for other agents to follow without being obtrusive. Look for alcoves, crowded hallways, or take a taxi with a group of people. You always want confined and enclosed, with multiple available exits.


These women are trained to respond with extreme force to any rapid movements without thinking. Unless you are prepared to immediately kill the agent and know that you are capable of doing so, never make a hostile move. Bear in mind that she might actually be trying to recruit you -- offering you entrance into a secret society that sounds suspiciously compatible with your own beliefs, for example. There are always calm, intelligent ways out high-tension situations -- and you must learn to find those ways or you will die.

Amazing: Mystic-In-Chief, Slovenian President's Spirituality

From Reality Sandwich

Wow this guy is just amazing!

In 2002, Slovenian president Janez Drnovsek underwent a life-changing spiritual transformation while in office. Fighting cancer, he moved out of the capital and into the woods, living as a recluse. He became a vegan, abandoned conventional medicine and began a personal quest for higher conciousness.

He fasted, stopped drinking alcohol, stopped watching TV, beat cancer and studied Chinese and Indian mysticism. He began writing and releasing books about spirituality and made it his goal as president to spread the gospel of peace, higher consciousness, and international cooperation.

Drnovsek has become a national hero, inspiring the people of his country with his boundless hope and positivity. His remarkable transformation, while maintaing his position as president, is seemingly unbelievable in our current age of conflict and cynicism.
(by Bill Machon)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Binaural Beats, my thoughts, and yours?

I'm posting this for feedback, please give me some feedback. Communication people, this is the information age ;-)

Well, this is probably a little ridiculous, posting a bulletin/blogpost on binaural beats while I'm probably mostly immune to them :p
According to some research, you're either immune, you have to learn, or you're good to go. In my experience, I see most of these things as an easy moneygrabbing device, though I hope some people can share positive experiences with me. I don't trust online reviews on the site of the vendors themselves, at all.
I also seem to be immune to subliminals (which totally sucks, well, on one hand :p), and I generally need to listen to hypnosis tapes, paraliminal or not, for days on end, generally it is advised you listen 21 days in a row to the same tape for maximum effect though you should be able to have effects from one session (though the problem is with tapes that they usually don't spend enough time getting you into trance, I'd love to find a tape with a Dave Elman induction which I tried very succesfully on people, I mean they go DEEEEEP).
I am also not able (yet) to self-hypnotize, which totally sucks. It seems I am hard to get into trance, though when I meditate daily I get into samadhi (state of serene silence) quite easily.
I wonder what other quick fixes are out there that you have tried. I generally find that Yoga Asanas, Intense visualisations (like the merkaba or middle pillar meditation) or Ritual Magick get me into trance states more easily than any tape, except for maybe a good guided one.

Sharm software
The best results I've had with this one, you can input how you want your brainwaves to be altered and what sounds you put in, including nature sounds. Though not the most advanced, it is quite user friendly. I made a meditation tape of 30 (mantra) and 40 minutes (vipassana), with a beep after 10 minutes to do pranayama or the merkaba visualisation meditation.Quite excellent, I like to use tapes with sound because my neighbours have been sent from Hell directly to interfer with my spiritual practice, or so it seems. Geez, imagine renovation on the left, a barking shitdog on the right, an earthquake simulator above, and an echoing living room below. Thank heavens I'm moving in a month or so.

You can download a torrent or find sites online that have all the doses for free. I've tried lucid dreaming, it only woke me up (dammit). Tried marijuana, didn't feel a thing, I felt less in circuit 5 neurosomatic activity then with a half hour of normal meditation lol. Tried chakra (journey), nothing. Also this one has the most annoying sounds to listen to. The only truly positive review I've seen was by a dude who said he had a 24hour lsd trip, though he may have been joking cause you know, when you trip for 24 hours you usually have something to share. Otherwise the trips last only very shortly (under a half hour) with very mild effects. Lame (for me, could work for you I guess). The sessions are also long, 45 minutes on average, listening to bleeps and static, uch.

I downloaded this too, oh noes you leecher, well if you saw the price you'd understand. Some of these people should be locked up :p Geez. Though I much enjoyed Robert Monroe's book far journeys. I didn't get much effect. This program is focused on OBE's, I did manage to see through closed eyelids, but I got sick and tired of the tediously looong process before you even get to try an OBE. The guided sessions last a freaking hour on average and you put in a lot of work before, well, nothing might happen.

