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Archangels: Gabriel

Lamb - Gabriel

According to William G Gray's book Inner Traditions of Magic we need to know some symbolic knowledge of the four Archangels if we want to play with some Ritual Magick, so I'm helping out a bit by sharing some of Gray's information and some random extra tidbits.

Fertility figure. Lord of resurrection who triumphs over death by the potency of love.
He personifies compassion and feeling, tenderness and strength combined.
Typifies our great need of loving and being loved, desire of conviviality, our deepest necessicity for true spiritaul sustenance, without which we might as well not live at all.
Concern is with the kinder side of humanity.
Represented as mature being connected with our more peaceful pursuits, consolidation of gains, enjoyment of existence.
He directs our attention to the moral as distinct from the intellectual side of the mysteries.
Presides of the companionship that should prevail in every circle.
Pervasive angel, cooling hot-headedness, soothing irritations, generally dissolving most difficulties capable of solution by such means.
Tears of gabriel wash away the sorrows of our world, because they are tears of sympathetic and understanding love.
Provides confidence to face death in no particularly brave or heroic manner, but quietly and normally as part of our Eternal Existence.
Gabriel convinces us that love is immortal, and as products of it, so are we.
However many times our flesh bodies die and are dissolved in the ocean of life, our souls will be safe in Gabriel's keeping while they continue along the unseen edge of the cosmic circle to re-emerge into material manifestation again until we are sufficiently developed as individuals to exist otherwise.
The cup of Gabriel is also the cauldron of regeneration.

West. Sunset-autumn position.
Symbol: Cup or Horn (with all its significance)
Element: Water
Sephirah: Yesod
Circuit: 2
Visualised with: chestnut hair, amber eyes, a friendly and sympathetic voice
Colours: reds, russet-yellows, similar hues
Girdle: red (they apparently all have their own special brand of Wrestling belt!)

He first appears in the Book of Daniel, delivering explanations of Daniel's visions. In the Gospel of Luke Gabriel foretold the births of both John the Baptist and of Jesus. Christians of the Catholic traditions refer to him as Gabriel the Archangel.

In Islam, Gabriel was the medium through whom God revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad, and that he sent a message to most prophets, if not all, revealing their obligations. He is called the chief of the four favoured angels and the spirit of truth. He is called the created Holy Spirit (Islam) that spoke to Muhammad,[1][2] which is not to be confused with the Holy Spirit of God in Christianity who is revered as God Himself. Gabriel is also mentioned in Bahá'í Faith texts, specifically in Bahá'u'lláh's mystical work Seven Valleys.

He is the patron saint of telecommunications, postal workers and diplomats.

In English-speaking culture, the image of Gabriel as the angel that shall blow the trumpet blast that initiates the end of time and the general resurrection at the Last Judgment, which has no source in the Hebrew Bible or the New Testament,[10] is a familiar trope. (It may be taken from Norse Heimdall who according to legends, will sound the Gjallarhorn, alerting the Æsir to the onset of Ragnarök where the world ends and is reborn.) It may also be taken from Mother Shipton's Prophecies "For storms will rage and oceans roar, when Gabriel stands on sea and shore, and as he blows his wondrous horn, old worlds die and new be born."

Gabriel 2007 movie featuring Spartacus.

Kevin Durand as Gabriel in Legion
Tilda Swinton as Gabriel in Constantine

ISRAEL VS ISRAEL documentary

Documentary about Israeli peace activists.

Who would you call the two most nationalistic extreme right wing nations that shamelessly oppress another people?... ;) Oh how they have learned lol...

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The Sword-Bridge

Inevitably there comes a point upon the Inner Path where further advancement seems quite impossible and all past efforts an utter waste of time. Everything has become a dead end and a dead loss... Whatever degree we undergo, a corresponding change will take place in us, perhaps for better, sometimes for worse, but always for a distinct difference in consciousness as a result.

Chasms of Consciousness

What in fact has happened, is that we come to the point where nothing but some marked alteration of awareness will provide us with opportunities for making progress along that particular Path. It is as if while walking along a road, we came to a river and had to proceed by boat, swimming, building a bridge, or flying across. The Path would be the same, but the means of keeping to it quite changed. This happens when we come to spiritual 'standstill points' where we must either be prepared to change our methods of consciousness and get past the apparent barrier, or wander forlornly around the same circles again, looking for some other outlet. All outlets from those circles would actually present the same problem in various ways.
When we come to these 'Chasms of Consciousness in spiritual Dimensions, the first decision must naturally be wether or not to attempt a crossing, and the second issue is the nature of the transition. The Great Abyss for instance is crossed by the Sword-Bridge, to symbolize the necessity for physical death, the passage of the soul being represented by the Line of Light along the edge of the Sword. Liberated from flesh by the point of the Sword, the soul flies Lightward by way of the Lightline towards the hilt, where it comes safely to the Hand of God which wields the Weapon. The principles of this aplpy to all chasm-crossing. We must be prepared to 'die', or part from our existing formalization of ideas which bind us to materialized beliefs, so that we may follow the path of pure power straight to its spiritual source beyond the confines of consciousness from which we would emerge into fresh fields of illumination.
Unless we are ready to sacrifice the 'body' of our ideas on the Point of the Sword, and send their 'soul' Inwards to Light, we shall cross no chasms to gain new life among the splendours of resurrection. In other words, when we come to an Inner Space our working consciousness cannot span, we must sacrifice whatever fixed formulations (or bodies) we hold our ideas in, while projecting their 'souls' or principles Inwardly towards the Light of Truth for rebirth in another form (or body) which is suitable for life in conditions pertaining to the other side of the chasm.
In some ways we do this all the time. For example if we follow an idea so far in words that it will go no further with much gain of meaning, then we might cross a chasm with it, and sacrificing the 'word body' resurrect the idea in a 'music body', a 'sculpture body', or perhaps a 'mathematical body'. We have retained the 'soul' of the same idea all along the line, but re-incarnated it in various forms to express it in different dimensions or conditions of conscious existence. The same principle applies to ourselves throughout our differing incarnations as materialized mortals. We get from one life to another across the Depths of Death, much as we follow a Lightline over any other Abyss.

