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Illuminatus! Excerpt: the story of the development of the soul

"It's the story of the development of the soul," Miss Portinari was saying at that moment, spreading out the twenty-two trumps or "keys" of that very ancient deck. "We call it a book— the Book of Thoth— and it's the most important book in the world." 

George and Joe Malik, each wondering if this was a final explanation or a new put-on leading to a new cycle of deceptions, listened with mingled curiosity and skepticism. 

"The order was deliberately reversed," Miss Portinari went on. "Not by the true sages. By the false Illuminati, and by all the other White Brotherhoods and Rosicrucians and Freemasons and whatnot who didn't really understand the truth and therefore wanted to hide the part of it they did understand.
They felt themselves threatened; the real sage is never threatened. They spoke in symbols and paradoxes, like the real sages, but for a different reason. They didn't know what the symbols and paradoxes meant. Instead of following the finger that points to the moon, they sat down and worshipped the finger itself. Instead of following the map, they thought it was the territory and tried to live in it. Instead of reading the menu, they tried to eat it. Dig? They had the levels confused. And they tried to confuse any independent searcher by drawing more veils and paradoxes across the path. Finally, in the 1920s, some real left-handed monkey wrenches in one of these mystic lodges recruited
Adolph Hitler, and he not only read the book backward, like all of them, but insisted on believing it was the story of the exterior, physical universe. 

"Here, let me show you. The last card, Trump 21, is really the first. It's where we all start from." She held up the card known as the World. "This is the Abyss of Hallucinations. This is where our attention is usually focused. It is entirely constructed by our senses and our projected emotions, as modern psychology and ancient Buddhism both testify— but it is what most people call 'reality.' They are conditioned to accept it, and not to inquire further, because only in this dream-walking state can they be governed by those who wish to govern." 

Miss Portinari held up the next card, the Last Judgment. "Key 20, or Trump 20, or Atu 20, whichever
terminology you prefer. It's actually second. This is the nightmare to which the soul awakes if it
begins, even in the slightest, to question reality as defined by society. When you discover, for
instance, that you're not heterosexual but heterosexual-homosexual, not obedient but obedient-rebellious, not loving but loving-hating. And that society is not wise, orderly, just, and decent but
wise-stupid, orderly-chaotic, just-unjust, and decent-indecent. This is an internal discovery— this
whole trip is an internal voyage— and this is really the second stage. But if one thinks of the story as
the story of the external world, and if the order is reversed, this comes as the penultimate
Armageddon with Trump 21, the World, being the Kingdom of Saints. The error of the apocalyptic
sects, and of the Illuminati from Weishaupt to Hitler, leading to an attempt to actually carry it out,
with ovens for the Jews and gypsies and other 'inferiors' and the promise of a Brave New World for
the purs, faithful, and Aryan afterward. Do you see what I mean about confusing the map with the

"The next card is the Sun, which really means Osiris Risen— or, in terms of the offshot of the Osirian religion most popular in the last two millenniums, Jesus Risen. This is what happens if you survive the Last Judgment, or Dark Night of the Soul, without becoming some kind of fanatic or lunatic. Eventually, if you miss those attractive and pernicious alternatives, the redemptive force appears: the internal Sun. Once again, if you project this outward and think that the Sun in the sky, or some Sunlike divine man, has redeemed you, you can lapse into lunacy or fanaticism. In Hitler's case it was Karl Haushofer, or Wotan appearing in the form of Karl Haushofer. For most of the nuts you meet handing out tracts on the street, it's Jesus, or Jehovah appearing in the form of Jesus. For Elijah Mohammed, it was W. D. Fard, or Allah appearing in the form of W. D. Fard. So it goes. Those who do not confuse the levels realize it's the redemptive force within themselves and pass on to Key 18, the Moon . . ." 

The next half-hour passed rapidly— so rapidly that Joe wondered afterward if Miss Portinari had slipped them still another drug, one that speeded time up as much as psychedelics slowed it down.  "Last," Miss Portinari said finally, "is the Fool, Key 0. He walks over the edge of the cliff, careless of the danger. The wind blows wither it will; even so are all they that are reborn of the Spirit.' In short, he has conquered Death. Nothing can frighten him, and he can never be enslaved. It's the end of the trip, and keeping humanity from getting there is the chief business of every governing group."  "And that's it," Joe said. "Twenty-two stages. Not twenty-three. Thank God we got away from Simon's Magic Number for a while." 

"No," Miss Portinari said, "Tarot is an anagram on rota, remember? The extra t reminds you that the Wheel turns back to rejoin itself. There is a twenty-third step, and it's right where you started, only now you face it without fear." She held up the World again. "At first, mountains are mountains. Then mountains are no longer mountains. Finally mountains are mountains again. Only the name of the voyager has changed to preserve his Innocence." She pushed the cards together and stacked them neatly. "There are a million other holy books, in words and pictures and even in music, and they all tell the same story. The most important lesson of all, the one that explains all the horrors and miseries of the world, is that you can get off the Wheel at any point and declare the trip is over. That's okay for any given man or woman, if their ambitions are modest. The trouble starts when, out of fear of further movement — out of fear of growth, out of fear of change, out of fear of Death, out of any kind of fear— such a person tries to stop the Wheel literally, by stopping everybody else.