Bill Harris broke away from Monroe to focus less on experience and just drop the brainwaves to alpha and theta levels. Though it's also crazy expensive and there's a crapload of programs that go deeper step by step. Didn't work too well for me. These ones have a cool rain sound though.

Brain Sync
Brain Sync has a whole range of mp3s, some better than others. For instance the Law of Attraction tape has some HORRIBLE NEGATIVE SUGGESTIONS in it, not much, but if you play this every night before going to sleep it is NOT good. Geez you'd think these people would know that the unconscious mind can't process negation. Most are very decent though.

While not really binaural beats, Paul Scheel's paraliminal hypnosis tapes work great, put 'em in a few times and two voices talk to your left and right brains with direct and symbolic talk. The power of suggestion in light trance times two!

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson
Has a few tracks too, I generally notice some effects but nothing to write in a bulletin or blog about, oops.

Richard Bandler's Neurosonics
Supposedly the master of language of this day (well he is fucking brilliant let's face it), having followed an entire nlp and advanced nlp course, I find the language on these tapes incredibly vague and unpractical. Too bad I expected more from the master.

William Buhlman and Dick Sutphen
Have OBE and other tapes, and I find they totally SUCK :p

Michael Harner Shamanic Drumming
I usually have such anxiety trying these powerful ones that nothing much happens. Though I did have a shamanic healing spirit journey with vivid visualisations with a live drum once.

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Great 2012 vid featuring Michael Tsarion, Robert Anton Wilson, Bill Hicks & more!

YouTube censors removed this video and deleted the man's profile probably without warning. We can't have mind expanding ideas out there now can we!?

2012 Alarm Call - 5 Year Countdown Start 21.12.2007 (down)

great vid featuring Michael Tsarion, Robert Anton Wilson, Bill Hicks and more!


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The Unconscious Mind does not process Negation

Choose your words wisely!

The mind focuses on what it directs its attention to. Words and languages have been manipulated to suit governmental control over the populace.

When you repeat to yourself: I will NOT fail, I will NOT fail, I will NOT fail!
What are you focusing on? On what you're negating, thus in this example: failing! Instead we should learn to say and think what we DO mean.

For instance, I saw another bulletin about the Anti-War movement... the absolute failure of what's called "The Anti-War Movement" to accomplish anything is simply on its focus: Anti-War, the mind only sees War.
Mother Theresa wouldn't join an anti-war protest once, she said if you start calling it a peace-protest then I might join. Therefore the sooner the Anti-War movement calls itself a Peace movement and focuses on Peace instead of the active wars (which are manipulated events and tasteless horrible distractions...)

Let's take a look at some of the ten commandments, at what they state - how they are actually processed:
Thou shalt not make for thyself an idol - go ahead
Thou shalt not make wrongful use of the name of thy God - please do
Thou shalt not murder - imagine murdering someone
Thou shalt not commit adultery - look at that chick!
Thou shalt not steal - take it
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor - you could though
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house - you already do by me bringing it to your attention
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife - same same

Imagine if these lines were replaced by the positive reverse and how that would chime through history.

Let's take a look at warnings:
For instance, a WWE commercial says: PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!
the DON'T is in red, seemingly to emphasize, but actually the mind sees PLEASE TRY THIS AT HOME clearer.
Consider a slippery floor warning sign, it shows someone falling!

Now you can analyze the crap you're bombarded with daily much better in the media and on the street, soaps, shows, advertisements, the news always cleverly use the power of suggestion for many purposes to make you feel insecure, sick, unfulfilled, unpopular, and all that other shit you don't like so you can go spend money on whatever shit they're selling to make you feel better.

The truth is you only need to learn more about language, your psychology, learn about mind expansion, practice mind expanding practices daily instead of watching TV, and peace and fulfillment will come with ease, at no cost. (and screw all these organisations that are charging heaps of money to teach you any meditation or technique, there are excellent ones that are free and won't take monthly wages!)

Here's a song that screws up its entire philosophy with the use of negation,
while the song sounds inspirational - except for the weird title and end which I guess can be interpreted lots of ways - but totally nullifies its own message by how its delivered.
Someone on youtube answered: Yeah but you can use your conscious mind to get over it - obviously, but the majority of people listening to this song won't do that automatically, that's the whole point of posting this.