Crossing the Abyss

In the spiritual dimensions of existence where Initiates of the Mysteries may be classed as inhabitants, very considerable alterations of consciousness indeed may be required between one side of an Abyss and another. So marked a change in fact, that it might almost amount to a reversal of polarity or entire revolution of nature. This is not unlike the phenomenon of what was called 'conversion', or the acceptance of quite different values, by what could be termed a 'standing jump' usually precipitated by some impacting event. One might perhaps be justified in thinking of this as being kicked or shot over a chasm. Such a drastic change, however, is not 'instant evolution'. We may become different beings from an expressional standpoint, but we do not become immediately better or more highly evolved souls just because we have crossed chasms into other conditions of consciousness. Man does not reach Godhood with even his wildest leap. The Lightning-Flash symbol from top to bottom of the Tree shows the instantaneous contact of Divinity with Humanity, but the spirally winding Serpent clearly indicates the upward Path of an evolving human soul. The down-pointing Sword symbolizes our means of bridging the gaps between our differing states of awareness by voluntarily sacrificing one formation of consciousness for another via the Line of Inner Light.

From 'William G Gray - Inner Traditions of Magic'


Whenever you are faced with a challenge, try the following. With deep relaxed breathing (as always) see a dark deep chasm preventing you from going on, the chasm is the size of your issue and across is steady ground. Then visualise a big majestic Sword or wizard-like Staff, representing your current spiritual progress. If the Sword/Staff is big enough to act as a draw bridge, let it fall in place and become the bridge, and you cross the chasm and overcome your challenge.
I'm using this now for when I'm about to lose my temper or patience with something and it has worked out amazingly so far, during the afternoon of the first day I was starting to do this, my best friend who I had fallen out with for a few months contacted me and we are buddies again for which I'm truly grateful beyond words!

Image information:
1. Anime still of a protagonist flying across on a huge sword
2. Lancelot crossing the Sword-Bridge
3. Man jumping across chasm
4. Kundalini Kabbalah Tree of Life
5. Lightning Flash Kabbalah Tree of Life
6. Gandalf holding his illuminating Staff & Sword across a chasm facing the balrog demon
7. Guts from the anime Berserk with his huge demon-slaying sword standing victoriously on a pile of his overcome challenges

Party in the CIA - Weird Al Yankovic

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Synrise by Goose & Jef Neve

Some more musical creativity and Belgian again.

Original Synth version

Piano version

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Icelandic Magical Staves

Icelandic magical staves are symbols credited with magical effect preserved in various grimoires dating from the 17th century and later. According to the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft, the effects credited to most of the staves were very relevant to the average Icelanders of the time, who were mostly subsistence farmers and had to deal with harsh climatic conditions.

Apparently, there are more than 30 million slaves in the world today, more than at any other point in human history.

Pretty shocking.

And add a few billion more slaves if you count Economic Slavery.

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May be RAW

From Okami's photo stream, some other good ones there too :p

Coldplay - Hurts like Heaven

(may or may not have been stolen from some other artist knowing Coldplay :P)

Written in graffiti on a bridge in a park
'Do you ever get the feeling that you're missing the mark?'
It's so cold, it's so cold
It's so cold, it's so cold

Written up in marker on a factory sign
'I struggle with the feeling that my life isn't mine'
It's so cold, it's so cold
It's so cold, it's so cold

See the arrow that they shot, trying to tear us apart
Fire from my belly and the beat from my heart
Still I won't let go
Still I won't let go


Oh you, use your heart as a weapon
And it hurts like heaven

Streets and bars and a pavement of saints
And at the streets are rising and you'd rather sing
'Don't let them take control
No, we won't let them take control'

Yes, I feel a little bit nervous,
Yes, I feel nervous and I cannot relax,
I'm coming 'round to get us
I'm coming 'round when they don't know the facts

So on concrete canvas and a glow in the dark
Concrete canvas, I will make you a mark
Armed with the spray can soul
I am down with the spray can soul


Yes, you
You use your heart as a weapon
And it hurts like heaven

Rocking Moustache!

These are funny short cover videos of songs for a promo thing for festivals here in Belgium. The original song is linked under the cover clip.


Snoop Dogg - Drop it like it's hot

Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast 666

Queens of the Stone Age - Feel good hit of the Summer

The following are lesser known Belgian songs, but most are worth checking out anyway!

Absynthe Minded - Envoi

Arsenal - Mr Doorman

Broken Glass Heroes - Let's Not Fall Apart

Gabriel Rios - Broad Daylight

Stromae - Alors on danse

Triggerfinger - All this dancin around

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The king of sound and ruler of beats

Talent Show

Elevator (no beard!)

1997 Time Travel Top 10 feat. Tony Blairdyman & Ginger Spicyman

Edinburgh Comedy Festival 2009 (with instruments)

Full set Reading Festival 2010 (no extra instruments)

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The Adjustment Bureau

Do not follow any path, your footsteps create the path.
If it's not according to plan, the plan will be adjusted.