That's when the two great bum trips begin: Religion and Government. The only religion consistent
with the whole Wheel is private and personal; the only government consistent with it is self-government. Whoever tries to lay his trip on others is acting from terror, and will soon resort to terror as a weapon if the others won't accept the trip through persuasion. Nobody who understands the whole Wheel will do that, however, for such people understand that every man and every woman and every child is the Self-Begotten One—Jesus motherfucking Christ, in Harry's gorgeous brand of English." 

"But," George asked, frowning, "hasn't Hagbard been trying pretty hard to lay his trip on everybody?
At least lately?" 

"Yes," Miss Portinari said. "In self-defense, and in defense of all life on earth, he broke the basic rule
of wisdom. He fully expects to pay for that violation. We are waiting for the bill to be presented. I,
personally, do not think that we will have to wait very long."

The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a series of three novels written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

Illuminatus! The characters... OM

So I had to stop reading Illuminatus twice before cause I just lost track of the redonculous amount of characters, which is just another part of OM (Operation Mindfuck), so just cause I really don't know what to post lately (in my defense, I'm learning Japanese and it's taking quite a bit of my time), here's my notepad file with the characters I used to keep track of things, digging into my other Illuminatus! textfiles to find some more excerpts.

Nkrumah Fubar. starts narration. voodoo.
Howard... the dolphin
Hagbard Celine. Badass mofo.
Rebecca Goodman, wife of saul Goodman
Saul Goodman, cop inspector homicide
Sandra, dead former wife of Goodman
Barney Muldoon, friend of Saul, cop, head bombsquad
Joseph Malik, editor of Confrontation (left-center magazine)
Dan Pricefixer, a redheaded young detective on Muldoon's staff
James Patrick Hennessy, police patrolman, egyptian mouthbreeder fish collector
George Dorn, once wanted to shoot JPH. Staff Writer Confrontation shoulder-length blond hair
Harry Coin - 'shot' jfk, in cell with dorn, 'killed' (not)
Carmel Las Vegas Date Street pimp
Sherri Brandi (born Sharon O'Farrell) Las Vegas
Banana-Nose Maldonado Las Vegas mobster gives Carmel permission to operate
Captain Ernesto Tequilla -> generalissimo Coup d'Etat FP 1970s
Edward Luttwak's author Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook
Robinson & Lehrman: possible CIA double Agents on Barney Muldoon's staff
Spectre: Illuminati in james bond
Peter Jackson: associate editor of Joseph Malik
Dr. Charles Mocenigo anthrax scientist
August Personage - sticker clark knows Phonebooth
Simon Moon (chicago) adviser to Teenset magazine on Illuminati affairs and instructor in sexual yoga to numerous black young ladies (like mary lou)
Mary Lou Servix - tantra
Arthur Flegenheimer (alias "The Dutchman," alias "Dutch Schultz") (murdered) Robert putney drake's psychic twin
Robert Putney Drake (banker boston) art connaisseur personally talked to Carl Jung about the archetypes of the collective unconscious, the I Ching, and
the principle of synchronicity - banker family, psychology student before banker
british intelligence: 00005 (fishion chips) & W.
frank sullivan, old man
Mao Tsu-Hsi
bernard barker cia bay of pigs, guy on grassy knoll, former servant of both batista and astro
Atlanta Hope, the leader of God's Lightning, 1 of the illuminati five (vroeger mavis) women's lib, activist, right wing
Tobias Knight, loan from fbi to cia, A.A. and Illuminati
jim cartwright: "Episkopos Jim Cartwright of the Mad Dog Cabal. we let celine's crowd take dorn, according to plan.
mavis: broke george dorn out of jail, one of the former illuminati five
zev hirsh ny: cop
James J. (Smiling Jim) Treponema - president of knights of christianity united in faith
James V. Riley, who is a sergeant on the Dayton police force
james mallison reporter
James Walking Bear
Concepcion Galore in santa isobel, fernando p. - killed
Fission Chips englishman = 00005
Danny Pricefixer at headquarters cop (saul & barney)
Patricia Walsh worked at confrontation, disappeared
Ben Volpe, younger man, does business with banana-nose-maldonado, also had to shoot kennedy but says 3 shots came from the grassy knoll and he didn't fire.
State's Attorney Milo A. Flanagan whose name in the Order was Brother Johann Beghard -Fourth-degree Illuminatus Police Sergeant Otto Waterhouse werkt voor syndicate, illuminati & discordians.
the Syndicate, organized crime Drake and Maldonado much bigger than the Maffia.
"We need ten sensitives of the fifth grade to form the pentacle, and we've only got seven."
Flanagan shook his head. "There are seventeen fifth graders in Europe, eight in Africa, and 23 scattered around the rest of the world.
hippie named Skip Lynch
Richard Jung, Drake's chief counselor.
Doc Iggy. Dr. Ignotum P. Ignotius
Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria AISB
anthropologist J. N. Marsh, of Miskatonic University
Senator Edward Coke Bacon, the nation's most distinguished liberal and leading hope of all those young people who hadn't yet joined Morituri groups.
Mrs. Edward Coke Bacon
Albert "the Teacher" Stern (dumb junkie)
Mendy Weiss
Mr. Lucky Luciano and Mr. Alphonse "Scarface" Capone
Jimmy the Shrew, Charley the Bug and Mendy Weiss, killers of the dutchman
Louis Lepke - the butcher born Louis Buchalter, of the organization later to be named Murder Inc.
Tom Dewey
Charles Luciano
Eddie Vitelli, of the Providence gambling, heroin and prostitution Vitellis,
Harold Canvera shot jfk accountant front groups, killed by maffia cause of sleeping with big shot Ronald Acconci God Lightning's daughter Cassandra
Cassandra Acconci pregnant by Harold Canvera
Ronald Acconci, Chicago Regional Commander of God's Lightning and a long-time contributor to KCUF.
State's Attorney Milo A. Flanagan
Basil Banghart, another FBI agent, in an office in Washington
Epicene Wildeblood
The Midget, Markoff Chaney/Markoff Chancy
Peter Kurten of the CIA
Esperando Despond, government agent, looking for the woman
dr Naismith: nixon statue scam
Bonnie Quint. prostitute
Fred Filiarisus health gov scientist - illuminati 5
AMA - American Medical Association - illuminati
Mama Sutra
Taffy Rhinestone, fictional female heroin in Atlanta Hope's book, also real woman who works at Alligator Control underneath UN hq.
Diamond Jim Rhinestone Taffy's evil brother
Ringo Erigena p311 :p
Melvin Purvis, the agent who gunned Dillinger down in Chicago
Hassan i Sabbah X black dealer
Franklin Delano Roosevelt. former US president, now boss alligator control lol.
Billie Freshette cop
john dillinger = Mr. Sullivan