YT: Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Thou shalt always kill

Thou shalt not steal if there is direct victim.
Thou shalt not worship pop idols or follow lost prophets.
Thou shalt not take the names of Johnny Cash, Joe Strummer, Johnny Hartman, Desmond Decker, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix or Syd Barrett in vain.
Thou shalt not think any male over the age of 30 that plays with a child that is not their own is a pedophile - Some people are just nice.
Thou shalt not read NME.
Thou shalt not stop likin' a band just 'cause they've 'come popular.
Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry.
Thou shalt not judge a book by its cover.
Thou shalt not judge Lethal Weapon by Danny Glover.
Thou shalt not buy Coca-Cola products, thou shalt not buy Nestle products.
Thou shalt not go into the woods with your boyfriend's best friend, take drugs and cheat on him.
Thou shalt not fall in love so easily.
Thou shalt not use poetry, art or music to get into girls' pants - use it to get into their heads.
Thou shalt not watch Hollyoaks.
Thou shalt not attend an open mic and leave as soon as you done your shitty little poem or song, you self-righteous prick.
Thou shalt not return to the same club or bar week in, week out, just 'cause you once saw a girl there that you fancied but you're never gonna fucking talk to.

Thou shalt not put musicians and recording artists on ridiculous pedestals no matter how great they are or were.
The Beatles - Were just a band.
Led Zepplin - Just a band.
The Beach Boys - Just a band.
The Sex Pistols - Just a band.
The Clash - Just a band.
Crass - Just a band.
Minor Threat - Just a band.
The Cure - Were just a band.
The Smiths - Just a band.
Nirvana - Just a band.
The Pixies - Just a band.
Oasis - Just a band.
Radiohead - They're just a band.
Bloc Party - Just a band.
The Arctic Monkeys - Just a band.
The Next Big Thing - Just a band!

Thou shalt give equal worth to tragedies that occur in non-English speaking countries as to those that occur in English speaking countries.
Thou shalt remember that guns, bitches and bling were never part of the four elements and never will be.
Thou shalt not make repetitive generic music, thou shalt not make repetitive generic music, thou shalt not make repetitive generic music, thou shalt not make repetitive generic music.
Thou shalt not pimp my ride.
Thou shalt not scream if you wanna go faster.
Thou shalt not move to the sound of the wickedness.
Thou shalt not make some noise for Detroit.
When I say "Hey" thou shalt not say "Ho."
When I say "Hip" thou shalt not say "Hop."
When I say, he say, she say, we say, make some noise - kill me.

[Ah, forgot where I was, hang on]

Thou shalt not quote Me Happy.
Thou shalt not shake it like a Polaroid picture.
Thou shalt not wish your girlfriend was a freak like me.
Thou shalt spell the word "Phoenix" P-H-E-O-N-I-X, not P-H-O-E-N-I-X, regardless of what the Oxford English Dictionary tells you.
Thou shalt not express your shock at the fact that Sharon got off with Brad at club last night by saying "Is it."
Thou shalt think for yourselves.

And thou shalt always, thou shalt always... kill.

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How to Dedroidify

1. Psychology
Work on possible negative imprints on the lower circuits (based on the 8 circuits of consciousness)
1 safety (& health, nourishment) issues
2 territorial & emotional issues
3 unthinking stance, not interested in new info
4 social & sexual issues

You can reimprint these with circuit 5 techniques like guided meditations, hypnosis, nlp, affirmations, etc.

2. Practice mind expanding techniques
All Circuit 5 techniques are great for overcoming the lower 4 terrestrial circuits: Meditation (silence, mantra, visualisation), Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, Shiatsu, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis and much more. They will give you a bliss-boost too after each activity as they are on the same circuit as marijuana (btw "smoke weed everyday" is not good for your body :p).

3. Reality TunnelS
Another important part of psychology is perceiving the world: Use the reality tunnel philosophy in which you are able to hold tens or even hundreds or thousands philosophies, ideologies, viewpoints, opinions at once.
Belief in one view is the DEATH of thought: you will filter out any information that is not on the same level as what you think you already know. You will deprive yourself of worthy information. A smart human being considers all possibilities, you can use mind maps to draw your branching philosophies (although I'd never start using mind maps, cause I could never stop!).
Defending one's beliefs is circuit 2 emotional activity, not logical activity - this has been proven by seeing which brain centers light up in discussion between dems and reps: almost no logical activity (duh).
You know how you start believing vehemently in something even though you've not witnessed it yourself? You know how you passionately defend one information spreader and discredit the others? You can now STOP doing this and start thinking openmindedly. Reality tunnel philosophy makes the entire "truth" movement (not just 9/11) be open to eachother and unite against the lies. And while you're at it, use some e-prime (eg. mozart seems better to beethoven to me - instead of mozart IS better than beethoven) in your language ;)

4. Synchronicity
Start Noticing the meaningful 'coincidences' in your life, they will overlap in reality, dreams, imagination and fiction. They will make you smile, think and enjoy life more! They will also give you signs, information and help on your path.