The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a series of three novels written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

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Property is theft 
Property is liberty. 
Property is impossible. 
Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. 
Proudhon, by piling up his contradictions this way, was not merely being French; he was trying to
indicate that the abstraction "property" covers a variety of phenomena, some pernicious and some
beneficial. Let us borrow a device from the semanticists and examine his triad with subscripts
attached for maximum clarity. 
"Property1 is theft" means that property1, created by the artificial laws of feudal, capitalist, and other
authoritarian societies, is based on armed robbery. Land titles, for instance, are clear examples of property1; swords and shot were the original coins of transaction.  

"Property2 is liberty" means that property2, that which will be voluntarily honored in a voluntary (anarchist) society, is the foundation of the liberty in that society. The more people's interests are comingled and confused, as in collectivism, the more they will be stepping on each other's toes; only when the rules of the game declare clearly "This is mine and this is thine," and the game is voluntarily accepted as worthwhile by all parties to it, can true independence be achieved. 
"Property3 is impossible" means that property3 (= property1) creates so much conflict of interest that
society is in perpetual undeclared civil war and must eventually devour itself (and properties1 and
3 as well). In short, Proudhon, in his own way, foresaw the Snafu Principle. He also foresaw that communism would only perpetuate and aggravate the conflicts, and that anarchy is the only viable alternative to this chaos.  

It is not averred, of course, that property3 will come into existence only in a totally voluntary society; many forms of it already exist. The error of most alleged libertarians— especially the followers (!) of the egregious Ayn Rand— is to assume that all property1 is property2. The distinction can be made by any IQ above 70 and is absurdly simple. The test is to ask, of any title of ownership you are asked to accept or which you ask others to accept, "Would this be honored in a free society of rationalists, or does it require the armed might of a State to force people to honor it?" If it be the former, it is property? and represents liberty; if it be the latter, it is property1 and represents theft.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a series of three novels written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

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Sorry for the few updates guys & girls, a bit busy lately with projects I'll share at a (perhaps much) later stage. But I got some goodies for the coming days, and yes obviously it's more Illuminatus! excerpts mostly :p

Illuminatus! Excerpt: Liberation

The nine stages of Hashishim training, the thirteen stages in Weishaupt's Iluminati, the thirty-two
degrees of masonry, etc., are, of course, arbitrary. The Theravada Buddhists have a system of forty
meditations, each leading to a definite stage of growth. Some schools of Hinduism recognize only
two stages: Dhyana, conquest of the personal ego, and Samadhi, unity with the Whole. One can
equally well posit five stages or a hundred and five. The essential that is common to all these systems
is that the trainee, at some point or other, is nearly scared to death.* 

* An interesting account of a traditional system used by quite primitive Mexican
Indians, yet basically similar to any and all of the above, is provided by anthropologist
Carlos Castaneda, who underwent training with a Yaqui shaman, and recounts some of
the terrors vividly in The Teachings of Don Juan, A Separate Reality, Journey to Ixtlan,
and Tales of Power. Don Juan used peyote, stramonium, and a magic mushroom
(probably psilocyble Mexicana, the drug Tim Leary used for his first trip). 

The difference between these systems is that some aim to liberate every candidate and some, like
Sabbah's and Weishaupt's, deliberately encourage the majority to remain in ignorance, whereby they
may with profit be endlessly exploited by their superiors in the cult. The same general game of an
illuminated minority misusing a superstitious majority was characteristic of Tibet until the Chinese
Communist invasion broke the power of the high lamas. A sympathetic account of the Tibetan
system, which goes far toward justifying it, can be found in Alexandra David-Neel's The Hidden
Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism; an unsympathetic account by a skeptical fellow mystic is available
in The Confessions of Aleister Crowley.

I've been scared to death quite a few times...

The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a series of three novels written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

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Illuminatus! Excerpt: Five stages

Now for a few words about the "real truth," at least as the Illuminati understand "real truth." 

Every society actually passes through the five stages of Verwirrung, or chaos; Zweitracht, or discord;
Unordnung, or confusion; Beamtenherrschaft, or bureaucracy; and Grummet, or aftermath.
Sometimes, to make comparison with the exoteric Hegel-Marx system more pointed, the esoteric
Illuminati system is defined as: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis, Parenthesis, and Paralysis. The public
Hegel-Marx triad is also called the tricycle, and the arcane latter two stages are called the bicycle;
one of the first secrets revealed to every illuminatus Minore is "After the tricycle it comes always the
bicycle." (The Uluminati are rather prone toward literal translations from Weishaupt's German.) 

The first stage, Verwirrung or chaos, is the point from which all societies begin and to which they all
return. It is, so to speak, the natural condition of humanity—an estimation which the reader can
confirm by closely observing his neighbors (or, if he has the necessary objectivity, himself). 

It is, therefore, also the fundamental Thesis. The Illuminati associate this with Eris, and also with
other goddesses from Isis to Ishtar and from Kwannon to Kali—with the Female Principle, yin, in
general. This correlates with hexagram 2 in the I Ching: that is, K'un, which has the meanings of
receptivity, nature (in contrast to spirit), earth (in contrast to sky), female (in contrast to male). Thus,
although this is the first stage chronologically, it has the mystical number 2, which is always
associated with the female in magic; and it correlates with the 2nd trump in Tarot, the High Priestess,
who represents not only maternity and fertility but gnosis. The sign of the horns represents
Verwirrung because the fingers make a V shape; and the planet or the symbol of Venus, also
designates this stage. On the Zodiac: Aquarius.  

The second stage, Zweitracht, begins with the appearance of a ruling or governing class. This is the
Antithesis of chaos, of course, and leads directly into discord when the servile class discovers that its
interests are not the same as the interests of the ruling class. This correlates with Osiris, Jehovah, and
all masculine deities; with the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye; with hexagram 1 in the I Ching: Ch'ien,
the creative, the heavenly, the strong, the powerful; with the male principle, yang, in general; with
the number 3, symbolizing the all-male Christian trinity; with the 12th trump of the Tarot, the
Hanged Man,  symbolizing sacrifice, schism and schizophrenia; and with the planet or symbol of
Mars,  . Naturally, a Zweitracht period is always replete with "internal contradictions," and
somebody like Karl Marx always arises to point them out. On the Zodiac: Pisces.
The third stage, Unordnung or confusion, occurs when an attempt is made to restore balance or
arrive at the Hegelian Synthesis. This correlates with Loki, the Devil, Mercury (god of thieves),
Thoth in his role of Trickster, Coyote, and other spirits of illusion or deception; with hexagram 4 in
the I Ching, Meng, youthful folly or standing on the brink of the abyss; with the number 11,
signifying sin, penance, and revelation; with the 21st trump in the Tarot, the Fool who walks over the
abyss; and with the planet or sign of Mercury,  . It represents that attempt to restore the state of
nature by unnatural means, an annihilation of the biogram by the logogram. On the Zodiac: Cancer.
The fourth stage, Beamtenherrschaft or bureaucracy, represents the Parentheses that occur when the
Hegelian Synthesis does not succeed in reconciling the opposites. This correlates with Void (absence
of any divinity); with I Ching hexagram 47, K'un, oppression or exhaustion, superior men held in
restraint by inferior men; with the number 8, indicating balance and the Last Judgment; with the 16th
Tarot trump, Falling Tower, representing deteriorations and the Tower of Babel; and with the
planetoid or sign of the moon,  . On the Zodiac: Libra.   