5. Positive thoughts, Intention & Love
Your thoughts and belief patterns shape the world around you as your brain is the filter of your senses. So you can create your own synchronicities. Use positive affirmations everyday, instead of being a paranoid who thinks the world is out to get you - become a 'paranoid' that thinks the entire world is conspiring for your benefit. Intention is very powerful. Act out of love. A friend of mine has mastered this and his life is magical.
Practice forgiveness and compassion. Know that love is the source of all things. There is no fear in Love. Love replaces fear. Fear only takes the shape you give it. Fear leads to the dark side! Yes, hmmm!
If you act only out of love, you will radiate positivity and become a wonderful influence on other people, some will feel inspired to do the same and thus you change the world person by person.

6. Learn, Expand your mind
There are great websites out there to expand your mind, deoxy, sacred texts, second attention, byzant, dedroidify, and so much more. There are videos, articles, philosophies, techniques, etc all available online now, a wealth of info!
Read philosophers, researchers, mystics - spend more time on your conscious evolution than finding out about conspiracies: outward events are meant to distract you from your own path. To know the real truth about many of these events is very difficult a lot of the times, nor does it matter, you can have a few theories in your head and like them all, maybe have one favorite - but not 'believing' it. Become at peace with yourself, become knowledgable, and then become wise, stay wise and make others peaceful and wise.

7. Have a psychedelic trip if you're psychologically fit for it
If you have no mental health issues, try mushrooms or any circuit 6/7/8 drugs that are legal where you're at (haha). With psychedelics you can enter:
circuit 6: Metaprogramming and programming new beliefs, and the psychic awareness.
circuit 7: Access the Neurogenetic DNA Collective Unconscious.
circuit 8: Go cosmic OBE, visit dimensions or have a satori experience.
But first read Leary's Book of the Dead (short), some stuff on the 8 circuit model, check terence mckenna's stuff, and michael persinger's lecture on psychotropic drugs.

8. Scapegoat the mass media!
Don't watch media, CREATE media!
Don't watch TV, the news, shows, movies, but CREATE THEM! (and if you do watch, try to see possible agendas, see through symbolism and the power of suggestion).
Create sites, blogs, youtube vids, powerpoint slides, art, etc and use social networks, start a blog, create a forum, join a forum, send bulletins, use e-mail forwards etc. Express yourself.

9. Spread information with love, hope and compassion.
Use love, and never use fear in your info-spreading, today again I saw "worried about the NWO? If not yet you will be" - just what the hell will that accomplish? Fear mongering is the technique of the fearful, we are the hopeful, we are the light that will cast away the darkness. Use messages of strength, peace, unity and nothing can stop us! Think about the power of suggestion: negative words stick in the head, so use postive ones:
for instance a (mindless) WWE wrestling warning sates:
PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME, the don't is in red in the add, what do you think the brain processes? PLEASE TRY THIS AT HOME.
The human brain cannot process negations, so positivity is the key!
Now think about the ten commandments for a while...
You can learn more about language patterns: like the Milton model, the Meta model, and negation and power of suggestion in general, In Neurolinguistic Programming.


More information about ALL terms, philosophies and techniques
used in this post can be found at

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Ron Paul doesn’t believe in Evolution: ROFL + So what? + BS

I posted this in response to a myspace bulletin (posted below this) the bulletin I'm responding too is in italics. I think the concept of Belief Systems is too important to be ignored in this issue.