The fifth stage, Grummet or aftermath, represents the transition back to chaos. Bureaucracy chokes
in its own paperwork; mind is at the end of its tether; in desperation, many begin to deny the
logogram and follow the biogram, with varying degrees of success. This correlates with
Hermaphrodite; with I Ching hexagram 59, Huan, dispersion, dissolution, foam on the water; with
the number 5, union of male and female; with the 6th trump of the Tarot, the Lovers, indicating
union; and with the sun or its symbol,  . On the Zodiac: Virgo.
Since the association of these references, and their bearings on history, may be a bit unclear to some
readers, we will give further details on each stage.

In this chaotic period, the Hodge and the Podge are in dynamic balance. There is no stasis: The
balance is always shifting and homeostatic, in the manner of the ideal "self-organizing system" of
General Systems Theory or Cybernetics. The Illuminati, and all authoritarian types in general, dislike
such ages so much that they try to prevent any records of their existence from reaching the general
public. Pre-Chou China was one such period, and its history (except for some fragments in Taoist
lore) is largely lost; we do know, however, that the I Ching was reorganized when the Chou Dynasty
introduced patriarchal authoritarianism to China. It was then that the hexagram K'un, associated with this period was moved from the first place to its present, second place in the Ching.
Every line in K'un is broken (yin), because this is a feminist and prepatriarchal form of society, and
because yin correlates with the agricultural rather than the urban. Always linked to darkness by mystics, this K'un style of sensibility is also linked, by the Illuminati, with dreck (dung) and everything they find messy and intolerable about ordinary human beings. (The Erisians, of course,
take the opposite position, connect this with Eris, the primordial goddess, and regard it as ideal.) 
Verwirrung is numerologically linked with 2, not only because of K'un's shift from first to second
place in the Ching, but because it is the balance of Hodge and Podge. Thus, even though it is the first
stage chronologically, it is never linked with 1 in magic sense, because 1 signifies the erect penis, the
male principle in isolation, and such authoritarian games as monotheism, monopoly, monogamy, and
general monotony. This dynamic 2-ness of Verwirrung is also implicit in its Tarot card, the 2nd
trump or High Priestess, who sits between a black pillar and a white one (cf. The Hodge and Podge)
and who represents mystery, magic, mischief, and Erisian values generally. She wears the balanced
(solar) cross, rather than the unbalanced (Christian) cross, to emphasize the unity of opposites in
such a historical period. 
Typical Aquarians who have manifested Verwirrung values are Aaron Burr, Christopher Marlowe,
Hung Mung, Charles Darwin, Willard Gibbs (who incorporated chaos into mathematics), Mrs.
Patrick Campbell, Elizabeth Blackwell (pioneer woman physician), Anna Pavlova, Mozart, Lewis
Carrol, Robert Burns, James Joyce, Lord Byron, David Wark Griffith, and Gelett Burgess, author of
the classic Erisian poem: 
I never saw a purple cow I never hope to see one But I'll tell you this anyhow: I'd rather see than be one. 
The Verwirrung phase of European history is identified with the Danubian Culture, so called because
most of its relics have been found along the shores of the Danube. According to archeologists, the Danubian culture was agricultural, pre-urban, worshipped a female rather than a male god, and never
invented anything remotely like a state. The pre-Inca society of Peru, the Minoan civilization, the
pre-Chou period of China already mentioned, and many American Indian tribes still surviving also
represent a Verwirrung social framework. The synthesis of Hodge and Podge, and especially of
biogram and logogram, in such cultures is indicated by the amazement of explorers from authoritarian societies when first encountering them. The usual words about the "grace" and "spontaniety" of the natives merely represent the lack of authoritarian conflict between biogram and logogram: These people sit, like the Tarot High Priestess, between opposite poles, without tilting one way or the other. 
But the fact that this is a dynamic and not a static balance means that eventually (after 73 permutations, according to Weishaupt) the second stage must evolve. 

In this discordant period, the Hodge and the Podge are in conflict, because a ruling class emerges
which attempts to control the others. This correlates with hexagram 1, Ch'ien, the all-powerful, in the I Ching. The six unbroken lines represent the severity and monotony of such a period, which is, above all, the age of the T-square, the building of fences, the division of lands by
"boundaries" drawn on maps, and the imposition of one man's (or one group's) will upon all others.
Typically, the earth is regarded as both flat and finite by the Zweitracht mentality, and there is much
concern with dividing it up into portions (among themselves, of course). The "superstitious" terror of
American Indians when first confronting maps was merely the reaction of a Verwirrung mentality to
a Zweitracht mentality: The Indians could not conceive of people treating earth as a thing to be
exploited rather than a mother to be respected. 
Zweitracht associates with 3 numerologically because 3 is the totally male number, because all-male
Trinities (Brahma-Vishnu-Siva, Father-Son-Spirit, etc.) are invented in such ages, and because the
discord always has a minimum of 3 vectors, not merely 2. That is, the division into a propertied
ruling class and an unpropertied governed class immediately sets in motion further cupidity; the
ruling class soon falls to fighting over the spoils. Contrary to Marx, most of the strife in Zweitracht
ages is not the conflict between proprietors and proles but between various proprietors over who gets
the biggest share of the pie. 
The governing Tarot card is trump 12, the Hanged Man. The cross on which he hangs is blossoming,
to show that it is still organic and alive (the biogram); he hangs upside down, to show the reversal of
nature. He represents both the burden of omniscience in the owning-governing class and the burden
of nescience in the servile-submissive class: the total crucifixion of desire by Realprinzip and
The astrological sign of this period is Pisces, the two fish swimming in opposite directions indicating
the conflict of logogram and biogram ("body" and "spirit," astrologers say.) Typical Pisceans who
have shown the Zweitracht personality are E. H. Harriman, the railroad magnate (who covered the
United States with Ch'ien-style unbroken straight lines), Cardinal John Henry Newman, Sir Robert
Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts (an attempt to instill Piscean authoritarianism even in
childhood), Admiral Chester Nimitz, John Foster Dulles, Anna Lee (founder of the world's most
antisexual religion, the Shakers), industrialists like Kruger and Pullman, financiers like Cambell and
Braden, Grover Cleveland, John C. Calhoun, Neville Chamberlain, Andrew Jackson (whose
expulsion of the Cherokee Nation from its traditional lands onto the "trail of tears," where most of
them perished, is the archetypal Zweitracht land-grab), William Jennings Bryan, and Frank Stanton
of CBS. 
Since all Illuminati with any academic leanings at all are encouraged to major in history, the tendency in most textbooks is not only to black out Verwirrung periods but to glorify Zweitracht periods as ages of Light and Progress. Indeed, they make entertaining reading: They .are ages of expansion, and there are always new people being discovered to be subjugated, "civilized," and converted to tax-payers and rent-payers. Almost any age described in glowing and admiring language in a history text will prove, on examination, to be a Zweitracht era, and the foremost butchers and invaders are treated as the outstanding heroes of humanity. A sympathetic reading of the biographies of these empire-builders almost always indicates that they were homo neophile individuals who turned their talents to destruction rather than creativity because of bitterness engendered by years of torment and baiting by homo neo-phobe types during their childhoods. The ever-present conflict in a Zweitracht period eventually leads to the third stage. 

Humanity has been transformed during a Zweitracht age, by placing logogram in governing authority
over bio-gram. Unordnung is an attempt to restore balance by revolutionizing the logogram; there is
no thought about the biogram, because contact with this somatic component of personality has been
lost. (This loss of contact has been variously described by pre-Celinean observers: It is "the veil of
Maya" in Buddhism, the "censor band" or "repression" in psychoanalysis, the "character armoring"
and "muscular armoring" in Reichian psychology, etc.) 
The I Ching hexagram for this stage is Meng, or Youthful Folly. The yang line at the top
indicates the continued supremacy of logogram, even though some biogram elements (the yin lines)
begin to reassert themselves. The traditional reading is "mountain above water"; that is, the rigid
logogram still repressing the Aquarian element as it seeks to liberate itself. The usual Chinese
interpretation of this hexagram is "The young fool needs discipline," and the leaders of all rebellions
at this stage always heartily agree with that and demand unquestioning obedience from their
followers. This is a time of turmoils, troubles, and tyrannies that appear and disappear rapidly. 
The mystical number is 11, which means "a new start" in Kabalism and "error and repentence" in
most other systems of numerology. 
Tarot trump 21, The Fool, symbolizes this age as a dreamy-eyed youth unknowingly walking over an
abyss. The Hitlerjugend, and the disciples of various other fuehrers and messiahs, immediately come
to mind. That this card is disputed by various Tarot experts, and is given a numerical value of 0
rather than 21 by the wisest, indicates the confusion in all Unordnung periods. The dog who barks to
warn the Young Fool, like the yin lines in the hexagram, represents the desperate attempts of the
biogram ton break through the repression or censor-band and make itself heard. 
Typical Cancerians who exemplified Unordnung are Julius Caesar, Mary Baker Eddy (whose
philosophy was an explicit denial of the biogram), Albert Parsons, Emma Goldman, Benjamin Peret,
Vladimir Mayakofski, Henry David Thoreau, Durrutti, P-J Proudhon, Brooks Adams, General
Kitchener, Luigi Pirandello (the literary master of ambiguity), Erich Ambler (the literary master of
conspiracy), Calvin Coolidge (who issued the classically muddled Cancerian statement "Be as
revolutionary as science and as conservative as the multiplication table"), Andrei Gromy-ko, Nelson
Rockefeller, John Calvin, Estes Kefauver, and Rexford Tugwell. 
An Unordnung period has always been thought of (even before Hegel provided the words) as a
synthesis between the thesis of Verwirrung and the antithesis Zweitracht; since it is a false synthesis
on the logogrammic level only, it always gives birth to the fourth stage, the Parenthesis. 