It's about how the future has as much to do with the present as the past does. Giraffes can only have come from the future. There's no way evolution in the past would have let something that defenseless and impractical live for 15 minutes." Kilgore Trout (Kurt Vonnegut)

"Genesis takes place continually in an ocean of Nirvana."
Physicist and Futurist Michio Kaku

Oh man, we just can't catch a break can we? The only candidate with some common sense and a chance and he's a creationist.
Well so what, Bush was a retard puppet made president twice who probably didn't even win either election. Would voting matter now? It'll sure become interesting that's for sure. Well it's too early to despair, so let's all keep the 'faith' ;p I just gotta laugh at the situation, reality has become way too fucking crazy to still take it seriously lol. But seriously so what, what matters are his political views which have been pretty consistent and the man's a doctor. I really don't care what he thinks about the origin of life. With his view on reduced government I don't think there's much if anything to worry about his religious beliefs.

"The one and only anti-war Republican presidential candidate didn't raise his hand when asked who doesn't believe in evolution, but it turns out he may have wanted to. In this clip, Paul responds to a question about the incident by saying that it was an "inappropriate question," but that "I think it's a theory—theory of evolution—and I don't accept it."
It is a theory. A scientific theory, but still a theory.

"This is important to me and IS an appropriate question to ask, Mr. Paul. We don't need anyone else who is scientifically illetarate (lol) running this country. The stakes are too high."
Well the scientific illiterate in office now isn't running the country, the 'decider' does whatever his puppetmasters tell him too.

This just shows that atheists/materialists can be as fundamentalistic and dogmatic as any religious person. Ideologies are the new religions kids, hate to break the news.
Tell me, who are you gonna vote for otherwise? :p Who else even has a remote chance of beating the mainstream puppets who'll plunge the US into a police state?

"We can all see how other people's BS (belief system or bullshit :p) makes them blind and 'stupid' at times, but we find it very hard to notice how our own BS is doing the same to us. This is what anthropologists call 'acculturalization.' Following Gurdjieff, I prefer to call it hypnosis... Every politician knows how to induce hypnosis, and very damned few peple on the whole planet know how to de-hypnotize themselves. The world is not governed by facts or logic. It is governed by BS." Robert Anton Wilson

The theory of evolution isn't the end of the story. Atheists laugh at people who accept a theory of a few thousand years old and they still cling to one of nearly 150 years old. But it's science you say! Yet you forget It's old, purely materialistic and thus limited science.
I mean there has been some progress made since 1859. For instance just one example is Ken Wilber's Integral Institute's theory of Spiritual Evolution, which is just another theory. And an interpretation of social and psychological development that could also be considered a theory of (spiritual) evolution is Spiral Dynamics, based on the work of Clare W. Graves. Also, just another theory. Here's to Openmindedness! Happy holidays folks.

"Whenever people are certain they understand our peculiar situation here on this planet, it is because they have accepted a religious Faith or a secular Ideology (Ideologies are the modern form of Faiths) and just stopped thinking."
Robert Anton Wilson

1. Never believe totally in anybody else's BS.
2. Never believe totally in your own BS.
Robert Anton Wilson

"People have murdered each other, in massive wars and guerilla actions, for many centuries, and still murder each other in the present, over Ideologies and Religions which, stated as propositions, appear neither true nor false to modern logicians - meaningless propositions that look meaningful to the linguistically naive."
Robert Anton Wilson

"All models are wrong but some are useful."
George Box

"We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are."
The Talmud

"Only the madman is absolutely sure."
Robert Anton Wilson

"A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices."
William James

"'Seeing' is not a function of the eyes alone, but of the eyes-and-brain working together. A popular proverb says, 'Seeing is believing,' but as the philosopher Santayana once pointed out, humans are much better at believing than at seeing."
Robert Anton Wilson

"Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world."
Arthur Schopenhauer

"Intelligence is the capacity to receive, decode and transmit information efficiently. Stupidity is blockage of this process at any point. Bigotry, ideologies etc. block the ability to receive; robotic reality-tunnels block the ability to decode or integrate new signals; censorship blocks transmission."
Robert Anton Wilson

symbols get mistaken for reality - symbols can be manipulated
hence 'reality' can be manipulated - messy situation develops

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: a myspace user
Posted on Dec 22, 2007

This is important to me and IS an appropriate question to ask, Mr. Paul. We don't need anyone else who is scientifically illetarate running this country. The stakes are too high.

The one and only anti-war Republican presidential candidate didn't raise his hand when asked who doesn't believe in evolution, but it turns out he may have wanted to. In this clip, Paul responds to a question about the incident by saying that it was an "inappropriate question," but that "I think it's a theory—theory of evolution—and I don't accept it."