This is the age of bureaucracy, and to live at this time is, as Proudhon said, "to have every operation,
every transaction, every movement noted, registered, counted, rated, stamped, measured, numbered,
assessed, licensed, refused, authorized, endorsed, admonished, prevented, reformed, redressed,
corrected ... to be laid under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from,
exhausted, hoaxed, and robbed." The governing I Ching hexagram is 47, K'un, oppression or
exhaustion, the dried-up lake, with the usual reading of superior men oppressed by the inferior. This
is the time when homo neophobe types most rigorously repress homo neophile types, and great
heresy hunts and witch trials flourish. This correlates with the number 8, signifying the Last
Judgment, because every citizen is to some extent a State functionary, and each is on trial before the
jury of all. The traditional Chinese associations with this hexagram are sitting under a bare tree and
wandering through an empty valley— signifying the ecological havoc wreaked by purely abstract
minds working upon the organic web of nature. 
The 16th Tarot trump, The Tower, describes this age. 
The Tower is struck by lightning and the inhabitants fall from the windows. (Cf. the Tower of Babel
legend and our recent power failures.) The traditional interpretations of this card suggest pride,
oppression, and bankruptcy. 
This correlates with Libra, the mentality which measures and balances all things on an artificial scale
(Maya). Typical Libras who have manifested Beamtenherrschaft characterists are Comte de Saint
Simon, Justice John Marshall, Hans Geiger, Henry Wallace, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kenneth
Galbraith, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., John Dewey, and Dr. Joyce Brothers. 
In Beamtenherrschaft ages there is ceaseless activity, all planned in advance, begun at the scheduled
second, carefully supervised, scrupulously recorded— but inevitably finished late and poorly done.
The burden of omniscience on the ruling class becomes virtually intolerable, and most flee into some
form of schizophrenia or fantasy. Great towers, pyramids, moon shots, and similar marvels are
accomplished at enormous cost while the underpinnings of social solidarity crumble entirely. While
blunders multiply, no responsible individual can ever be found, because all decisions are made by
committees; anyone seeking redress of grievance wanders into endless corridors of paperwork with
no more tangible result than in the Hunting of the Snark. Illuminati historians, of course, describe
these ages as glowingly as Zweitracht epochs, for, although control is in the hands of homo neophobe
types, there is at least a kind of regularity, order, and geometrical precision about everything, and the
"messiness" of the barbaric Verwirrung ages and revolutionary Unordnung ages is absent. 
Nevertheless, the burden of omniscience on the rulers steadily escalates, as we have indicated, and
the burden of nescience on the servile class increasingly renders them unfit to serve (more and more
are placed on the dole, shipped to "mental" hospitals, or recruited into whatever is the current analog
of the gladiatorial games), so the Tower eventually falls. 

The age of Grummet begins with an upsurge of magicians, hoaxers, Yippies, Kabouters, shamans,
clowns, and other Eristic forces. The relevant I Ching hexagram is 59, Huan,  , dispersion and
dissolution. The gentle wind above the deep water is the Chinese reading of the image, with
associations of loss of ego, separation from the group, and "going out" in general. Yin lines dominate
all but the top of the hexagram; the forces leading to a new Verwir-rung stage are pushing upward
toward release. This is also called Paralysis by the Illuminati, because, objectively, nothing much is
happening; subjectively, of course, the preparations for the new cycle are working unconsciously. 
The mystic number is 5, union of male (3) with female (2) and final resolution of conflict between
Verwirrung and Zweitracht. 
The governing Tarot trump is number 6, the Lovers, in which the woman looks upward at the angel
(Eris, the bio-gram) and the man looks at the woman (the logogram, yang, reaches synthesis with
biogram, yin, only through reconciliation with the female). Hence, the upsurge of feminism in such
periods, together with a renewed emphasis on clans, tribes, and communes. 
Typical Virgos manifesting Grummet traits are Charlie Parker, Antonin Artaud, Louis Lingg, Edgar
Rice Burroughs, Grandma Moses, Lodovico Ariosto, Greta Garbo, Hedy Lamarr, and Goethe and
Tolstoy (who manifested strong yin values while never quite getting reconciled with the women in
their own lives. Tolstoy, however, as the classic dropout, is an archetypal Grummet persona and
almost completed the Sufi course of "quit this world, quit the next world, quit quitting!"). 
After Grummet, of course, authority has collapsed entirely, and the biogram stands on equal footing
with the logogram. Hodge and Podge being once again in dynamic balance, a new Verwirrung period
begins, and the cycle repeats. 
Since Weishaupt dreamed this schema up while he was under the influence of several hallucinogenic
drugs, one should regard it with some skepticism. It is certainly not true in every detail, and there is
no theoretical or empirical demonstration that each of the five ages must always have 73
permutations. The fact that Grummet-Virgo personalities (and all other of the five personality types)
are born in all ages, even if they come to dominance in their appropriate epochs, leaves many
mysteries still unsolved. In short, all that a sober scholar can say of the Illuminati theory of history is
that it makes at least as much sense as the exoteric Marx-Hegel, Spengler, Toynbee, and Sorokin

The A.A., who regard all Illuminati theories as false projections onto the external world of inner
spiritual processes, are particularly skeptical about this one, since it involves several false
correlations between the I Ching and the Tarot, the Zodiac, etc. 
Finally, it should be noted that of all the people Hagbard employed as resonance for the vibes used
against the Saure family in Ingolstadt, only Lady Velkor, Danny Pricefixer, and George Dorn were
not Virgos. Hagbard evidently believed that the Illuminati magical links work when Illuminati
activities are occurring in a given area—and, hence, virtually all of "his" people at the festival were
Virgos and thereby linked with the Grummet/Huan-59/Trump 6 chain of astrological associations.
On the other hand, the presence of three non-Virgos shows Hagbard's pragmatic approach and his
refusal to be ruled even by so exact a science as astrology.* 

* This sentence may manifest a lapse into mockery or mystification by otherwise sober

The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a series of three novels written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

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Illuminatus! Excerpt: Interview with Malaclypse the Younger

(This is the beginning of) THE APPENDICES (which are most instructive) 
GREATER POOP : Is Eris true? 
MALACLYPSE THE YOUNGER: Everything is true. 
GP: Even false things? 
MAL-2: Even false things are true. 
GP: How can that be? 
MAL-2: I don't know, man, I didn't do it. 
—Interview with Malaclypse the Younger, K.S.C., Greater Metropolitan Yorba Linda Herald-News-Sun-Tribune-Journal-Dispatch-Post and San Francisco Discordian Society Cabal Bulletin and Intergalactic Report and Poop 

The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a series of three novels written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

Illuminatus! Excerpts

I mean shit you have to decide sooner or later
Are you on somebody else's trip 
or are you on your own

"The Saure family only thought they were in the Illuminati," Hagbard went on. "Hitler and Stalin only thought they were in the Illuminati. Old Weishaupt only thought he was in the Illuminati. It's that simple. The moral of the whole story is: Beware of cheap Occidental imitations." He smiled grimly. "I think it's beginning to penetrate," Joe said slowly. "It was, of course, the very first hypothesis I formed: There have been many groups in history who called themselves the Illuminati, and they weren't all aiming at exactly the same thing." "Precisely." Hagbard puffed again at his cigar. "That's the natural first suspicion of any non-paranoid mind. Then, as you explore the evidence, links between these groups begin to appear. Eventually the paranoid hypothesis begins to appear more plausible and you begin to believe there always has been one Illuminati, using the same basic slogans and symbols and aiming at the same basic goal. I sent Jim Cartwright to you with that yarn about three conspiracies— the ABC or Ancient Bavarian Conspiracy, the NBC or New Bavarian Conspiracy, and the CBS or Conservative Bavarian Seers— to set you thinking that the truth might be midway backward toward the simple first idea. From here on in, forget that I represent the original Illuminati. In fact, in recent centuries we don't use a name at all.

No because Jesus Christ was a black man and they've even lied about that he was another black man they killed and they won't admit it No because death is the currency in every empire Roman or American or any other all empires are the same Death is always the argument they use No because the whole world can go to the Devil and I'm taking care of Mary Lou No because look at that professor they killed at the UN building and none of them arrested yet No because there's a perpetual motion machine inside me and I'm learning to let it run No because I'll put a curse on all of them I'll burn them I'll condemn them I'll have the world No because look what happened to Daddy and Mommy.

"He's heckling the preacher," Mama said. "A small beginning, certainly, for the kind of destiny he seems to be choosing."
"He's heckling himself," the Dealy Lama pronounced. "Christianity, rightly understood, is an encounter with Death. He's still struggling with that problem. He wants to believe in the symbolism of the Resurrection, but he can't. Too much intellect— King of Swords —keeping the reins on his intuitive— Prince of Wands— aspect."

The great and dreaded Illuminati of the past had fallen into the control of a bunch of ignorant and malicious kids. The age of the crowned and conquering child."

"And you think the old and wise should rule?" Joe asked. "That doesn't fit your character. This has to be another put-on."

"I don't think anybody should rule," Hagbard said. "All I'm doing— all the Higher Order of the A:.A:. has ever tried to' do—is communicate with people, in spite of their biases and fears. Not to rule them. And what we're trying to communicate—the ultimate secret, the philosopher's stone, the elixir of life—is just the power of the word No. We are people who have said Non serviam, and we're trying to teach others to say it. Drake was one of us spiritually but never understood it. If we can't find immortality, we can make a damned good try. If we can't save this planet, we can get off it and go to the stars."

The squizfardle on the humits is warb.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a series of three novels written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

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I took a shot of this banned stuff yesterday, I don't recommend it (:p). One guy was like dying from it lol he really didn't take it well, the other two were unphased, and my throat and mouth felt like it was on fire for a few minutes. Aleister Crowley is in the Absinthe wiki, of course he is lol. Having the experience behind me, I'm not doing any more of this crap. It can't be very healthy, sure doesn't feel like it lol.

Good Riddance - Weight of the World