Paul hasn't been hiding his religious convictions. He wrote back in 2003 that the "secular Left" has been waging a war on religion and Christmas and that "[t]he notion of a rigid separation between church and state has no basis in either the text of the Constitution or the writings of our Founding Fathers."

I better see some apologies from all of the atheists who said they would stop supporting his campaign if he were to come out and say this.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Enlightening Music Vids 3

Pearl Jam: Inside Job

I used to try and kill love, it was the highest sin
Breathing insecurity out and in
Searching hope, I'm shown the way to run straight
Pursuing the greater way for all,.. human light.
How I choose to feel,... is how I am.
How I choose to feel,... is how I am.

311: Beyond the Gray Sky

Don't give up the fight to stay alive and even if you have to
Find the reason of another's pain if they lose you
If not for your self then those around who care like I do
One day you'll see the clear blue
Beyond the Gray Sky!

Tool: Lateralus

With my feet upon the ground I move myself between the sounds
and open wide to suck it in, I feel it move across my skin
I'm reaching up and reaching out
I'm reaching for the random or whatever will bewilder me
whatever will bewilder me
And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been
We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been
Spiral out!
Keep going!

Bob Marley: One Love

One love, one heart
Let's get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (One love)
So shall it be in the end (One heart)

Let's get together to fight this Holy Armageddon (One love)
So when the Man comes there will be no, no doom (One song)

Pinback: Syracuse

Step down into Sand
Water carries us from here

The Shamen: Re-Evolution with Terence McKenna Live

If the truth can be told as so as to be understood it wil be believed!

Circa Survive: Act Appalled

To pull them in, make it seem like you're in trouble!
To make them drink, make them think it's only water!

Both we and our words are over produced by influence
I'm only asking:
If you remember, remember
I've been trying to get back to the center.
I'm sure it's not like it was before.

Tomahawk: God hates a Coward

God hates a coward sonny
Got a date with your VCR
Watch another action movie
Dream of me

KLF: America, What time is Love?

Let me ask you a question!

Arcade Fire: Power out

When the power's out in the heart of man
take it from your heart
put it in your hand!

A Perfect Circle: The Noose

So glad to see you have overcome them.
Completely silent now
With heaven's help
You cast your demons out

And not to pull your halo down
Around your neck and tug you to the ground
But I'm more than just a little curious
How you're planning to go about
Making your amends to the dead
To the dead

With your halo slipping down
to choke you now

K's Choice: Believe

Bravely I look further than I see
Knowing things I know I cannot be, not now
I'm so aware of where I am, but I don't know where that is
And there's something right in front of me and I

Touch the fingers of my hand
And I wonder if it's me
Holding on and on to Theories of prosperity
Someone who can promise me
I believe in me

Tomorrow I was nothing, yesterday I'll be
Time has fooled me into thinking it's a part of me
Nothing in this room but empty space
No me, no world, no mind, no face

Touch the fingers of my hand and tell me if it's me
Holding on and on to Love, what else is real

Queen: The Miracle

The one thing we're all waiting for
Is peace on earth and an end to war
Its a miracle we need - the miracle
Peace on earth and end to war TODAY!

That time will come one day you'll see
when we can all be friends!

Incubus: Idiot Box

TV what do I need!
Tell me who to believe!?
What's the use of autonomy when a button does it all?

Red Hot Chilli Pepper: Throw away your Television

Throw away your television.
Take the noose off your ambition
Reinvent your intuition now.
It's a repeat! Of a story told.
It's a repeat! And it's getting old...

Michael Franti & Spearhead: I Know I'm Not Alone

Everytime I read the news
I'm always more confused
They're Tellin' me to choose
But there's only lies to choose from

Enlightening Music Vids 1
Arcade Fire: Wake Up
Metric: Monster Hospital Mstrkrft Remix
Ian Brown: Illegal Attacks
Baz Luhrman: Wear Sunscreen (don't :p)
A Perfect Circle: Pet
Coldcut: Mr Nichols
Imogen Heap: Headlock
Soulwax: NY Excuse
Coldcut: Everything is under control
Immortal Technique: Bush Knocked Down the Towers
Rage against the Machine: Know your Enemy
System of a Down: Prison Song
Evil Superstars: Sad sad planet
LCD Soundsystem: North American Scum

Enlightening Music Vids 2
Pinback: Grey Machine
Remo Conscious: We Know
Mos Def: Katrina Klap
American Flag: This is the End
The Faint: Agenda Suicide
Team Sleep: Elizabeth
Michael Franti & Spearhead: Rock the Nation
Queen: Innuendo
Nine Inch Nails: The Hand that Feeds
Rage Against the Machine: Bullet in the head
Tool: Vicarious
Dead Prez: Hip Hop
Jarvis Cocker: Cunts are still running the world
Bob Marley: Redemption Song
Jon Lajoie: High as F@k
No use for a Name: Insecurity Alert
Trivium: Pull harder on the strings of your martyr
Fear Factory: Transgression
Osdorp Posse: Vragen aan Bush
Editors: Racing Rats

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Enlightening Music Vids 2

Pinback: Grey Machine (fan vid)

On the left side, parking attendent sleeps, selling space and time
On the right side, parking attendent sleeps, selling space and time
They have grasped the concept of property
understand that lengths of time
can be twisted into someone's monetary advantage

lie, lie, lie,

Remo Conscious: We Know

A public execution on live TV programmed to strike there
in the young and old who naively trade freedom for government controls

Mos Def: Katrina Klap

No opinion my man it's mathematical fact,
Listen, a million poor since 2004,
And they got illions and killions to waste on the War,
And make you question what the taxes is for

American Flag: This is the End

Seems every station on the TV
is selling something no one can be
If every page was torn from the magazine
would cash still drive the media machine?
The products, damage and pursuit are endless
identity can leave you selfless

The Faint: Agenda Suicide (banned by MTV USA)

all we want are just pretty little homes
our work makes pretty little homes
agenda suicide!
the drones work hard before they die
and give up on pretty little homes

Team Sleep: Elizabeth

These robots have it wired around here
They'll make slaves of us soon
Canvas the neighborhood
I mean

Michael Franti & Spearhead: Rock the Nation

Bom-Bom, Rock the nation!
take over television and radio station!
Bom-Bom the truth shall come!
give the corporation some complication!

Queen: Innuendo

You can be anything you want to be!
Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be!
Be free with your tempo, be free! be free!
Surrender your ego! Be free! be free!
To yourself!

Nine Inch Nails: The Hand that Feeds

Just how deep do you believe? Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew until it bleeds? Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see? Do you want to change it?

Rage Against the Machine: Bullet in the head

You're standing in line. Believing the lies.
You're bowing down to the flag. You've got a bullet in your head.

Tool: Vicarious

I need to watch things die (from a good safe distance)
Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies
You all feel the same, so...
Why can't we just admit it?

Dead Prez: Hip Hop

This real hip-hop; and it don't stop 'til we get the po-po off the block!

Jarvis Cocker: Cunts are still running the world

Now the Working classes are obsolete, They are surplus to society's needs,
So let 'em all kill each other, And get it made overseas.
That's the word don't you know, From the guys that's running the show,
Lets be perfectly clear boys and girls, Cunts are still running the world.

Bob Marley: Redemption Song

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.
None but ourselves can free our minds.
Have no fear for atomic energy,
'Cause none of them can stop the time.
How long shall they kill our prophets,
While we stand aside and look?

Jon Lajoie: High as F@k

You're in the bathroom mirror talking to yourself
and your dog is looking at you like you need help.
Have you ever been high as fu-uuuck?

No use for a Name: Insecurity Alert (toon vid though)

Mission complete we've lost control
Suddenly frightened of it all
to put it lightly we are not one and the same...

Trivium: Pull harder on the strings of your martyr

Pull, Harder, Strings, Martyr
Stop you cry that's a lie
Flush gasping white reddening
You smile and destroy it
It's time that we end this
It's our curse that makes this world so hopeless
Allowing our king to spread his genocidal wings

Clawing the skin each kill your weakness
Annihilation your masturbation
Tyrant, I'll burn you down

Fear Factory: Transgression

I hate your contention! I hate your violation!
I hate your corruption! I hate your life destruction!
I am your enemy!

Osdorp Posse: Vragen aan Bush (dutch hip hop)

En hoe zit het met die aanslag in 2001?
Ging er echt wel een vliegtuig door het Pentagon heen?

Editors - Racing Rats

Come on now
You knew you were lost
But you carried on anyway
Oh come on now
You knew you had no time
But you let the day drift away

If a hole were to fall from the sky, how big a hole would it leave in the surface of the Earth?
(If it got shot out of the air like in Pennsylvania on 9/11, a pretty small one...)

Enlightening Music vids part 1